What Makes For a Good Health Club Business Plan?

What makes for a good health club business plan is the same things that make for any good business plan, which just a few differences. The most important thing to remember in any plan, though, is that having A plan is better than having NO plan at all, even if the plan is a little hazy, to start. This can always be corrected down the road. What's a fact, though, is that businesses that start out with no written plan often go down to defeat within their first three years.

Mission Statement Drift - The Corporate Cancer

Mission Statement Drift/The Corporate Cancer Organisations suffering from this malaise are almost certain to have internal problems with communication and or interpersonal relationships. Their processes and procedures are also likely to be somewhat ragged. All companies large or small follow a corporate script, whether they are aware of it or not.

Tips on Writing a Fitness Center Business Plan

A business plan always contains very specific information and a fitness center business plan is no different. Much of the information included will detail your goals and past as well as predicted future profits and operating cost. You will need to show why the market or target market you have chosen is growing and how you are planning to be unique from your competitors.

Is it Time to Speed Up Your Failure Rate?

I was reading an interview in Chief Executive Magazine recently. The writer was interviewing A.G. Lafley, the CEO of Proctor and Gamble. Innovation is pretty important to him, as P&G has the goal of growing 5% per year in organic growth, or 2 billion dollars per year in new revenue. While 2 billion may be a bit ambitious for your company, new revenue can only come from so many places.

3 Easy Ways to Leverage Your Time, Energy and Expertise For More Income

Most service professionals such as coaches and consultants operate a business model that is based purely on a one-to-one relationship. It's a great model but one which can wear a little thin as time goes on because the model ties you to a schedule. This means that if you aren't able to make an appointment, you don't get paid. Plus the only way to increase your income is by taking on more clients or raising your fees.

Brokerage Firm Online - Is it For You?

Should You Use a Brokerage Firm Online? If you want to save up enough money to retire without worry, then at some point, investing in stocks and bonds is going to become a must. Some people manage to navigate the world of the stock market independently without too many problems, but if you are investing large amounts of money, then it makes sense to get a professional brokerage firm involved.

Surviving the Storm - Creativity is Vital For Strategic Planning

Navigating the Storm Getting through the Global recession is a bit like being on a boat in the middle of the ocean during a storm. As the storm rolls in the first thing you do is batten down the hatches and secure any loose items. The ship needs to be as ready as it can for the rough seas ahead. So you trim budgets, streamline your processes and ensure your business is as watertight as possible.

A Simple Model Concept to Assess Leverage Capabilities in Microsoft Excel

In this article, I break away a bit from Excel specific information to address a fundamental concept related to corporate finance when companies want to issue debt or a private equity firm wants to acquire a company and use leverage. Even in the current environment, there are still some willing traditional and alternative lenders, but it is certainly not as robust as it had been 5 years ago.

Business Planning - Announcing 4 Big Business Planning Tips

Most entrepreneurs often focus their attention with immediate issues that they tend to lose sight of their ultimate objectives. They do marketing research, they hire personnel, etc. without having a concrete business plan in place. Keep in mind that although business planning isn't really the only thing that can make you succeed in this field, this can help to lessen your chances of failing in this endeavor.

Is it Time to Restructure the Workplace?

Like all perceived "bad" things that happen in life, the current recession is providing us with the opportunity to reassess how our economy, business and government works. Of course, the truth be known, there is really no such thing as bad times or good times, there are just times, period. It's how we perceive those times and what lessons we learn that can provide a great stimulus for the changes we need in our society and personal lives.

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