The Cheerful Guide To Dieting Without Tears For Men and Women

Dieting can be a grueling affair. Just pop into your local book store and head for the health section and you will really be amazed at the amount of literature on offer. One program promises us a lean figure in 7 days, another 28 days and my oh on earth am I going to cope with all the rigid rules looking for a breakfast with 100 grams of protein here and a dinner of 300 grams of fat there? I simply don't have the time!

Coming out of the book store I'm just left scratching my head and wondering how on earth can one diet program promise a 'one diet fits all' promise in the first place? After all we do come in all kinds of shapes and sizes not to mention our different metabolisms. And I am a busy woman that just doesn't have the time to simply count calories of stick to a rigid menu program for a single month let alone a couple of days!

Life's not that complicated! And dieting can become more cheerful if we can understand that our dietary habits can be reprogrammed with the adoption of a few simple but effective techniques. The real key to long term successful dieting and putting the cheer back into a meal time is to remain flexible at all times and never to adhere to a rigid regimen structure.

For me here are the 3 simple Golden Rules of long term healthy eating:

1. Create for yourself a core staple diet of essential foods that can be consumed every day. So that even if you trip up with a binge here and there you will always feel mentally safely anchored with the safe knowledge that you are well rooted in your core staple beliefs.

2. Snack all day and do not count! There are going to be high energy days where you need to snack more and there are going to be the easy breezy days where you can chill out and snack less. Pace yourself according to the needs of your day.

3. Minimize the carbohydrates and junk food after 6pm. work with your body-clock and understand that your body needs to go to sleep and undergo tissue repair. So anything after 6pm is taken in anticipation of the eventual downward slope into slumber-land.

These 3 golden rules if applied over the long run day in, day out, will lead to a more energetic, vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

Mentally, physically and spiritually we all want to feel complete and look and feel our best at all times. After all we live our lives in a pressure cooker and just getting on with it and dealing with life's daily problems needs a little bit more than a graceful smile and a composed and stoic outlook on life. But in understanding our pressure and needs one has to come to terms with the body and understand that any rigid rule forming is just not going to work and then were just going to end up mentally frustrated at having failed. Diets should not set impossible goals because the moment we embrace a rule we are looking for the nearest exit and the quickest excuses. That's why flexibility around a core staple is the fundamental key to cheerful dieting!

We are what we eat. Input equals output. No matter what our blend of pressurized work environment we respond and reflect that which stems from within. Garbage in, garbage out is a truism universal for all modes of life.

The problem is that with 'comfort food' so readily available to give us such a quick blood-sugar spike, we usually only end up sweeping the problem under the carpet without realizing the growing pile of dirt accumulating just under our skin! The 'feel good' industry for instant gratification knows pretty much our slavish predicament. It spins out such a vast array of consumer items to deal with our instant needs. But temporary fixes do not present lasting solutions. And we need to get back to grounding basics to know more about ourselves in the present before we can attempt to reach a more pleasing state of physical and mental satisfaction.

A core staple in life is very much like the image of a tree in the storm that bends but does not snap try to understand that when faced with the storms of life, it is only the strength of your trunk and your roots that will hold you firmly in place when the temptation arises for a quick pleasurable release through junk foods.

The regimen staple that I have chosen reflects well for the pressurized work schedules that most of us have to face every working day. It primarily consists of oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, dairy products and fish and eggs for proteins. And this staple becomes the backbone for my working day where I do not partake in 3 square meals but rather snack all day long on small portions for as many times as I want to; whether.. 6,7,8 even 9 times a day! Here's the problem.. as humans we tend to err and when we try to make a fixed program we often break as our will power to execute a program saps under our work strain. So I have found out that as long as we can stick to a basic diet foundation, attempt to cut out sodas and sweet drinks wherever possible and try to minimize carbohydrates after 8pm, then you're well on the way to achieving that tree of life that can sway gracefully in the wind but does not snap.

1. Oatmeal - The health benefits of oatmeal are that it is soluble fiber. Oatmeal is the perfect carbohydrate for losing fat fast when taken in regular quantities. It may also reduce LDL cholesterol without lowering HDL cholesterol.. Always remember that LDL is bad whereas HDL is good. The good thing about oatmeal is that the fiber slows down the digestion of starches which maybe really helpful to diabetics because the sharp rises in blood sugar levels do not happen.

2. Apples and Oranges - Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Of course, apple is loaded with Pectin which lowers LDL ("bad") cholesterol and also is great news for diabetics as pectin supplies galacturonic acid to the body which lowers the body's need for insulin. And oranges? Its the most popular and wonderful fruit abundant in vitamin C to keep up your immune system!

3. Veggies? Love them or hate them greens are essential. My favorite is spinach which i love to mix with almonds and peanuts. Spinach has 2 main benefits. Spinach contains choline and inositol, which are the substances that help to prevent atherosclerosis or thickening and hardening of your arteries. Also spinach helps to stabilize blood sugar among diabetics.

4. Tuna - This is such a wonderful source of protein and an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, protein, potassium, selenium, and vitamin B12. This provides a wonderful protein staple which also prevents high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

5. Eggs - Preferably boiled eggs are good and packed with all the high-quality protein and all 9 essential amino acids.for building your body. Eggs are good for your eyes and new research shows that, contrary to all previous beliefs, eggs do not raise bad cholesterol in the body. Stress at work has a more damaging effect through triggering the body's own production of cortisol and cholesterol.....

6. Milk - No diet can be complete without a daily glass of milk which is rich in calcium and vitamin D for your bones and strengthening your immune system. For lactose intolerant individuals a non-dairy source like supplements and soy milk becomes the essential replacement.

This is my cheerful healthy staple.. and yes there are times when I have to reach for a chocolate of bag of cookies but since I am well-grounded in my foundational core belief of a staple diet I can always compensate and make graceful balances to make up for any binge that life's storms can throw my way! The key to cheerful dieting is going to be flexibility to make adjustments for the different energy needs of each day. Embrace this concept of a core staple dietary value as a tree of life and you will easily find a level of personal satisfaction as well as the drive and energy to face life's difficulties without breaking down to a search for the security of comfort food. Accept that your core staple diet need not be a rigid structure of 3 square meals a day but rather an flexible sail to sail with the wind and consume as many times as you want within reason. So long as you adhere to the main rules of not eating too much after 6 pm and snacking all the day in small quantities for regular release of energy, then you should find a cheerful way to diet without the rigors associated with a strict program. Rules are made to be broken and most diet programs on offer in bookstores are sensible but fail to understand that we are human after all and that variety is the very essence of humanity. A core staple that can sway and accommodate excesses here and there is the most sensible way to work with one's own metabolism to cultivate a more cheerful outlook on the subject of our diet.

Thank you

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