Starting a Restaurant Business - Factors to Consider

For many entrepreneurs, starting a restaurant business represents a great way to make a good living while doing something that they love. The restaurant business has a high failure rate though with many people quickly realizing that there is more work involved than they originally anticipated and they find that they are not really suited to the restaurant business.

Four Tips to Low Merchant Account Fees

Never stop shopping the market Regardless of whether you're opening your first merchant account or you've been processing credit cards for years, getting quotes from multiple providers will help you to get and maintain the lowest rate and fees. If you're in the market for your first merchant account, get quotes from multiple providers and let each of them know what the other is offering.

Starting a Vending Business - Forms, Standard Letters, Templates and Agreements

Like any business, vending requires a lot of paperwork. You'll need contracts, forms and standard letters in order to handle day-to-day business management. The best and most economic way to do this is to have a standard template or templates that can be changed on a case by case basis. We'll now take a look at some of the forms and documentation that you will need to effectively run your vending business and towards the end of the article we will let you know how to go about getting a hold of these things.

Can a Bookkeeper Business Help Save Your Marriage?

If your family is one of the many who are struggling to make it in today's economy, you'll want to pay attention to what I'm about to tell you. Many families are not only struggling to survive financially, but the huge strain can be destructive on the strongest of marriages. So, if you're a qualified bookkeeper and are considering a bookkeeper business, now may be the best time to start.

Creating the Right Visual Impact For Your Small Business

The key to making a success out of any small business is branding. The visual impact that a branding exercise creates has a longer shelf life in the customer's psyche and thus creating a proper logo design along with a identity kit is absolutely necessary. With competition on the rise by the day, the effect and advantages of branding should not be ignored.

Lawn Care Business Forums - A Free Source of Inside Information About the Industry

When it comes to starting a lawn business or trying to keep on top of your existing business it is great to be able to network with a wide variety of people who are in the same industry as yourself. There are a number of online forums catering to lawn care business owners and using one of these community websites can be a great way for you to learn about the business and make relationships.

Small Business Federal Contracting - Difficult But Potentially Lucrative

The federal government is well-known as the largest purchaser in the world. It uses so many products and services that it is literally a market in and of itself - the range of things the government purchases for its needs is so diverse that many companies exist entirely to sell to the government. The first United States government purchase was performed in the 1770s, when General George Washington directed Philip J.

Starting a Handyman Business - What's the Most Important Thing You Need to Do?

Recently I wrote an article giving people a checklist of how to start a handyman business. In this article I want to give you the one most important aspect of starting a handyman business or any type of business. After many years of building, managing rental properties and owning a handyman business, I have learned that being successful in the home repair arena really boiled down to one thing: Give great customer service.

Beware of Scam Targeting LLC Owners

If there's a way for scam artists to get money, they'll no doubt dream it up. One scam targets small business owners who have formed an LLC, or limited liability company, and attempts to get them to pay a bogus fee. Though it has only been found operating in one state, chances are the scammers will move their operations to target LLCs operating in other states.

Competition Your Silent Partner

When I decided to start my own carpet cleaning business I was excited, anxious and ready to go. I felt the only competition was myself. Right? I had determination, top of the line technology and a great smile. So all I needed to do was place an ad in the newspaper and let the money roll in. Well something rolled in and it wasn't money. How could I be so narrow-minded?

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