Top 8 Ways to Take Care of Your Voice

Your voice is the core of your being. Just like you take care of yourself physically, equal attention must be given to your voice care. Here are top 8 ways to take care of your voice. 1. No smoking! Some of my clients, especially females, think they have a very sexy voice because of smoking. It's a sick thought and can't be wrong enough. Smoking gives you a voice that may sound deep due to the swelling of your vocal folds.

How To Stop Stuttering - 7 Strategies Every Stutterer Should Know

A question which is asked by millions of people who stutter. "How to stop stuttering?" If you are a stutterer like myself, you probably know how emotionally PAINFUL this challenge can get. Stuttering/Stammering is not just a physical speech block, it is a block in one's choices, decisions, beliefs, goals, dreams, who he/she is and who he/she can become.

Speech Therapy and A Widely Used Stuttering Treatment Technique

"... All stuttering and speech therapy programs I went through mainly focus on slowing down one's speech. Do stutterers need to decrease their rate of speech to attain fluency?... " That is taken from a reader's email. I wanted to address this question in an article so any PWS can benefit from it. Here is my take on the question... The answer depends on the person, his/her stuttering characteristic and speaking personality.

Interesting Stats About Speech Stuttering

After the decision to create my website I started digging more into this topic. I found many interesting stuff which could be written in hundreds articles, but in this one I decided to write about some interesting stats around speech stuttering which I also noticed in my life. Stuttering is a common thing for all cultures and has been an issue for people for more than 40 centuries.

Recover From Stuttering - Managing Stress Will Help Control Fluency

Managing Stress Will Help Control Stuttering All of us will experience situations that may cause us to become stressed or feel anxious. Stress is a normal function of everyday life. Only when it appears to take over our lives does it then become a problem. Everyone will have different reasons why a situation causes them pressure. As a rule it's usually when we don't feel in control of a situation, then we feel its grip tightening around us causing us to feel worried or 'stressed'.

Cleft Lip and Palate

Anomaly is a medical term which means 'different from normal'. Congenital anomaly refers to such an irregularity which is present from birth. Cleft lip and palate are such abnormalities present from birth that affect the upper lip and the palate of mouth. They represent the most common of all the developmental anomalies affecting the head and neck region.

Deepen Your Voice Through Exercises

The voice box, also called larynx, is the part of the respiratory (breathing) tract which contain the vocal cords and these produce sound. The larynx is used for breathing, talking, or swallowing. Inside the larynx are two bands of muscle that form a V-shape, these are the vocal cords. During breathing, the vocal cords are relaxed and air can move through the space between the vocal cords without making any sound.

Help With Stammering

Stammering refers to a disorder of speech fluency which can lead to prolongation or repetition of certain sounds, causing communication problems for those who suffer with it. No one knows exactly what causes stammering but many people are affected by the condition which presents itself all over the world, in a great variety of people. It's appearance will often occur early on, at between 2-5 years old, and in many people it becomes less of an issue as they grow older, often disappearing altogether of it's own accord.

King's Speech Movie and My Stuttering Treatment

I don't even know where I should start. I never thought it would as good as it was. I did not expect it to be such a powerful tool for people who do and do not stutter. And I liked the fact that my friends watched it with me. They were amazed how difficult it is for a person who stutters to deal with everyday stuff. I have never told anyone and this topic is finally thanks to this mainstream film visible to everyone.

How to Cope With Stammering

Coping with stammering can be emotionally challenging and a lonely fight. My first recognition of this was when my four year old son finally told us how miserable he was in his daycare setting because the other children had been picking on him about his stammering and speech impediment. The more he went to daycare, the worse he felt. What made it even worse was that he told my husband and me that he had tried to tell the daycare staff about the other children taunting him about his stammer (stutter) and they could not understand what he was trying to tell them.

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