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OTC Acne Medicines - Drawbacks and Proper Use

It's easy to walk into a drug store and ask the pharmacist for a product that will treat your acne condition, but what if that treatment worsens your it or leaves a new one? Most over the counter medicines have a series of unwanted drawbacks that we don't always know about. So our best bet is to get informed and then treatment. Here is a short list to help you get started. Benzoyl Peroxide Benzoyl peroxide is commonly used to treat mild to moderate acne, however, what you didn't know is that it can yield a reaction in as soon as five days. It comes in various strengths, some of which are only available by prescription. A common side effect is skin dryness and irritation. It can be found in products such as soaps, lotions, gels, washes, and creams. Gel formulations are typically the best. To help avoid undesired effect produced by Benzoyl peroxide, start with a minor potency concentration (2.5%) and increase the strength (5% to 10%) as required for acne solution. You can also start by applying it every other day then work up to a maximum of two daily applications.

Are Your Cosmetics and Skin Care Products the Cause of Your Acne?

Most people can use cosmetics freely with no side effects, but a small group of users who might be more sensitive to its ingredients might develop cosmetic acne. This condition affects mostly adult women and men alike. If you start using make-up in your adolescent years, you might also be at risk of having cosmetic acne too. If you do not have acne ever in your life, but start having breakouts after you start using some cosmetics or other skin care products, it is a very good reason to suspect that you might be suffering from cosmetic acne. This type of acne is triggered by topical factors and is easier to treat compared to acne caused by hormonal reasons. Cosmetic acne is usually present as small, raised whiteheads or small, inflamed papules and pustules over the face where the product has been applied, predominantly over the cheeks, chin and forehead. It develops gradually over weeks and months of repeated use of a comedogenic product and may be persistent for a long time. Most people are unaware of the connection between their outbreaks and the acne-causing product and continue using even more cosmetics to cover their acne problem.

Fastest Way to Remove Blackheads - Don't Hurt Yourself

Most people get pretty annoyed with blackheads and try to squeeze them out. Unfortunately this can cause more damage than good and make the problem worse. There are ways to get rid of blackheads that won't cause damage and will keep you skin clear. What happens when you try to use a blackhead extractor to remove blackheads from your face, things can get worse. The same goes for squeezing or pinching the skin. For one, blackheads are caused by clogged pored and excess sebum - the natural oil your body produces to moisturize and protect your skin. When you use these extractors or try to physically squeeze blackheads from your face, you may be removing the blackheads near the surface of the skin. Deep below the surface, however, the clogged pores are still filled with the material that makes up the blackheads. By squeezing or extracting, you could also be causes the pores to become even more clogged, not to mention that you could be causing permanent pore damage or even scarring. Some extractors damage the skin.

The Cause of Acne

Acne and similar skin problems are a common problem amongst people of all ages, but more especially young people and adolescents. Over 17 million people suffer from acne in the United States of America alone. There are various causes of acne as well as various ways to treat and prevent it. Acne can cause mental and physical problems to sufferers whatever their age. Physical problems include scarring of the skin tissue due to the healing process and also the fact that spots, blackheads and pimples are painful for the sufferer. Mental issues that can arise from somebody suffering from acne include low self esteem and other confidence problems. Many acne sufferers are adolescents going the puberty and during puberty most young people have an increased sensitivity to personal appearance and acne. Therefore any outbreaks of acne, however large or small can lead to great embarrassment to the sufferer. One of the main causes of acne, especially acne that occurs in adolescents going through puberty, is the fact that during this stage of life the body produces higher levels of the male hormone, testosterone.

Acne - Home Professional Treatment For Acne

Acne is caused by a lot of things. Genetics play a role in the formation of acne. Hormones also play a role. Androgens, the male hormones secreted by both sexes in different amounts play a role in most cases. Hormone-sensitive sebaceous glands that produce sebum are stimulated by androgens. Sebum is most commonly known as the root cause of acne breakouts. Sebum production depends on a number of variables. Severe acne can be inherited. It could be stress related. People should be aware of how acne begins. With this, treatment and prevention of acne can be more understood. Promotion of healthy skin is important not only physically, but to make sure that self-esteem can't be affected. Home and Self-Help Remedies For most people who can't afford professional treatment, home treatments for acne may help. For those with acne-prone skin, a few cheap over-the-counter products and home skin care may just do the trick to keep skin clear and smooth. One can wash their face with a product that has a salicylic acid ingredient on the label.

Will Pregnant Women Suffer From Acne?

If you ever observe, not all pregnant women look the same. Some have glowing, smooth skin while others might be troubled from acne that appears after getting pregnant. Acne breakouts happen because hormone levels fluctuate and are high during pregnancy. If you are already suffering from acne before being pregnant, it is likely that this will get worse during pregnancy, especially during your first trimester. The most important consideration in the treatment of acne during your pregnancy is of course, the safety of your unborn baby. Well, before you even plan for a baby, it is advisable to check with your doctor whether the medication you are taking currently is harmful and will cause any birth defects if you do get pregnant in the course of therapy. Several acne prescriptions, such as Accutane, Retin-A and Tetracycline are known to cause great harm to unborn fetuses and are strictly forbidden for use during pregnancy! Topical treatment is generally preferred over oral medication during pregnancy.

Real Acne Cure - How to Really Cure Your Acne Using a Secret Natural Cure For Skin Breakouts

Having suffered from acne for many years I tried lots of different acne cures which all failed to work for me.... From 3 day fasts on apples to putting creams on my face, nothing worked! But when I found out how diet affects acne, and actually causes most acne, I cleared my skin in days. Why does food cause acne? Because of hormones. Some foods cause your hormones to become imbalanced, resulting in acne. Some foods cause your hormones to become balanced. The trick is to eat more of the foods that balance hormones, and less of the foods that imbalance hormones... The worst food to eat is vegetable oil. It causes MASSIVE hormonal imbalance and results in the worst acne you get. When I stopped eating vegetable oil my acne cleared up dramatically. Vegetable oil is found in cooking oils (like sunflower oil) and in margarines and some junk foods. It's actually easy to avoid vegetable oil, and when you do you'll notice your worst acne - those cystic, red and inflamed breakouts - disappear in days.

Miracle Acne Cures - Why You Only Need This One Thing to Really Cure Your Acne in Just a Few Days

There are thousands of miracle acne cures on the market these days, but the truth is you don't need any of these to really clear your skin. You just need one thing... Changes in diet. You see, some foods cause acne and some foods help prevent acne from forming. Eat more of the ones that prevent acne, and eat less of the ones that cause acne and this will stop your acne in just a few days. The truth is that acne is a hormonal condition caused by food and that by changing your diet you can cure your acne. This is the only thing that has worked for in clearing my acne. And I've tried a lot of acne treatments before. The worst food for acne is called vegetable oil. This is because it causes massive hormonal imbalance. Once you start avoiding vegetable oil you will see a dramatic clear up of your acne. And although it might not a total cure, it is the biggest and simplest step you can make to clear skin. Vegetable oil is found as cooking oils like sunflower oil. These should not be used.

How to Cure Acne Easily - Top 3 Effective Ways to Cure Acne

Getting rid of acne can be a very hard job if you have no clue about it and how to cure it. Acne, which is also the world's most common skin disorder, affects almost everyone in the world. Most people are prone to acne, and the only difference is the severity of the skin disorder. To help you cure acne easily, this article will show you the top three methods to cure acne. The Topical Acne Treatment Topical acne treatment means treating acne on the skin's surface. This includes proper skin cleansing and antibacterial solution to unclog the pores and kill the bacterias that cause acne. Proper skin cleansing means you should use only a cleanser that suits your skin type, and you should never wash your face more than three times day. To treat your acne topically, you will have to have a good antibacterial solution so that the bacterias that cause acne can be killed, before causing any formation of acne on your skin. The most common solution is benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. However, I found a better alternative - Tea tree oil.

Treat Skin Acne

Acne is a condition that will effects most people. This is not a condition just found in teenage people, although we like to think it is. Adult acne and acne in very young kids (like babies) happens as well. As time has gone on we have seen a lot of new acne treatments come out. Some of them have proven to work and some have not. The fact of the matter is, however, it's good that new and improved acne treatments keep popping up day after day. Just like any other kind of medication, people are going to react differently to it. After all, no one is the same. Keeping that in mind, it's easy to see why we need a lot of different types of acne treatment out there. Before you can start talking about the symptoms of acne, and before you can talk about a medication for the skin condition, you have to know what causes it! So what does cause acne? There are a lot of myths out there that state that acne is caused by the food you eat or by not washing your face enough. Well the truth of that is that food really does not play a big role in your acne.

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