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A Brand New Twenty-Sixty Life

My wife is a psychotherapist, and I'm a leadership coach (former therapist). We're in our fifties (her) and early sixties (me, although everyone swears I don't look like it), and you'd think we were in our mid-twenties. We have these lives that defy our ages. Five years ago we moved to a new town after turning loose three kids to succeed in the world. We gave up everything we were used to in order to start new careers (those mentioned above). We moved to an unfamiliar culture -- east coast, smoking, pentecostal, hyper, crowded -- from being westerners -- laid back, casually dressed, big sky. It was one hell of a switch. We tell each other we "went off to college" to earn our informal degrees in midlife change. Don't get me started on how this isn't mid-life... it's only midlife if I'm going to live to be 124. This return to school includes having an economical rancher instead of a ranch. No eating out hardly ever. Drinking cheap booze instead of the good stuff. Working way too many hours and doing work that absolutely requires the energy we had at twenty-five.

A Woman's Heart Is Filled With Passion, Lust And Dreams

It is so curious that men strive to have the lady of their dreams come into their life and then when she arrives they forget that she has dreams, she is a living breathing love machine that awaits your love and affection and when men forget this they lose and she finds the man of her dreams who may not be the man by her side. Men wakey wakey to the world of your lady and give her all she desires so she will compliment you as you compliment her and do not forsake her for to do so is death in loneliness. One of the biggest mistakes a man can make is to believe that she is only a person but a caution to you men this is the dawning of a new age of awareness and we are only at the tip of this revolution. Men have been the stalwart warriors bringing home the bacon per se and now that so many women have really great careers it will take a special man to compliment his lady for she is complimenting you by being with you and if you do not return those compliments the door will hit your posterior as you walk through it and on the in-swing will walk your replacement.

Commitment - Profound Spiritual Journey

A committed relationship is the most profound spiritual journey that you can undertake. By being able to love and care for someone with an open heart, you will find that you reach a greater level of personal transformation. You will evolve along your path and learn powerful lessons about yourself that you might not otherwise be able to do on your own. Loving and committing to another person is a spiritual process whether you have a wedding or another form of commitment. Often times when entering into a relationship you allow your emotions to take you forward without thinking about the depth and breadth involved in a true commitment. If you understand that sharing your life with another person is not based on love alone, but also on the hard work of being able to compromise and enter into a dialogue with them. Dialoguing with your partner is the key to having a successful relationship. Many people have not experienced a loving relationship with their family of origin and therefore have no role model of what love feels like or looks like.

Conversation Skills of An Alpha Male

Alpha males know how to talk and what to talk about. Many people cannot move on beyond the first date is simply because they lack the knowledge to start an interesting and fun conversation. Knowing how to start an exciting conversation is important as it brings down her defenses and reveals more about her to you. Mastering this set of skill will definitely bring you another step FORWARD meeting the dream girl of your LIFE. Let's not waste any more time and I shall impart to you some tips on how to engage a woman in an interesting and fun conversation... When you are out on a date with her, remember that you are not her employer and you are not employing her. Many males make the mistake of turning the date into a job interview session. The male starts asking questions regarding her job, family, salary, and her age. The female on the other hand will reply in her head "You are such a total loser." The date will be totally ruined and all the attraction that is supposed to be there is all gone.

A Man's Laziness or a Woman's Servitude

In modern society, most families require a dual income to maintain a higher quality of life. In many households, women want the association of prestige and work related benefits of going off to work everyday. Men, who have since the down of time been the ultimate providers, are only recently being forced to change their views on male and female roles in a relationship. In many cases, men, who are naturally attuned to coming home and kicking back after a day at the office or on the job, are suddenly seen as lazy while their behavior is still considered appropriate in other cultures that revolve the process of survival around the masculine need to hunt and rest. Women have been striving to "have it all" for the last two or three generations. Having it all means having a family, a home, success both in and out of the workplace, and of course a career that is removed from the home and family. This has forced a new line of thought into the traditional roles that men and women had once defined themselves by for centuries.

Fear of Commitment

One of the fears that can run through a lot of people in today's world is the fear of commitment. What is it that stops people committing, what is the big deal behind this word, or action that really can cause major problems. Are we really a world of none committers, it seems that lots of people really do fear commitment. Commitment to what you may ask? Well let's look at some of the things we can get feared up about committing too, relationships is usually stated as a leading one, one partner will not fully commit to another. Then it seems after committing to another, divorce can be the next step, what happened to commitment. More and more relationships are separating be it a long or brief time together, is it that they have fell out of love, maybe however it can also be a lack of commitment, the time and the patience to work things through is not there. I remember speaking with a gentleman who had been married over 50 years who clearly still loved his wife but here is what he said "during that time he had not always felt he loved his wife but he had always been committed to their relationship".

Choosing a Life Partner

How to choose a perfect life partner? This question comes once into lifetime in front of each and every guy or girl. Although the answer is not as easy as the question seems to be, it is very tough to decide the perfect partner for life. Because you are not going to choose a product for yourself which you can exchange or refund if not found suitable. You are going to choose a companion for your whole life which will be beside you in every up's and downs of life. Self Assessment There are a few things about you which should be clear, before you decide about your life partner. First and one of the most important things are your own dreams about your life partner. Every guy or girl must have a clear picture of his/her would be life partner, although it's very tough to find a life partner exactly like the person in your dreams, but at least you must need some of his/her qualities in your going to be life partner, so that you do not have to regret in future, therefore first of all, make your own view clear about it.

5 Things You Can Do To Show Your Man That You Are Ready To Settle Down

Start giving him a key to your house or apartment. Nothing says you trust him more than allowing him access to everything you own. Tell him he can stay over whenever he wants. Tell him it is ok if he wants to leave some of his clothes at your place, and do the same at his house. Let him know you're comfortable with him doing things without you. Often, especially during the beginning phases of a relationship, couples feel the need to do everything together. Show him you're comfortable giving him his space when he needs it. Bring up the idea of children in your conversations. You might have talked about it earlier in your relationship, but bring it up again. If you want children, start getting him used to this idea. You might even tell him you would like to have kids by a certain age so he can start getting ready. Talk about your future plans and let him know that you see him as a big part of your plans for the future. You can ease into this by talking about your job, especially if there is a chance you would have to move if you were promoted.

A Bullet Proof Relationship - 8 Principles

Imagine relationships that last forever. Imagine a relationship between a husband and his wife that will never end up in a divorce. Imagine a relationship with your child that never ends up in rebellious resentment. And imagine a relationship with a friend that never grows sour. A relationship like this would be a relationship that can last through obstacles and challenges because at the very end it is difficult times that cause a relationship to break up. A relationship that can endure through obstacles, challenges or difficult times would be called a bullet proof relationship; one that can never be killed by anything or anyone. So, the question is, is such a relationship really possible? (Especially if you look at the social and emotional state of the world.) Well it depends on your mentality of a relationship as well as how you approach it. If you have a quick fix mentality of a relationship, especially towards the obstacles, then the answer is, no. Not at all! On the other hand, if a relationship is approached with an inside out mentality, the answer is yes.

6 Powerful Signs That Show That Your Man Will Never Propose Marriage To You

To help you get to the truth quickly, here are six very strong signs that indicate that your man will never propose marriage to you: 1. He doesn't seem interested in attending weddings when both of you are invited. In fact he doesn't even like to watch a wedding ceremony on television. Now, most men are not exactly jumping up and down to pick out flowers or decorations but most are not opposed to attending weddings. If your man shows absolutely no interest in getting married at all, he might never propose to you. 2. He never wants to discuss marriage or the idea of starting a family. If he does discuss it, the will make remarks about how it's a trap to chain men down or he will say that marriage is an outdated concept. 3. He is not religious. Men who are not religious generally see marriage as a church ceremony that they want no part in. Men like this often see marriage ceremonies as ancient rituals that have not place in modern life. 4. He is slow to make any kind of commitment. It took you years to get him to move in with you.

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