Understanding the Lifetime Value of a Chiropractic Patient

Thinking about investing some money in Chiropractic Marketing? Well how much should you spend? The answer depends on home much you think new patients are worth. This article shows you how to figure out the value of a new chiropractic patient to the chiropractor. We look at three key factors: the immediate revenue stream, the long-term referrals and the incremental cost.

Getting Small Business Grants - Free Money For Your Start-up, and Never Repay!

If you are sick of working for someone else and have a pretty good idea about how you may be able to become self employed, you might just qualify to receive free government small business grants to establish a new independently owned company, and say goodbye to your boss forever. There is quite an exorbitant amount of free government money available to American taxpayers who desire to embark upon new and exciting business endeavors.

Parents Are Equally Important in a Day Care Business

Setting up a day care business is not just about taking care of the children. Dealing with the parents is an equally important factor that must be considered. You need to build a close relationship with your clients. Talking to them can either be through personal means, telephone, email and mail. Make sure you deal with them the right and proper way.

Small Business is Important in Afghanistan

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has been visiting Afghanistan. Her mission there was to convey to the Afghan people the continued support of the United States and to help look to the future of this troubled country. The people of Afghanistan are going to need the support of countries throughout the world to emerge from a country run by warlords to a country of free enterprise.

Why Do Banks Give My Small Business Credit If My Personal Credit is Horrible?

You do not need good personal credit in order to obtain business credit. Many people think that this cannot be true, because why on earth would a company lend money to a business, if the businesses owner did not have a good personal credit score? The truth is that when you look at it from that angle, It doesn't make any sense for vendors to grant you any credit.

Where Are My Goals?

What's the date? Where are you and your business in relation to your current year goals? Have you accomplished what you set out the year to date? Hurrah for you achievers out there! For those of you who want to be achievers for the rest of the year, here are some tips from the achievers. Set Goals that are specific, measurable and have a time frame for accomplishment.

List of Small Business Ideas - The Top 7 Best Small Business Ideas

Everyday people are realizing that in order to truly reach a state of financial freedom they will have to do something other than being a traditional 9-5 employee. If you really want to become successful, you will need to start thinking outside the box and start thinking big! If you are one of the many that is strongly leaning towards starting your own business and becoming your own boss, but you are not yet sure where to start, then here is a list of small business ideas that you may want to try to get started.

Starting a Handyman Business - Checklist

Starting a handyman business does not take a lot of money. However if people are going to take you seriously or if you plan on being in business for longer than just a few months, there are many things you need to do to start your business. Here is a checklist to get you thinking about the steps you need to take to start your handyman business. 1.

Do You Know the Secret Joke That is Causing Your Small Business to Fail?

Many educators, authors, self-serving "gurus" and "experts" are misleading you many times when it comes to becoming wealthy and successful in the real world. These facts support this startling truth: 1. An overwhelming majority of them don't know the answers themselves. 2. Their educators and experts before them misled them! Who started this joke?

Running a Foreclosure Cleanup Property Preservation Company - How to Get Paid Sooner

The foreclosure market has made starting and running a Foreclosure Cleanup & Property Preservation company a very lucrative entrepreneurial venture - there were over 175, 000 foreclosed properties last month alone! The banks need someone to cleanup and fix up these properties prior to putting them back on the market. But banks often pay 30 - 60 days after you service the property, and this poses some cash flow problems when you're first starting out.

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