I Can Overcome This Stutter!

If there is one thing I dislike in life it is negative people. In truth there are some people out there who could argue that they have a reason to be negative - I was one - why? Well because I developed a speech impediment (a stutter) when I was four years of age. As the years went by and as I became older I started to become some what annoyed at the very poor standard of therapy that was available - I am talking about the speech and language therapy here - and this is where I came into contact with some of the most negative people that I have ever met!

Kill the Stutter and Speak Eloquently

Stuttering is not as uncommon as you might think. Though it affects mostly children, it also occurs among adults. Moreover, the males are more likely to stutter than the females, perhaps because the latter can better organize thoughts and articulate them into words. Stuttering can be very detrimental for anyone, especially for the older people.

Why Speech and Language Therapy Doesn't Give Us The Results We Want and What to Do About It

Speech and language therapy or any traditional treatments for stuttering is probably the first treatment alternative we choose to go with when it comes to eliminating our stuttering problem. Most of us (me included) start this "the journey of hope to get rid off stuttering" with speech and language therapy. It might be a private SLP(Speech Language Pathologist), a well known speech therapy program or a speech therapy clinic in our city or university.

Speech Therapy to Decrease Fall Risks

Falling is NOT a normal part of aging. A careful analysis of contributing factors should be made each time an elderly person falls to insure that the cause(s) is identified and appropriate treatment interventions are provided. It is common for elderly people who have fallen to be referred immediately to a physical therapist. Occasionally, a referral may also be made to an occupational therapist.

How Severe Is My Stuttering and Will I Be Able To Stop My Stutter?

The answer of this question is important because the next thing it relates to is the question "how to stop stuttering". Can you answer that question for me? You probably can, but the important thing is, are you answering it right?! The word "severity" is used a lot in the stuttering community. Sometimes it is used to compare two PWS's speeches and sometimes it is used as an excuse such as .

Improving Self Confidence

I had two major speech therapies in my life. One took maybe 6 months when I was 13 and the other one about 1 year when I was 21. But the biggest problem with my speech wasn't actually the speaking technique, I knew I could talk as I was fluent when talking to myself or to my therapists. The problem was that I did not want to open my mouth in front of more than one person.

Auditory Dyslexia

Auditory dyslexia, otherwise known as "dysphonetic dyslexia, " is a more common type of dyslexia than visual dyslexia. It is a learning disability that involves phonological processing issues. If you have this condition, you will have a difficult time distinguishing individual letter sounds (or phonemes) within words. Although auditory dyslexics can pick up sounds, their brain has difficulty making sense of the sounds they hear.

Help With Stuttering - Advice From An Educator

As a teacher of primary aged children, there were times when I had a student who stuttered in my classroom. I was always determined to give whatever help with stuttering that I could so they would find school a positive experience. Here are a few of the things I did as well as some suggestions that you as a parent can do. One of the first things I would do would be to arrange to have a meeting with this child's parents to talk about the speech disorder.

You Might Be Surprised To Find That Important Persons Sometimes Stutter And Stammer

In case one is questioning, stammering and stuttering are communication obstacles, which have caused some persons to lose self-worth or to feel bothered, embarrassed and anxious when talking before an audience. The two terms are really used interchangeably, with the first being more commonly used in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island, while the latter in the US.

Stammering and Stuttering Help - How To Speak to Authority Figures With Ease and Confidence

Most of us PWS (people who stutter) who grew up with a speech impediment called stuttering have feared sounds, words and situations. One of those feared situations for a lot of PWS is "speaking to authority figures". Authority figures are but not limited to police officers, lawyers/judges, security guards, a tough looking stranger, even a family member or a professor at school who INTIMIDATES us.

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