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Ashlee Simpson's Wedding Photos

Aerial photos posted Friday at several celebrity Web sites, credited to the Insight News & Features paparazzi photo agency, purport to show the Simpson family home near Los Angeles dotted with large white party tents. Manufactured pop star Ashlee Simpson married Pete 'Emo' Wentz on Saturday night at her parents home in Encino, California. Invited guests had been asked to wear dark colors to the wedding. Ashlee Simpson, who's currently pregnant, has already sold the exclusive wedding photos to People Magazine. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have told their guests "to dress in dark colors" to their nuptials on Saturday, a pal of the couple revealed to "[Guests] have been asked to wear cocktail attire, but to not be overdressed, " added the pal. On Thursday, crews erected a massive white tent with bright red curtains in the backyard of Simpson's parents' Encino, California home. The intimate party was hosted by Wentz's father Pete and mother Dale, who traveled to Los Angeles from their home in Chicago earlier this week.

Is More Television, More Radio, More Travel, More Music, More Entertainment, The Answer?

It surprises us when this type of thing is said and revealed but it happens more often than we sometimes realise. Spiritual inspirational leadership which is vibrant genuine and sincere is so needed. King Solomon, with all his wisdom, fame, wealth, popularity and business acumen, became bored. Do you ever hear people say that today? "Oh, I am bored. I have nothing to do. There is nowhere to go! " People need God to give shape and purpose for their lives. It was only when Solomon turned away from Almighty God that he became increasingly dissatisfied. The issues Solomon dared to write about are the same basic issues which bother many people today. Solomon's writings are highly relevant. He has big important significant questions. Routine bored him. The sun rose and set every day. It never seemed to change. That is not monotony. That is order. This man who had known such wisdom was baffled, and he began to find life wearisome. That happens when you marginalise God. When a man turns from God it is more serious than simple boredom and weariness.

The Hero

What is a "Hero" or The Hero? One who has courage, admired for brave deeds or noble qualities? Or could it be of their principals and strength of character, a model where others can follow. This honor can be bestowed upon by the hoi polloi or can have the particular notification of by one. In Greek mythology and folklore, was originally a demigod the offspring of a mortal and a deity their cult being one of the most distinctive features of ancient Greek religion. Thank you Wikipedia but where I'm going is what is a hero to you or me? This is my first week of retirement and had wondered of what is going to be the first topic. A writer's block occurred so I left my office and headed for the living room and sat in my chair. Turned on the TV and cruised the channels still looking for a topic. Not actually looking at the TV, something from a commercial caught my ear and I bolted back to my office and started typing away. The very first person that would come to my mind would be Muhammad Ali.

The Key A Fairytale - Chapter 4 - Nothing Left To Lose Part 6

I found the dog lying almost dead near the path. A crossbow arrow, a type not used by the villagers, had silenced him. Somebody was after me, and apparently wanted the bounty all for himself. My instincts told me to slowly back away and move toward the denser part of the forest, but just as I took a step, I felt a pinch. It didn't feel at all like an arrow, but sure enough, there was an arrow through my side with its feathers sticking out near my naval and the tip protruding from my back. I immediately dove into the bushes before another arrow could find its mark, convinced that only one assailant was involved. If there would have been more than one, an avalanche of arrows would have found their mark. It must be a solitary bounty hunter, just as I had thought. Unfortunately, it wasn't the first arrow to violate this body; I was used to it, so I rolled into the forest, broke off the feathers, reached behind and pulled it out. I felt nothing. I never did in battle. My anger overrode any other feelings and masked any pain that I might otherwise feel.

It Could Have Been Me - Indiana Jones The Real World Riddle

Back in the late 1970's, I was in college as a cultural Anthropology major in a well known American University and had no idea that my chosen profession was about to become popular and even sexy to some. The year after I graduated I went to the movies and was stunned to have accidentally encountered a role model, the unconventional archaeologist, Indiana Jones, and he was at least superficially just like me, or more appropriately, just like I wanted to be. While I was studying archeology back then, Indie was actually doing the exciting fieldwork and retrieving the relics, idols and artifacts. While I had been attending the lectures about exotic cultures and civilizations, Indiana was feeling the warm desert breeze on the back of his neck and coming face to face with adventure and intrigue. Yes, there was quite a contrast there, and perhaps more than a little imaginative fantasizing about role reversal, so that I could be the one wearing the Fedora and having the adventures.

Have Google And Yahoo Left You High And Dry With Your Online Entertainment?

When Searching for your Online Entertainment, Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the top engines give you their 'sponsored links' first. These links are simply websites who are willing to pay Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the others money upfront just to lead you to their websites in hopes of getting you to buy their product or service. So who is there to protect you the consumer? Now I'm not going to bash Google and Yahoo and all the other search engines here as they do their best everyday to provide you the best content on what your searching for, however it does pose the question, how are you to know that a scammer with a little money to burn isn't using this technique of sponsored links just to lure you into their trap? With a smooth sales pitch and a professional looking website, we are duped into believing its legit. And so are Google, Yahoo and all the other top search engines. After all it's a pretty daunting task to check out the validity of the millions of websites that pay out to be among the top listed, and these search engines are a business after all.

How To Draw Naruto

Everyone seems to want to want to learn how to draw Naruto, but who is this person? Naruto is a popular Japanese anime character on the Cartoon Network. He's a jumpy little ninja that is just trying to seek approval from hi town so he can become the next leader. Unfortunately some things from the past keep most of the villagers from liking him, but Naruto is on a quest to change that. As a young ninja, ninja with good qualities, there is plenty reason for kids to be attracted to him and may even want to be like him. Well, now they can live through Naruto by drawing pictures of him on their notebooks and scrap paper. Here's the basic steps on how to draw Naruto: First start by drawing a basic, round face. As with any cartoon, anime drawing, you want to use big circles to add the eyes, cheeks and chin. The next step is to start doodling what will be the eyes. These should also be pretty big, as manga drawings tend to have big eyes and pupils. Now add the ears on both sides of the face, and a small nose right in the center.

Convenience Of Downloading Music, Movies, Video Games Or TV Shows!

Imagine being able to download huge amounts of quality movies, music, games and tv shows right in the comfort of your home. If you have finished all your video games, needed new cd's or dvd's and really did not feel like going to the nearest Wal-Mart or Best buy then just turn on your computer and start downloading what you need! You will see that there are a lot of free services that offer downloads but you do open your self to getting a virus. There are also services that offer a one time membership fee between $30.00 to $50.00 and you can download all your favorite music, movies, video games or turn your pc into a tv. These services like, Unlimited Mp3 Downloads, Unlimited Download Center, Net Movie Downloads, Fast Game Downloads, Unlimited Zune Downloads, Unlimited Psp Game Downloads, Fast Tv Downloads, Ipod Blender, Psp Blender, offer that ingenious solution for all your downloads. You will receive UNLIMITED downloads from their absolutely huge archive of epic quality movies, music, videos, games or tv shows without getting any viruses.

Picasso And 10 Things You May Not Have Known

Picasso was more than just a great painter and there is much about his life that still remains unknown to most of the world even today! Here is a list of 10 things that you may have not known about the Picasso. 1. In addition to being a talented painter, Picasso was also one of the world's most versatile stage designers, ceramic artists, printmakers and sculptors and writers. He could have made a name for himself in any of these areas but chose to focus on painting. 2. Although famous today, Picasso had a tough start and suffered under conditions of great poverty. When he was a young painter, Picasso burned his own paintings in order to keep warm at night. 3. Picasso also produced 100, 000 engravings and 34, 000 illustrations for books. His ceramic and sculpture designs account for 300 pieces. 4. Some of Picasso's paintings are today considered to be very valuable and almost priceless. In 2004, his original 'Garcon a la Pipe' was bought by a collector for $104 million USD. The beautiful 'Les Noces de Pierrette' or the 'Marriage of Pierrette' brought in $51.

History of the Nude

The nude human form, both male and female, has been forever inspiring to the artist. Throughout time, the shapes and forms provide a creative stimulus for those who wish to capture the body's sensuality and beauty. Even in cave drawings, the human form was designed and etched in artistic impressions adding aesthetic features to their creations. Ever since, art of the nude has remained present is art history. In Greco-Roman times, Paganism was predominant with Pompeii probably being the most noted leader to saturate Rome with exquisite nude sculptures and paintings. During this time, mythological gods and goddesses were portrayed with celebrations of human form. Being mythological perfection, their nude images were exquisite. The culture and societal values of Greco-Roman culture viewed the nude as classic and romantic. With the downfall of Roman rule, Gothic art and architecture superseded this period with the nude have a more slender and frail appearance. As the early Christian church developed with a focus on chastity and celibacy, nudes became very rare.

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