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Why the Best Supplement is No Supplement

The fast phased lifestyle nowadays has given birth to everything, which can be attained in a few minutes. From instant messages, e-Books, shopping, transportation, digital gadget, fast foods, readymade diets, and even readymade six pack abs. All of this is geared to give people an easy and fast lifestyle. We have become dependent on things that we can easily have and thus, this generation is producing more obese people than before. Many have resort into fad diets and pills but to no avail, they have become victims of this fraud muscle building pills and diet pills. They are not thinking what will be the consequences in the future. You cannot alter your body physique with cosmetic surgery. If you want a great muscle, work at it, go out and be active, this is why the best supplement is no supplement at all. Why the best supplement is no supplement at all? Because exercise has many benefits for the body, it allows your body to have good blood circulation, oxygen will flow all throughout your blood stream, rid of the bodys toxins, it delays aging, develop muscle strength and increase your stamina and build self confidence, and more.

Bodybuilding Calf Exercises to Get Eye Popping Big Calves

One of the most misunderstood muscle in the human body is the calves and unfortunately, many bodybuilders get it wrong with calf exercises. Let me explain... how many times have you heard if you want big and developed calfs... you must perform high reps sets often to increase the muscle mass in the calves? What would you say if I told you that there is NO evidence that high repetition and high frequency calf exercises equals big calves? Or to rephrase it... uh... no, it doesn't work that way. Got your attention didn't I? And then there is a whole 'nother set of bodybuilders that completely ignore their calves in their bodybuilding workout routines. And this is a mistake in my opinion because strengthening your calve muscles means you can perform at a higher level with other leg workouts such as lunges, squats, and other exercises... My point is that you shouldn't treat your body as a black box. Especially your calves. Know what you are doing and in order to do that... you must know your calves.

Learn How to Build and Keep Muscle

Ok so we all want to gain muscle right? Well, unfortunately for some of us it is more of a challenge than others. I am talking about those who either are skinny by genetics or just have no idea how to get toned and muscular. I'm in the same shoes as you are right now. I used to spend hours on the internet trying to find the right exercise program or someone to help me. Many bodybuilders refer to us as ectomorphs or those who take more work than others to gain weight and muscle mass. You see ectomorphs need to workout harder and eat more than any other normal bodybuilder. Unfortunately many ectomorphs who are beginners will go up to someone in the gym who is big and ask for their advice. Now most of these bodybuilders will tell you how they did it and suggest you do the same. However, most of these people are not ectomorphs and so often times what they suggested is just a waste of your time. Some of their advice could end up hurting your progress in some situations. Do not be afraid though because there are many bodybuilders out there that are ectomorphs and some even professional bodybuilders.

Build Muscle Mass the Right Way and Go From Skinny to Ripped

How to build Muscle and how to build muscles fast are the 2 big questions skinny guys who want to put on weight most often ask. Very often they are newcomers to the sport, but mostly they have been working their butts off in a gym without seeing the results they expect. And usually this is no wonder. Go to almost any gym and where do you see the skinny guys working? On the gleaming chromed machines, doing single muscle exercises. I have been there and what is more, I was given the routine by one of the "personal trainers". I am not knocking these machines or these exercises completely, but they are not for the guy who needs to put on a whole bunch of weight. If your goal is to go from skinny to muscular and ripped you must understand the 4 basic principles involved. You first of all need to select the right exercise such as squats, deadlifts, power press, bent over rowing etc What makes these exercises so important and effective is that they are using both really heavy weights and the biggest muscles in the body such as your thigh muscles and the glutes both of which respond rapidly to heavy exercise.

Six Pack Abs - It's a Speed Thing!

I've been busy lately, but I had a few minutes and really wanted this one out for you all. It is interesting to me just how many people I observe - both clients and others in the gyms and health clubs - who work out their abdominals as if the clock is on them. Before we get form sorted, programs set and exercises laid out for our clients, we observe old habits so we can either encourage them or alter where necessary. This is where the 'speed' thing seems rather common - it is quite suprising. I've watched people doing their 'sit-ups' or crunches in a way that simply cannot be of optimal value. Their heads are bopping up and down like jack-rabbits and the blood is rushing to their temples! And the 'form' has unfortunately 'gone out of the window'! I spoke with a few of my clients and they informed me it was a desire to get their abs done and over that spurred them on to workout so rapidly. I can understand. I used to not enjoy doing them either, but as soon as I realised many years ago the benefit to training with control and slower movements and the results I got from doing so - the sooner I changed and then implemented this control approach in all my clients exercise schedules for abdominals.

How to Build Muscle As a Female

I want to show you how to build muscle as a female. This is a much more difficult task than it is for men, but there are some underlining principles that can be followed to give you much better results. The first and most underline principle of female muscle building is sleep. You need to be getting the necessary sleep to build muscle. When you're asleep, your body goes into high repair mode. This is when most muscle tissue repair will occur. The problem is that most people aren't getting enough to sleep. They only do 5-6hrs a night and they wonder why their muscle results are poor. You need to be getting a full 9 hours of sleep to maximize your results. Anything else and you're wasting your time. The second thing you need to get down is that you should be doing compound exercises. That's not to say you can't do isolated exercises, but compound should always have more priority. A compound exercise works many different muscle groups at the same time. The most common forms are squats and deadlifts.

How to Get Six Pack Abs

I'm going to show you how you can achieve six pack abs. There is a lot of misinformation on this topic, which usually leads people to not achieving their goals. I always thought if I got up in the morning and did sit ups in the morning, I'd eventually get a six pack. Boy, was I wrong. The first and most important point to understand is that abs are made in the kitchen. This is a phrase commonly used by bodybuilders because it's what you do in the kitchen that will really determine your results. You need to get on a diet that stimulates the maximum potential of your metabolism. When your metabolism is burning very fast, this means that you're at your max to eliminate fat on your body. The best way to achieve this in your diet is by eating every few hours. Our metabolisms are directly tied to our digestion, so when you're in a constant state of digestion, you'll have a fast metabolism. The next thing you're going to have to understand is that your abs aren't some "special" muscle that you can workout all the time.

Build Better Back Muscles

Why Build a Strong Back? Building your back will add muscle to your upper body and make your waist look smaller creating that sexy 'V' shaped body men crave. Many every day activities involve your back muscles, so it is useful to make them strong so tasks like lifting become easier and you'll be less prone to back injuries. The muscles in the back are large and so bigger muscles here will also help you burn more fat day to day. Your Back Muscles Three major muscle groups that make up your back are: The Latissimus Dorsi is the large flat triangular muscle that runs down the sides of your back and is responsible for extending, rotating and pulling your arm in to your body (adduction). A common exercise for the Latissimus Dorsi is the lateral pull down. Three muscles extend from the base of the spine up to the neck, forming the Erector Spinae which is responsible for extension of the spine. In other words it helps you stand up straight. The Rhomboids sit between your shoulder blades and are responsible for rotating, elevating and retracting the shoulder blades.

How to Get Ripped Abs Fast - Discover How Get to Ripped Abs

You really want to know the answer then I am sure you will find out how to get ripped abs fast. Women and men can both benefit from discovering how to quickly get ripped abs. It will increase your self esteem, make you a lot healthier and also desirable. It's no secret why we all want to have 6 pack abs. Of course, people often try a number of different things and don't succeed. The correct way to get completely ripped abs fast is not the amount or level of trying involved, but the methods and techniques you choose. Here are some of the steps that you could take to help you answer how to get ripped abs fast: Remember to do different 6 pack abs workout exercises as muscles need variety in order to develop properly. Don't keep repeating the same workout -- this won't give our body a change to develop properly. You deserve to know skills that will give you your desired look. It is very important that you carry out carry out research when you decide to make a change. Eat things that are good for you-this is the key thing in helping you.

The Ripped Abs Mentality

Everyone is an athlete. You are an athlete even though you don't look like one. A shocking fact which I need to tell you is that your powerful abs are well hidden under a thick layer of fat. So you better treat yourself like an athlete. An athlete warms up, works out, cools down, and stretches. You should train your brain before hitting the gym because conditioning your brain to have a positive attitude and mindset is crucial to getting ripped abs. Firstly, you should set short and quick goals because they could keep you pimped up for the long haul. It can be simple and sweet like losing a couple of inches around your waist in three weeks. Besides, you need to be very specific about your goals. A concrete goal enables you to continue your ab workouts long enough until you see results. Try this: before you begin your ab workouts, imagine how you will feel after a few months of training. You clothes will become more fitting, you will feel better, and of course you will look better.

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