Thoughts and Revelations: Why Am I Single?

Perhaps you may be wondering why I'm single. I've provided a lot of good advice and information on a variety of subjects relating to dating and relationship. I seem to have an understanding with how humans operate, yet yes indeed, at the time of writing this I am single. I am single by choice, just the same as when I meet the right woman, I will be no longer single, by choice. Here's a question to ask yourself, why are you single?

The answer will be a reflection of your life experience, views and opinions. It will delve deep into your subconscious. There are many reasons why you are single, unique to each person, but fear not, being single isn't as horrible a fate as you may think it may be.

Perhaps you have not found the right person. This could be for several reasons. Your standards might be too high, or your dating pool may be too shallow. Your choice to be single may be voluntary, or a product of your situation. What ever reasons you have for being single, be content with your life as it is. If you cannot be content, you need to look at the things that have led you to this spot.

Perhaps you have family or friends who put undue pressure on you to find a 'nice guy' to settle down with. Parents can be particularly nosy when it comes to their child's happiness, though they rarely realize what effect this has. If you have friends who have already tied the knot, have settled down and are building a family, you're probably feeling the strain of being one of the few single people left in your circle of friends.

While we may not necessarily think its true at the time, being single is always preferable to being in a bad relationship. That is something I have learned, and if you have yet to learn it, it would be about time you learned that important lesson. The only beneficial relationship in your life is a good one, and the only way to know that is to be able to identify what constitutes a bad one.

I realized several years ago that I do not need a partner to be happy. I must be happy with my life before I can bring anyone into it, for happiness starts from within. Once I realized that, I was finally content to be single.

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