Planning Your Information Marketing Project - Why Bother?

In short, because it makes a difference. By failing to plan, you are planning to fail right? But this does not mean you have to buy a whole set of programs and get a large team working in your business. So What is a Project? First, just be clear on what a "project" actually is. It is simply something that needs doing. A project could be small - say an article - or big, say launching a membership programme business, or Social Media strategy, or it could be anything in between.

April 2009 State of the M A Market

The market of buying and selling companies fell off a cliff during the fourth quarter of 2008. The blame is widespread; lack of financing, investors losing their capital in the marketplace, business revenues declining, etc. The fact remains the market had a radical change in 2008, and it has continued into the first half of 2009. If you are a medical company, or one that supplies to the government, you were probably not affected by any of these factors to a large degree.

Looking to Expand Then it is the Right Time - Read This to Know the Benefits

Are you looking to expand your business then it is the right time to do so! Now almost all the resources are available for cheaper means and you can make use of them to make most. You can get very good deals from various sectors. You can get many things at cheaper rates like you can get by a company which is about to close at cheaper rate and start your work with the help of them.

Strategic Alliance Short Course

Alliance Crash Course Perhaps, now more than ever, it's time to give your organization a crash course in alliance management? As you already know, facing the current difficult economic realities is no fun. Goods and services demand has slowed or reversed; resulting, are many organizational failures. Increased competition and consolidation naturally follow.

Partnering For Profits - The Art Science

Lately, I have put a fair amount of energy into talking to you about the science of making strategic alliances work. As we approach the end of the year and get close to the holidays, talking about the art of alliances is appropriate. In my presentations on "Alliance Alchemy" I share my formula of steps and behaviors for developing successful and profitable alliance relationships.

Strategic Alliance Results Vs Excuses

The wrong business relationships can cost you dearly-prevent the devastation of ineffective business relationships, before they go bad. Tough times can bring out the worst in partners, so it is tome to take a closer look at the results you want from an alliance. You built your alliance to expand your business, increase your profitability, and do it while decreasing costs.

Checking Ecology in NLP - Look Before You Leap!

The Idea: In doing change work that is NLP, it is critical before implementing any change that the change itself be ecological. We like to say don't fix what ain't broken. This is true in NLP and is common sense in life. Making a change can end up to be disastrous if we don't take time to step back and evaluate the impact of the change before making it.

How Will the Economic Downturn Lead to the Police Dealing With a Summer of Discontent?

Since the middle of 2008 there have been increasing problems facing the UK and global economies and the beginning of this year started to reveal some of the knock-on effects these problems are having on the average citizen in the UK. History shows how these events have an impact on policing and these issues could be some of the most challenging that the UK police service has faced for many years.

Why 3 Keys to Recession Proofing Your Small Business is Good Press!

How'd you like to be printing your own shop's profits? What else can you do in the back office? Even though you chose to take on the risks of enterprise perhaps, you'd like the flight toward prosperity to be a smoother one. When it is a matter companies surviving and prospering, you (the business owner) need to take matters into your own hands. You (as management) can spot important trends by reviewing and studying your financial statement.

The Absolute Hardest Part About a Project

I remember I was in 7th grade listening to the morning announcements (before the time of a school TV program)... well perhaps I was half listening and half awake. The way I saw it, the morning announcements was a great time for me to catch up on a couple more ZZZs that I lost while playing video games the night before. Every day the morning school news was structured the same.

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