Can I Teach in a High School As a Stutterer?

If you've been wondering if as a stutterer you can teach in a high school, then the answer to your question is yes. However, you are asking this question very late because many of your kind are out there doing some real teaching. All the same you are not alone; you can start the lesson process by reading the tips I have provided in this article;

Should I Open Up to My Colleagues That I Stutter?

If you are asking this question, my guess is that you're a covert stutterer. You have the ability of hiding your stutter not only to your colleagues but also to your boss. Many people will see this practice as the ideal thing but if I were you I will shun covert stuttering and open up to the people I work with. When you hide your stuttering you only make yourself live a caged life which will constantly torment your spirit because your mind can never be at rest.

Top 4 Ways to Manage Your Customers As a Stutterer

Managing customers most times can be a hard task especially one that requires you to explain procedure or protocols. Most times you deal with customers with zero knowledge of what you do or what your organization is all about. The fact is that non-stutterers most times have the phobia of managing these customers let alone you with stuttering tendencies.

What Is in For Me As a Stutterer When I Open Up in Social Gatherings?

Most stutterers fear to be noticed or identified in social gatherings. They would prefer to sit at the back of the hall where nobody will see them. This act is usually guided by the mindset that they will be called to address the public or to make a speech. If you are like these people, my advice to you is that you kill such mindset and stand up for you victory;

Helping Your Stuttering Child With His Morning Speech Rehearsals

As a parent, you often feel for your child especially when it comes to performing or presenting the early morning speech at school. The child on his own comes home everyday to tell you how the other students in his class did excellently well in their presentations; the child makes this report a habit which he must bring to you each time he comes back from school.

Learning How to Deal With Embarrassment As a Stutterer

I understand that as a stutterer, one of the things you hate and fears most is people mimicking you and the embarrassments that follow it! As a stutterer, you are usually tensed when you discover people are copying you or laughing at you while talking as a result of your speech disorder. If you are used to this challenge, I am pleased to inform you that a solution now exist for it!

Stuttering: You and Your Mind!

One common thing with stutterers is that they tend to know their speech system and how to adjust to some conditions. They can tell what triggers their stuttering and most times when it likely comes to them; it could be anger, impatience, anxiety or self-disappointment. Whichever one you may have, the most important thing is discovering your mind and what triggers it to inject the fear of stuttering in you.

Find Out Why You Stutter!

There are few things which can lead to the reason why you stutter. These things are either natural or artificial. However, the dominant one is the one gotten through natural means. I have assessed some stutterers and was able to come out with the following as reasons why people stutter. Come on board let's check them out! 1. Stuttering Runs in Your Blood This factor happens to be a natural means through which stuttering is gotten;

Top 5 Ways to Deal With Inferiority Complex As a Stutterer

If you've been subjecting yourself to inferiority complex, then my advice to you is to seize from such act. Inferiority complex was not what you signed for when you were born into this earth; it is only a force which has been helped by your mind to dominate you. You can't strike a deal with inferiority complex because you are bigger than it! What you need is the right mindset and personal reinforcement to come out of it;

How Early Should I Start An Advanced Programme For My Stuttering Child?

Stuttering is usually hard to notice in children because they tend to mix words with their amateur rhythmic sounds. Most times, these rhythms are released one after the other. If you are a mother and you suspect this, the first thing to do is to find out if your child is a potential stutterer. The question is how can you find out? You really want to know isn't it?

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