Cheap All Inclusive Holidays in India

India is one of the most diverse and unique countries in the world and is visited by millions of people each year. Many are attracted to the diversity of cultures, languages, its spirituality and also because of its amazing history. Affordable holidays to India can take you to places like Agra, New Delhi or Fatehpur Sikri. When visiting India, one is immediately reminded of imperial times, of harems and sacred dances.

Four Strange Instances Which Are Covered by Travel Insurance

Being shot by a bow and arrow Not just for those that are planning on taking their upcoming holidays in Sherwood Forest, having holiday insurance that covers you in the eventuality of a wayward arrow flying towards you is actually quite handy for those that plan on playing a little archery on their summer holidays. Admittedly you would have to be pretty unlucky to actually be hit by an arrow, but that's not to say that archery is without its risks.

Is Travel Insurance a Necessity in Overseas Travel?

Are you planning an overseas travel? If yes, a constant debate running through your mind would be, to purchase travel insurance or not. In the current situation of recession, a traveler may be tempted to skip travel insurance to save even that little amount of money. It is understandable that one wants to cut corners and not shell out extra money.

Who Should Be Considered As A Genuine Visitor Travel Insurance Provider?

A good insurance company can bring huge difference between productive and unproductive such insurance plans. So, what are the factors that can help one decide the goodness of an insurance provider? There are many and you can learn them to make it a hassle free visit to the foreign. Reputation and Fair Dealing An insurance company, dealing unfairly with its customers, can't expect to have a good reputation in the market.

Travel Health and Travel Insurance

You probably have health insurance in Australia, right? So, shouldn't you make sure that your health and emergency medical costs are also covered when you travel abroad? Travel health insurance covers your medical costs when you travel overseas. Your Australian health cover and Medicare are unlikely to cover you for overseas travel and medical costs overseas can be a lot higher than those you are used to in Australia.

Don't Miss the Boat

Excursions on shore when the boat is in port are central to the cruise experience. More often than you'd expect though, holiday makers arrive late back from their time on land to find their boat already pulling out to sea. The problem is how to get them safely aboard without significantly delaying the cruise and accruing significant costs.Cruise Travel insurance policies will often cover 'disaster recovery' and 'missed departure', but you could find the extra costs of being tardy may come from your own pocket.

Speed 2 Cruise Control - A Hollywood Lesson in Cruise Travel Insurance

The main protagonists in Speed 2 (1997) are Annie, played by Sandra Bullock, and her policeman boyfriend Alex (Jason Patric). They take an ill-fated cruise trip to the Caribbean, on a boat called the Seabourn Legend. We first see Willem Dafoe's character John Geiger when he complains that his golf clubs have not arrived. He is rightly upset by his lost luggage, but being an evil genius he'll have been smart enough to ensure they were covered by his cruise travel insurance.

Getting the Right Travel Insurance For Your Easter Break

So far, the first few months of 2009 have thrown households across the UK some tough challenges. In addition to the usual post-Christmas comedown, people have been plagued by extreme winter weather conditions and an almost constant flow of gloomy news about the state of the world economy. As a result, the advent of the long Easter Weekend in mid-April is sure to have many families champing at the bit for a short break away from the drone of everyday life.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

It's the Small Things that Count There is nothing that feels less worthwhile than spending money on purchasing travel insurance when you are almost certain you won't use it. After all, how many times have you been in a serious accident or contracted a dangerous illness? And what are the chances this will happen while on holiday? But it's the more common, minor setbacks that can spiral out of control and not only ruin your holiday, but end up costing you a fortune.

Make Sure Your Holiday is Covered!

Over the last year a number of travel companies such as Freedom Direct have gone under leaving many peoples holidays ruined and unnecessary stress caused by having to re-book trips. Whether you are booking a holiday package or your flights, hotel and transfers separately it is essential that you check to see if your travel agent is covered by a financial protection scheme before you pay for your holiday in full.

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