Cheap Yoga Clothing - Get Your Yoga Pants For Less

If you have ever found a cute pair of yoga pants or a nice yoga shirt only to drop it back on the rack with immediate sticker shock, you are not alone. One of the biggest complaints from people new to the practice of yoga is that yoga clothing is simply too expensive. For the most part this is actually true, but smart shoppers can find deals that greatly reduce the price into a more affordable range.

From Vikram to Kundalini - How to Reap the Benefits of Yoga

If you are thinking about trying yoga but find all the different disciplines confusing, the best advice you will ever get is to ignore the titles and just try something. There are so many great benefits of yoga and you are only robbing yourself if you put it off out of confusion over where to begin. Just pick a yoga DVD or find a local yoga class and give it a try, regardless of the discipline.

Jump Into the Fire With Bikram Yoga - Basic Principles of Hot Yoga

Of the many types of yoga currently in practice, Bikram yoga is one of the most popular. It is often called "hot" yoga because it is meant to be performed in a heated room with a humidity level of around 40%. Exercising in the humid heat is believed by the founder, Bikram Choudhury, to do two things for the body: increase flexibility and cleanse the body of built up toxins.

The Brilliance of Namaste Yoga - The Best Yoga Practice Ever to Hit TV

The television show Namaste Yoga has been growing in popularity over the past few years, thanks to a brilliant combination of peaceful, vibrant music and one of the most beneficial types of yoga: Hatha yoga. Kate Potter is a Canadian yoga teacher with years of experience in Hatha yoga, and she originally designed the Namaste Yoga program. Today, it is a big hit shown daily on the Fit TV channel.

The Purpose of Hatha Yoga - Clear Minds, Fit Bodies

One of the most physically demanding forms of yoga practice is Hatha yoga. While all forms of yoga have a physical component that make them excellent exercise, the Hatha poses and sequences can be especially demanding, not only of the body but of the mind. The goal of this form of yoga is to clear the mind for peaceful meditation, but it also designed to balance and relax the body in much the same way.

Yoga Postures and Asanas - A Brief Description

High levels of concentration and perseverance are required for the perfect execution of any yoga pose. Fortunately, there are a number of classes training yoga to students. These classes help individuals acquire the requisite skills for performing asanas in the ideal fashion. If executed correctly and on a regular basis, yoga can be immensely beneficial, both to the human mind and body.

Fight Your Extra Fat With Yoga

Madonna does it. And so does Jennifer Aniston. Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge fan too. But can yoga, a mind-body exercise, help you get rid of unwanted pounds? Yoga devotees say that the most important benefit of yoga is calming the mind. But researchers prove that when we calm our mind, we become less stressed, and stress can stimulate weight gain.

Power Yoga to Improve Your Posture and Relieve Back Pain

I started yoga at age 50. It was an eye opener. As a martial artist, I've been beaten to a pulp before but my first power yoga session was a killer. The actual session was amazing and my wife told me to perform the relaxation yoga session take a long hot bath before going to bed. I totally forgot and woke up the next morning acutely aware of muscles I did not knew I had.

How to Become a Yoga Teacher

Teaching is a noble profession and one that any individual should be proud to be involved in. It's even better when the topic you're teaching is one that you love. It's so much easier to convey your own enthusiasm regarding the subject matter when you really have a feel for it yourself. Maybe that's why so many yoga practitioners are looking into how to become a yoga instructor.

Proper Breathing Can Enhance Your Yoga Positions

Many yoga positions are geared to improve your posture. Like dance, yoga when done right uplifts the practitioner and helps to strengthen the spine and neck. One of the most important aspects of yoga postures is the breathing rhythm. Pranayama is the science of breath control. By controlling your breathing, yoga practitioners discover how to control their thoughts and emotions.

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