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Compatibility Horoscope - Find Your Perfect Match Using Compatibility Horoscopes

What is a Compatibility Horoscope? With only 12 signs of the zodiac, you wouldn't believe finding the ideal partner would be all that difficult. Ahhh, but did you consider whether they are Earth, Fire, Air or Water signs, or consider a Compatibility Horoscope? You didn't? In Western Astrology, each star sign is thought to come under 4 separate elements. Fire is Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Earth is Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Air is Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Water is Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. So what does that actually tell us? Well... Fire is thought to love freedom. Air is considered to also desire freedom (but slightly differently than 'fire') Earth is considered to love security Water is considered to need security (but slightly differently than 'earth'). Now, in sun signs comparisons, it is generally considered that you gel best with others who share the same element as you, or are from a 'complementary element' i.e. as above, fire and air are complementary with eachother, and earth with water.

Mercury Retrograde In Gemini On 26 May - Countdown To Next Round Of Communication Glitches Begins!

Are you ready for another round of miscommunication and technical glitches coming up soon? Mercury, the quicksilver trickster planet of Communication, turns retrograde on 26 May 2008 in the sign of Gemini and is ready to cause more havoc to the communication realm. Astrologically speaking, planets don't suddenly seem to switch gears and turn backwards from Earth's perspective. They remain in a stationary state of movement for about two weeks prior to turning retrograde. Some planets are prone to turning retrograde at a high frequency and Mercury tops the list - it goes retrograde about three times a year, spending about three weeks in each retrograde period. Mercury also remains stationary for about two weeks prior to turning retrograde and we are currently in what is astrologically referred to as the 'shadow period' of a retrograde period (11 - 25 May 2008). Since Retrograde periods are all about the planetary energies reversing gears, that's what turns inside out as well - our thought processes and intellectual capabilities become hindered to an extent as well.

Moon Phases For Hair June And July 2008

If there is a connection to the moon phases and hair cuts, what is it? What does it mean? Inquiring minds want to know. Others simply use the knowledge and know that it works. The astrology sources collected for the monthly charts are based on traditional lore. You might declare that they are made of whims and wishes, but direct experience over time bears them out to those who put it to the test. On the astrological side, the ongoing debate for the Pisces/Cancer poll is at 66% in favor and 33% opposed. The poll question asks if you agree about the recommendation to avoid hair treatments during the Pisces and Cancer moons. My moon phase hair experiment is a success for my needs. The coloring product that I use has a 28-day recommendation. I wonder if the folks who made the 28-day product had the moon cycle in mind when they mixed the formula. I chose a waning moon in Virgo to color roots for slow re-growth and it lasted 46% longer than I would normally expect. The second coloring lasted the extra 46% of time as well.

The Month Of Gemini, 2008

We find ourselves getting ready for a change of season as our Sun enters adaptable Communicator Gemini. The masculine mutable air energy of Gemini is symbolized by the Twins and guided by the Messenger planet Mercury. These gentle natives enjoy conversation, intelligent ideas, being in the know and people of all kinds. Wherever you find a clever soul wittingly expressing themselves in life, you'll find an adaptable Gemini close by. With the innate ability to move and think quickly the Gemini is known to be a free spirit, lending at times not being able to make proper commitments in life. They must learn to withstand from being scattered, for when they remain too on the go as they go about the world, lack of inner harmony is easy to set in. A Gemini should always remember they must pay close attention to tendency to be split, which occurs when they are not relaxed. This natural sense of duality can be mastered when they find a healthy cooperation between their opposite directions.

Daily Astrology For The Week Of May 19, 2008 - General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

Mon 5/19/08 Dealing with Crisis and Rescuing the Damsel Today could be rather intense with a Full Moon at 29 degrees. Some of us may find ourselves dealing with a crisis, and self-esteems could be fragile. The day should begin well, and we will be ready to jump into our work this morning. By mid morning (early morning west cost) the problems will begin to appear, and some of us will be feeling very confused. If we can manage to stay sober through lunch (mid morning west coast), the rest of the day may be a bit more tolerable. Some of us will get to be the super hero today, and we may rescue a few damsels in distress. Major Planetary Events Today: Full Moon 10:11 PM EDT Tue 5/20/08 Ready to Consider Changes in Our Lives Our optimism and enthusiasm will return today, and we may be ready to consider making some changes in our lives. We may have to prove ourselves to some people, and others will refuse to listen, but it will be a day for changes. It could be a very busy day, and we will get a burst of energy late this morning (early morning west cost).

Discover The Secret Of The Houses Of Astrology

In the Astrology Horoscope there are 12 houses, one for each of the 12 astrology star signs. The houses have a special meaning as they take on a vibration of their own which you have to take into consideration when you read a horoscope. Each sign rules a particular house. The Sun travel around in the horoscope all the time and spend approximately 2 hours in each house. Therefore at the time you are born your particular sun sign will fall in the house according to the time you were born which, is not necessarily in the house your sign rules. The sun rises in the first house every morning between 5am - 7am. At 12 noon it is at the mid heaven and at 6pm it is on the descendant opposite the first house and at 12 midnight it is opposite the mid heaven in the 4th house and then return to the first house again to repeat the circle. This is what happens every day. The houses of the 3 Fire signs occupy the 1st the 5th and the 9th house. The first house is the home of Aries it rules our physical appearance and the way we represent ourselves to other people.

Mercury Goes Retrograde

Mercury will pass through this retrograde from 21 degrees to 13 degrees of Gemini from May 26 to June 19. Check your natal chart to see the personalized effects of this retrograde Mercury phase. If you have planets in the 21 degrees to 13 degrees of Gemini, you may feel confused and won't know which way to go. If you have planets s between 11 and 23 degrees in Virgo or Pisces you may have delays and obstruction. If you have planets between 11 and 23 degrees in Sagittarius, you may feel exhausted. Mercury will turn direct on June 19. It can be the most difficult day of the entire retrograde phase and may bring technical glitches, miscommunication, travel and traffic problems, and scheduling snafus, Internet problems. It doesn't mean you should stop doing everything- but you should leave extra room in your work schedule for unexpected delays, and double-check all written work before it leaves your office. Any software up gradation or system maintenance on your computer or network should be completed before Mercury retrograde begins.

Know Your Crystals For Sun Gemini

May 21 - June 20 Birthstone: Agate and Tourmaline Abundance Crystal: Apophyllite The beauty of knowing your crystals to compliment your sun sign is that it balances out your assets and your challenges into a flow of personal perfection. As a Gemini you are very active, both mentally and physically. You also have the ability to multi-task and your birthstone Agate assists you in grounding you and giving you the ability to pay attention to details. You can also be vulnerable to nervous tension, by carrying Agate on a regular basis you can avoid the aggravation of this character defect. Gemini is known as the dual sun sign and Agate tends to unify this duality and makes your two sides of your nature come together with comfort and ease. There is a downside to Agate, its energy is rather slow and calm, which does not work well with Gemini's impatient tendencies. This is where Tourmaline comes into play; it works much faster and balances the brain, inner and outer selves. Tourmaline also discourages negative energies and helps you stay centered rather than going of in different directions.

Role Of Mars For Marital Happiness

It is commonly know that in any horoscope or birth chart, the 7 th house rules the marriage, love affairs and the married life. However, the Western system hardly knows that in male horoscopes, the Navamsha chart, and in female horoscopes, the Trinshamsha chart play most important part in the matter of marriage and married life. The another important factor is the Karaka planet ruling the aspect of marriage and spouse. It we have the degrees of all the first seven planets before us at the time of birth of an individual, the planet with the least or smallest degrees (Rashi to be ignored) will be the planet ruling the aspect of marriage and spouse. Amongst the planets, the most vitally and directly connected with the influencing the marriage and the married life are Mars, Venus and Moon; while in any kind of joint family setup, Saturn also plays an important role. Mars rules the menstrual system in the females, but at the same time it also rules the personality and masculine vitality in a male.

Moon Astrology - To Feed The Moon Or Not To Feed The Moon As Related To Moon Astrology

"To be, or not to be? That is the question... To die; to sleep no more... " -Shakespeare; Hamlet Act III, Scene 1 Moon Astrology experts wrestle with an interesting dilemma, and that is whether or no to feed the moon. People less experienced in astrology have no idea what "food for the moon" could possibly be, because it is an inorganic satellite of Earth for crying out loud. I will look at opinions offered by mystics of astrology concerning it; and relate the concept to lunar influence in this commentary. I was initially puzzled, as a matter of fact; when one of the mystics of astrology made a bold statement, written in all capital letters, to be sure to be sure to feed the moon. However, the article was painfully deficient of any type of explanation as to what it was or what it meant to do it. So I checked the Web for Moon Astrology and lunar influence; and I found some fascinating information. This commentary will explore the meaning of the term "feed the moon" in order to discover exactly what it is to feed the moon;

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