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Home Remedies For Colon Cleansing - Are They Safe?

Colon cleansing has attracted a lot of attention recently, and has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. There are lots of home remedies that can yield positive results, and don't require the use of exotic foods or expensive supplements. There are some people who are skeptical about the benefits of home colon cleansing remedies, and some of the skepticism is warranted as there are a lot of unsound, and ill researched home remedies out there. There are, however, some very effective, safe, and beneficial remedies too. The best thing to do is consider each home remedy on their own merits, and seek expert advice if you have any concerns. A Word Of Caution You may hear a lot about home remedies on TV shows, and they are often featured in magazines. Some people place a great deal of faith in home remedies, while many other shows and publications will focus on the ones that do not work, or point out ones which are dangerous. In truth, there is a middle road, and you should be able to find out about home remedies that are beneficial, and that will really work and help to ease symptoms or cure illnesses.

Water and Your Body

Water, water everywhere and we can't get enough to drink. Water is second only to air in its importance in your life. You can go days, even weeks without food but only a few days without water. The body depends on water so greatly since 60-75% of our total body weight is water with the lungs at 90%, the brain at 76% and the bones at 25% water. Some people consider beverages like coffee, caffeinated teas and soda pop to be as hydrating as water. This is not the case since these beverages are diuretics, which reduce the water levels in your body rather than increase them. Statistics state that the average person should be drinking a minimum of 8 liters (approx. 1.5 Gallons) of water a day. This is an average guideline and can be made more specific by using a body weight formula. Take your body weight in pounds, and then divide this amount in half. This new number is the amount of ounces you should drink for your body in a day. However, if you consider exercise, body temperature, humidity and other beverages consumed during the day, this amount may not be enough to keep your body properly hydrated.

Lavender Essential Oil - A Cornerstone of Aromatherapy For Your Family

Interest and motivation for creating a completely 'green' household is on the rise as awareness grows of the many potential hazards in the synthetic chemicals found in our modern lifestyles. Here are a few tips on going green by going 'purple', with the extremely versatile essential oil of Lavender. The flowering, fragrant purple tops of Lavender yield an essential oil that's inexpensive, and has diverse uses for your family's health and wellness. In many cases, Lavender can replace synthetic formulations that you just might not feel comfortable with for long-term use -- as you have little idea what the ingredients really are, if you are even able to pronounce them. So what can this wonder oil do? Let's have a look at some of its most common, simple to use applications. The overall action of Lavender oil is both calming and regenerating. It's a profound effect, as our bodies need to be relieved of stress in order to heal, and lead healthy lives in general. The sweet smell alone bestows calm on folks of all ages;

Tumeric Health - Why You Should Eat More Curry

What about tumeric health? You probably know turmeric as that spice used in Indian curry dishes. I didn't really eat Indian food until I moved to Denver. There's an Indian restaurant there that has an incredibly cheap and delicious lunch buffet. So I kind of got hooked. I look forward to curry every Tuesday. In addition to making food taste great, herbalists consider turmeric one of the most potent anti-inflammatories around. You see, turmeric contains curcumin and curcuminoids, powerful inflammation-fighting phytochemicals. Researchers have found that turmeric relieves joint pain and swelling in arthritis sufferers. It's also a natural antioxidant with cancer-resistant properties. Other Tumeric Uses detoxes the body protects the liver from alcohol and toxins helps digest fat guards the stomach against bacteria Are you hungry for curry yet? No? Well, there may be no hope for you... just kiddin'. If you hate spicy food, don't force yourself to eat curry. There are other ways to supplement your diet with extra tumeric.

How to Detox My Entire Body With A Colon Cleanse Natural Program

If you want to know the answer to the question, how to detox my entire body, then you'll be glad to know that there is a colon cleanse natural solution called the Master Cleanse that is a healthy colon body cleanse. There are more people in the world today, realizing the benefits of detoxing their bodies with a colon cleanse natural program. Many people do not realize that a lot of the ailments that they suffer from can be caused from a buildup of toxins in the body. Some people may suffer with constipation or even diarrhea, where others might suffer with acne or trouble sleeping. There are also many people that suffer with weight problems, were they cannot get the weight off the matter what diet they try. All of the above issues are common things found in people that suffer with too much toxins in the body. So you may be asking yourself "how to I detox my entire body?" The answer is simple, you may want to try The Master Cleanse Body Detox colon cleanse natural Program. This detox program has been around for over 50 years and is still one of the most used detox diets in the world today.

Detox for Weight Loss - Juicing For Weight Loss With The Best Detox Diet Online

Looking for information about a detox for weight loss? Finding a detox diet online that deals with juicing for weight loss is easy to find as long as you know where to look. Read on to learn more... Perhaps you are like most people, trying to lose a few pounds. Many people try the fad diets to help them lose weight rapidly. People who try the fad diets fine if they get themselves into a yo-yo dieting routine. They bounce around from one side to the next with little or no results from any of the diet. Generally if they do see some weight-loss results, the wait is put back on rather quickly once the diet is over. Most people do not realize that they could be toxic for weight loss. One of the top programs that is widely used is a detox diet online called the Master Cleanse detox for weight loss. The Master Cleanse juicing for weight loss program gives people a chance to cleanse themselves entirely of the toxins that have built up in their bodies over many years. Toxic build up can do a great deal of harm to ones body.

Shilajit Facts - Energy Medicines And Shilajit

SHILAJIT generally speaking is a concentrated historic plant life essentially from the Himalayan region. It is a rich mineral pitch in it's raw form. Shilajit is a compact mass of vegetable organic matter, composed of a gummy matrix interspersed with vegetable fibres and minerals. Substances which have been identified in Shilajit include moisture, gums, albuminoids, calcium, potassium, nitrogen, silica, resin, vegetable matter, magnesium, sulphur, iron, chloride, phosphorous, iodine, glycosides, tannic acid, benzoic acid and a number of vitamins and enzymes. In the Eastern world, a compound known as Shilajit (silajit) has a history of use as a folk remedy for various disorders, including genito-urinary diseases, diabetes, gall stones, jaundice, enlarged spleen, fermentative dyspepsia, worms, digestive disorders, piles, epilepsy, nervous disorders, eczema, anemia, anorexia, asthma etc. Shilajit has also been used as a tonic to help retain youthful vigor.

Amazing Health Effect of Reishi

Reishi mushrooms have a history going back to over 4000 years, when they were considered to be a superior herb that improved health, resistance, longevity, energy and memory. The reishi mushroom, called the ganoderma lucidum by Asian rulers, was seek out by the members of their court .This herb of longevity was named Reishi by the Japanese and, in China and Korea, it is known as Ling Chu, meaning the mushrooms of immortality. The Chinese thought of them as the elixir of life. The Romans considered Reishi mushrooms as the food of the Gods. The benefits of Reishi mushrooms have been recorded throughout time as far back as 206 B.C. Reishi was associated with happiness, good health and longevity. Reishi was entrenched in ancient Chinese culture as shown in many fairy tales. Many Oriental civilizations have realized the amazing health inducing benefits associated with certain mushrooms and yet in Western civilization they are relatively unknown. The scientific community did not start investigate the therapeutic properties of mushrooms until the early 1970s.

What is Herbalism?

So, what exactly is herbalism? It is a traditional medicine practice based on the use of plants and their extracts. Herbalism is also referred to as phytotherapy, botanical medicine, herbal medicine, medical herbalism, herbology, and medicinal botany. In addition to plants, herbalism occasionally includes bee products, shells, certain animal parts, and even fungi. There are many different substances that plants produce which can be beneficial to our health and people all over the world have used plants to treat ailments since the prehistoric period. The first written record of herbs being studied dates back to more than 5, 000 years ago. The first known Chinese herbal book dates back to 2700 B.C. and listed over 360 plants known for the medicinal uses. In 1000 B.C., the Egyptians were known for using opium, mint, indigo, castor oil, and garlic to treat ailments and the Bible makes mention of this as well. It's also interesting to note that many of today's top selling pharmaceuticals have a long history of use as herbal remedies.

Black Seed Cumin Extract - Treating Disease Since the Days of King Tut

What can black seed cumin extract do for you? Well, you should probably ask someone who lives in the Middle East. It comes from there. An ancient Arab proverb calls it the "medicine for every disease except death". And in the pyramid tombs in Egypt, archaeologists discovered black cumin seeds. Only things needed in the afterlife would be buried with the kings. Actually, you may know black cumin already. It comes from the plant nigella sativa, which has many names: fennel flower black caraway nutmeg flower Roman coriander black onion seed Any of those sound familiar? The flower of this plant is a beautiful pale blue and white... if you ever saw a field of this flower, you would remember it. Also, black cumin seed is used as a spice in Middle Eastern ground meat dishes. Health Benefits of Cumin Folklore exalts it as a cure-all. But as we all know, nothing on Earth can do that. However, this herb is remarkably effective in combating auto-immune disorders. It's especially helpful with asthma and allergies.

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