African Engineers: The White Man's Hobby

The late Dr E F Schumacher founded the Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) in London in 1965. His aim was to find and adapt existing manufacturing technologies, or develop new technologies, appropriate to the needs of developing countries, making use of available skills and materials and scaled to the size of local markets. He argued that modern manufacturing plants in the West had grown large in response to market demand but some older and abandoned smaller-scale technologies might be better suited to developing countries with their much smaller markets.

Empower Your Career With Plumbing Professional Training Courses

Plumbing course is exciting and interesting to people who wants to serve for keeping our society in hygienic way of life and help in daily necessary chores. This is one of the professional training courses that attract people from all journeys regardless of any background. All around the world in various trade schools, colleges and associations. Plumbing professional training courses are richly available in a more specific 2-year program.

Earning A Hospitality Degree Can Lead To Exciting Careers Within A Variety Of Industries

The world is quickly becoming a global neighborhood, with people knowing more information about their neighbors than ever before. With instant communication, it's easy to get information about different parts of the world and ways of life in other countries. Many people are so curious about other parts of the world that they want to work in the hospitality industry.

Training Options for Careers in Electronics

Gaining an accredited education in electronics will prepare students to enter into the workforce in their desired field. Accredited vocational and technical schools and colleges are available to provide the training required to gain certificates or degrees. Students can receive the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their desired career in the field of electronics systems technology.

The Benefits Of A Paralegal Associate Degree

Pursuing a paralegal associate degree can mean a wide field of potential employers upon graduation. It is one of the fastest growing professions, and is predicted to grow by 28 percent until 2018. Although more than half of the employers are law firms, there are any number of business settings where they are being hired. Corporate legal departments, estate planning firms, banks, and real estate firms to name a few.

Acupressure Schools - Programs and Degrees

Today's alternative health industry is focused on treating sick and injured patients using holistic therapies. Many educational paths are available to students interested in natural healing careers. Enrolling in acupressure schools or programs for degrees is one possibility that can have students stepping into careers in as little as one year. Professionals integrate the elbows, hands, forearms, and acupressure tools into therapy sessions to heal patients from a variety of ailments.

Office Professional Schools - Training Options for Careers

Accredited educational training options are available to those looking to pursue a career as an office professional. Students can study in areas like office professional or secretarial training. By enrolling in an accredited vocational training program students can gain the skills needed to enter into the career of their dreams. Coursework will vary by program and school but may include office management, keyboarding, office administration, English, Internet, Operating systems, and much more.

Business Office Administrator Diploma And What To Expect After Graduation

When someone is thinking about taking a Business office administrator diploma program, they may wonder about the results of graduation. Wondering about what kind of jobs are available after completing a program, may helps someone determine if the career path is right for them. This particular area of study may help someone work in a variety of settings which could help to take the graduate to various places.

Interested in Becoming a Medical Transcriptionist, But Not Sure Which School Is Best?

Choosing the best medical transcription school is pretty challenging. They all try to look appealing. They'd like you as a student, after all. How can you choose the best school when you're interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist, and be sure you've made the right choice? Research is the key. It's not terribly difficult, but it is vital.

Qualified Medical Assistant Programs

Medical assistant programs are becoming more and more in demand by individuals without college degrees. This is because the qualifications are relatively easy to meet. If you have a high school diploma, you can probably apply to join a qualified program. These medical programs are also being instated in community colleges all over the United States.

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