Facebook Failed Takeover of Twitter Nothing Out of the Ordinary

Facebook's initial failed attempts to takeover Twitter were because the most common reason why mergers & acquisitions fail, Valuation differences. This is the main reason why other mergers or acquisitions fail because of the parties not being able to agree on what each brings to the table. That's why Facebook's attempted acquisition of Twitter didn't materialize this time around, but don't be surprised if this marriage of social media companies still happens.

SBA Loans to Start Your Own Business

Those who have dreamed about starting their own business will require SBA loans to provide their business the funding that is needed to open the doors to their business. Some small business owners are able to provide the funding that they need on their own, but others will require a loan from the bank to start up their small business. The SBA loans that you can get for your business can come from a bank or other type of lender.

Getting on Track With Applications For Your Business Grant

Don't think for one minute that you can get business grants from the Government just because you have one. In fact in order to obtain these business grants you will soon discover that there are certain requirements that you will need to meet that are set out by the Government. In order for you to successfully obtain a grant for you business after applying for one there are certain things you need to clearly show.

6 Steps to Generate Private Money to Fund Your Deals

Let's face it, money does not disappear, it changes hands. So where is it? There is so much money sitting on the sidelines or in investments making little or negative returns. Many of these individuals would love to have a double digit return backed by real estate. Here are some keys to get more Private Money then you could ever need. 1. Pitch your opportunity to everyone - You are not asking for money, you are inviting people to make a great return on their money.

What Most People Don't Know About Securing Cleantech Investment

If green gold is losing its sheen its probably an image problem. Until recently securing green investment was relatively easy. It seemed as if every VC and business angel was falling over themselves to invest in everything from wind, solar and tidal power to algae, biochar and waste management. However the credit crunch has hit hard, and even the cleantech investment juggernaut has lost momentum.

Start a Gift Basket Business - Start Up Costs and Funding

When you begin to do your research into how to start a gift basket business many people will tell you that you can get started with less than $100. While it is true that this industry generally has low entry costs, there are nevertheless things that you have to consider budgeting for when you prepare your business plan. In this article we examine some of the startup costs for a gift basket company and we also look at some of the funding options that you can consider.

What Your Banker is Afraid to Tell You About Business Credit May Shock You!

What is your banker afraid of? Telling you the truth could cost him his job! Consider this scenario... You take your banker out to lunch. You two have a great meal and a heart to heart talk. Just before you heading back to work, he leans in and tells you something that rocks your world. You should be angry but instead, you decide to take his confession to heart and change a few things concerning how you do business.

Does a Financial Or Strategic Investor Better Suit Your Purposes?

If your business is one of the many businesses that needs additional equity capital, then you have a basic choice: do you seek the expertise and capital of a financial or strategic investor? The two have very different implications. Financial investors, broadly defined, include venture capital funds (for start-ups or companies early into their life cycle), angel investors (for small companies) and private equity funds.

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