Carpet Cleaning Vans - When to Use a Portable Carpet Extractor

The discussion of portable carpet extractor machines vs. truck mount carpet cleaning equipment usually centers around the relative capabilities of the respective equipment. This is fine to help gain an understanding of what this equipment can do but it is not the end of the discussion. The next step is to explore the utility, or usefulness, of each type of equipment so we can better match the tools to the task when fitting out a carpet cleaning van.

Enrollment - A Misunderstood Art

Enrollment is the art of moving a person to action. We all do it every day, whether it is within our family, our business, or any situation which brings us into contact with others or when we want someone to do something. Some confuse enrollment with sales or marketing. Not so, it's a different beast, although related and it's part of the process.

Plush Toys - Attaching Hangtags and Labels

What are hangtags and labels and why are they important for your plush toys? How come the most popular and the best stuffed toys have hangtags and labels on them? A lot of manufacturers would tell you that if you want to make custom plush, you should put hangtags and labels on them. If you see pieces of small cardboard hanging from the toys, those are the hangtags.

Streamlining Workforce Management

-Increase productivity by tracking where your employees are while in route, on travel, or meeting with clients. You can track and locate employees with mobile devices, such as cell phones, using GPS tracking systems that are integrated with the device. Programs are relatively inexpensive and can help you to make sure everyone is honest about their time and whereabouts.

The Bare Minimum Needed to Start Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

One of the quickest ways to start a foreclosure cleanup business is to 1) decide you want it, 2) do a little planning, 3) and jump right in. If you think about it too long, you'll scare yourself to death and will get stuck in the thinking phase. But with a business like foreclosure cleanup, the industry is wide open. All the numbers point to a booming enterprise for 2010 and beyond.

Marketing to Existing Customers Results in Big Business Growth

Small business owners often focus their time on acquiring new customers and clients. They often overlook their best source of additional business. That is their existing customers! Marketing to existing customers does require a different strategy. However the rewards can be amazing! It may feel strange to invest in marketing to people you have already sold something to.

What is Small Business Factoring Really About?

When your company sells your accounts receivable to a factoring company at a discount in order for them to collect the payment, that is called Factoring. The responsibility of the factoring company is to collect the payment of your accounts receivable as quickly as possible, and your company pays a fee for their services. Many of them, are paid at front with a range between 70% and 90% when they first collect your invoices.

Offline Business Forum - One of Your Best Resource Tools

Many people are dreaming for the American Dream and nowadays they are digging for their fortunes in the comfort of their homes. Home based business has been sending waves of money prospects throughout the country. More and more people are establishing their unique home based businesses, hoping to have a part of the multi-billion dollar industry. But after they have put up their businesses, most of them have no idea on how to keep their businesses running and ensuring return of investment on their online endeavors.

Lawn Mowing, Lawn Care and Gardening Business - 6 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made by Contractors

As we enter the second year of recession around the world, more and more people are becoming retrenched from their previously secure jobs. As the rate of unemployment rises, so too will the numbers of people wanting to try their hand In the world of Lawn Mowing and Gardening. The contractors who have been in the industry for a few years may start to feel some nervousness with the increase in numbers of contractors looking for work in lawn mowing, gardening, landscaping and so on.

Small Business Guide to Saving Money

In today's tough economic climate it is more important than ever to save money wherever possible. This is doubly true for a small business or start-up business whose cash flows are not yet fully established. Here are 5 great tips on how to save money as a small business. Money Saving Tip #1 - Pay strict attention to metrics, especially your sales volumes and expenses It is generally acknowledged that one of the greatest businessmen of the modern era was John D.

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