Why You Need More Than One Website to Succeed If You Have a Small Business

With global economy these days, many offline companies are shifting some of their focus to online sales. The online marketplace is no longer dominated by the small marketers, but is seeing an increasing trend in big offline businesses bringing their business online. Big businesses offline usually have various outlets specialising in different products, price ranges, as well as for branding purposes in other countries.

Three Sure-Fire Ways Small Town Businesses Can Lose Customer Loyalty

I live in a small rural community in Western Canada, sandwiched between a "small city" of about 80, 000 and a major metropolitan center. There's a lot of pressure to buy from local businesses in order to support our entrepreneurial base. I'm in favor of keeping it local whenever it's possible. I too have a small business and appreciate local business supporting my venture.

Are You Working on Your Restaurant Or Just in It?

Much has been written about the idea of "Working on your business". Michael Gerber covers the subject in his business classic The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About it and Robert Kiyosaki points out the differences between working in a small business and being a true business owner in his best selling Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom.

How to Sell a Small Business - 5 Powerful Tips on Selling a Small Business

Selling a small business is very much different when you are selling certain products and services. In here, you will need to take into consideration a lot of things to make sure that you'll comply with federal regulations while you generate as much profits as possible. Here are some powerful tips in selling your small business: 1. Think of an exit plan.

TSOP - An Effective Approach to Reducing Business Overhead Expenses

Some small business managers across the country who have found a drop in their profits because of the downturn in the economy, are finding success in a cost reduction plan some refer to as the Telecom Services Optimization Plan (TSOP). This plan, according to some managers who have used it, say it requires no cash investment, and yet it virtually guarantees a reduction in overhead costs-all without any reduction in productivity or efficiency.

Do You Practice Etiquette and How Are You Using it For Your Business?

With the economy going down and down all over the world, more and more bold people are taking the initiative in starting their own business but unfortunately, only a minority are leveraging etiquette in their businesses. It looks as if when people step out of the corporate world to start their own business they forget about all the etiquette they learned for their jobs that kept them rising in the ranks.

SBA 8a Program Certification - Qualify to Bid on Upcoming Federal Sponsored Projects

There is no better time than now to make the investment and seek SBA 8a certification. Why? With all of the new federally funded project monies flowing into states, certified SBA 8a companies are at the right place, at the right time. What is SBA 8a Certification? The Small Business Administration has a program specifically created to help "level the contract playing field" for historically underutilized businesses (woman-owned, minority-owned, service disabled veteran-owned).

Considering Cutting Your Prices in Tough Times? Think Twice Before You Do

With both consumers and companies cutting back on spending, some of your company's competitors may be cutting their prices to get the business. So what should you do? Many small business owners are wondering, "Is it time to cut my prices too?" The answer is simply "No". Do not cut your prices to match a competitors without reducing the level of service or amount of product the customer receives.

Proper Etiquette and Your Bottom Line

Proper etiquette are a necessity even more in today's business world where it does not only give you a competitive edge over the competition but also brands you as the preferred, partner to do business with. Over the decades, there has been a decline in human interaction especially in the high-tech workplace and the increasing number of businesses operating from home.

Knowing About the Government Grants For Business

There are billions of dollars dedicated by the government to provide different kinds of grants to various people and for various purposes. One such a purpose is business. Government grants for business are given to people who either want to start a new business or want to improve their business. The government also gives grants to the small business owners.

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