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Where Do I Squat?

To squat deep, or not to squat deep? That is the question. There are many arguments from many different people, both professionals and non, as to whether a deep squat is better than a parallel, half or quarter squat. Well, to be completely honest, there are good points to many of the arguments. However, when trying to decide which depth to use we must determine if the benefits outweigh the risks or not. To give you some background, these are some of the arguments: Squatting to or below parallel puts too much stress on the knees. Squatting only to quarter or half depth works the same musculature as a deep squat. Squatting below parallel is unnecessary when training for athletics or daily activity. Most people are not flexible enough to squat below parallel. Squatting to or below parallel puts too much stress on the knees. Yes and no. In healthy individuals below parallel squatting will help to keep the knee joint and its surrounding musculature strong. That is unless you go too low.

Break Your Own Records! Using A Weight Training Chart To Explode Your Muscle Gains

Human beings are incredibly competitive creatures. Since the dawn of man, people having been keeping records. And generally its a big deal when one of those records are broken. So why not use that inner competitive streak you have inside to make explosive gains in your muscle building progress? One effective way to do this is by the use of a weight training chart. This won't be your typical weight training chart where you simply jot down your sets and reps. This chart will be much more than that. In fact, it will display your personal bests in all of your weight lifting exercises. Trust me, when you break one of your records, you are going to feel amazing. And because you are going to want to experience those feelings of accomplishment again, you are going to push extra hard to continue to beat your personal bests. This is the key reason why having this special weight lifting chart can help you blow past your current muscle building progress. The more motivated you are, the harder you will push your muscles, and therefore the quicker your muscle gains will be.

Understanding Muscle Growth - Muscular Hypertrophy

Let's mix a bit of science with our sport. This information may be considered a little boring, because in order to deal with this issue it's necessary to mention some scientific terms and processes that occur in cells, but don't worry, I will try to be brief and clear. When talking about muscle growth, it is common to reduce the whole process to merely protein synthesis. However muscle growth is actually a much more complex process that involves many other processes than the simple synthesis of proteins from amino acids (proteins are the building blocks of muscles and amino acids are the building blocks of proteins). There is a scientific term to define building muscle which probably you have already heard; I'm talking about muscle hypertrophy. A large amount of information resulting from scientific research has determined that in order for this process to happen, it is require the fusion of a "special" type of new cells with the existing muscle fibers. Normally an adult can not generate normal muscle cells;

The Hard Gainers Guide - Remedies For Building Lean Muscle

If you've ever tried to build lean muscle mass, you probably know how hard it can be. Spending hour after hour in the gym, or taking supplements that never seem to work. The problem is the average man or woman doesn't possess the knowledge. So most of us rely on other sources for help and guidance. But the question is, how reliable are those sources? and should they be questioned? Muscle Growth In Simple terms! Basically the bio-mechanical principle behind muscle growth is to over-load the muscle with weight heavier then the muscle is used to lifting. By doing this you're forcing the muscle to grow stronger to meet the weight over-load, which in turn makes the muscle grow bigger. The skeletal muscle feeds from protein, but don't think for a second that only eating protein, and working out will gain you the lean muscle you desire. A well balanced diet consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats should be consumed. Preferably every three hours or so, and drinking plenty of water for hydration and protein metabolism is essential also.

Hardgainer Tips

Being a former skinny hardgainer, i know how hard it is to gain muscle, i know how frustrating it can be to spend sometimes years giving it all, reading all that you can get, following all the training methods you come across, and at the end you look almost like you haven t trained. The worst part is, it's not all you fault, it's not all about genetics, first of all you have been mislead, nobody ever told you how you should train as a hardgainer, nobody told how to eat, most of the sources you searched, were only concerned about selling you lots of supplements and taking your money away. I'm going to give you some tips, and if you follow them, you'll see results, they're simple to follow, it's probably different than what you've been reading, but open your mind and change, it's stupid to keep doing what you've been doing with no results. 1- This is one of the most important tips, burn all the bodybuilding magazines you have and never read any of them again, i mean NEVER.

How To Gain One Pound Of Muscle Per Week With This Rediscovered Bodybuilding Trick

How would you like to learn a simple trick that will help you pack on a solid pound of muscular bodyweight each and every week without spending any more time in the gym and without forcing feeding yourself by trying to choke down more food at each meal? Well in this article I'm going to show you exactly how to do just that by overcoming one of the most catabolic times of the day for you, and turning it into your advantage. Do you know when the most catabolic time of day is? It's when you go to sleep because you literally starve your muscles for eight hours! Just think about it, you would never go eight hours during the day without eating a meal. But that is exactly what you do each and every night when you go to bed. The old time bodybuilders knew about this. And during heavy bulk up training phases they would literally set their alarm clocks and wake up during the middle of the night and eat a high protein meal in order to prevent muscle breakdown. If you are staying a certain weight right now then you are consuming your maintenance calorie intake.

3 Keys To Getting Six Pack Abs

Everyone wants six pack abs, and rightly so. A lot of people go about it the wrong way, however. There are three keys (in my opinion) to building six pack abs. This article will reveal what they are so that you can get down and get on with your six pack abs training programme. Key #1 Diet and nutrition It's important that you have a balanced and varied diet that includes all the vitamins and minerals that you'll need for a healthy body. Did you know that EVERYONE has a six pack, unfortunately most people has it covered by a layer of fat. In order to be able to see your six pack, you'll need to lose the layer of fat. Consuming fewer calories will result in you losing this layer. The 1800 calorie diet will work for women, and the 2000 calorie diet will work for men. Key #2 Exercise Spot training doesn't work. You can do millions of sit ups a night and still not get a six pack. Your body doesn't let you choose where you want to lose fat, it decides it for you. You should be doing cardiovascular exercises such as walking, swimming, running and cycling.

How To Build Muscle Naturally - Four Essential Steps

Do you want to learn how to build muscle naturally? Are you interested in the safe and natural way to build muscle mass? Do you want to steer clear of supplements and dangerous steroids? You can build muscle naturally by following the tried and true methods that others have used to naturally and safely add natural muscle mass to their physique. There are no secrets to building the fit, muscular, and attractive body you have always desired. It just takes dedication to follow a few simple guidelines that will put you on the road to successfully building that naturally muscular body. In this article, I would like to share four of the essential pillars necessary to building your muscles naturally. There are many more techniques and strategies you can use to build up your physique but these four steps are essential. First of all, when lifting weights be sure you keep the weight under control at all times. Choose a weight that you can lift with proper form. Choose the weight that will build your muscles and not your ego.

Strength Training for Size and Bulk

If your goal is to get bigger and develop the size and bulkiness of your muscles there are some very important points you will want to keep in mind both in and out of the gym. Since your goal is to put on size and bulk, you want to make sure you are doing the exercises and treating your body in a way that will facilitate the results you are looking for. In this article we will specifically look at the number of reps and weights to use, the frequency you work each muscle group, and your protein intake. In order to get your muscles to grow and increase in size, you need to force them to expand. To do this you are going to want to do fewer reps with higher amounts of weight. Before you get into any of your "real sets" be sure to loosen up and warm up properly with some lighter weight to get your muscles ready for what is coming. When you're ready to go, I suggest doing 3-4 sets depending on the muscle group you are working. The first set should be done with a weight in which you fail somewhere between 6-8 reps.

Six Pack Abs Workout

Getting six pack abs can be really tough! But not knowing how to get them can make it even harder. Today I'll be showing you some "Six Pack Abs Workouts" these workouts are meant to be vigorous, but it really tones those six pack abs quickly! These are proven six pack abs workouts, and are trusted by people all over the world to work! 1. Hanging Legs - This six pack abs workout is a lot easier if you have a gym that you can go to, as they have bars designed for you to use there. But if you don't you can always make yourself a set at home! Hanging legs are difficult for the starting six pack abs workout member. But it IS possible, to start the hanging legs you must grab the bar with both hands shoulder width apart. Then suspend yourself from the ground, this is where you will being to feel the burning sensation in your stomach area! Good job, your working your muscles already, and you have barely done anything. Now, you will try to bring your knees to your chest, then slowly lower them but remember to not touch the ground during this exercise!

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