Online Homeschool Activities - Experiments With Sound

Sound is present all around you, but you can hear only the required sound. Sound is transmitted through a medium in the form of vibrations. These vibrations are all around you- in your home, in your front yard, and everywhere. But the interesting thing about our sound receivers- our ear drums- is that they cannot pick up all sound. Our ears are amazing organs and can only pick up sounds that are useful to us.

Fun Online Homeschool Experiment Using Soda and Mentos

There are generally two types of changes: physical change and chemical change. The Seltzer Pressure Rocket experiment, whereby you pop a film-roll canister off its lid by adding an effervescent tablet to water, is a chemical reaction. When a firecracker bursts, there is a loud noise and a release of energy- again, a chemical reaction. However, the online homeschool experiment I will teach you is quite explosive, yet it is a physical change.

Air Pressure Homeschool Science Experiment - How Airplanes Fly

Homeschool science education is fun! It is more fun when you can use things found around the house to demonstrate some naturally occurring phenomena such as air pressure. Flying a toy plane is every child's dream, and if it is combined with education, it can promote better understanding. Before we go into the fun learning activities that you could co-ordinate with a homeschool science program, let me teach you some principles on which airplanes fly.

Apologia Science Curriculum - Mini Rockets You Can Build

We have all been amused by the way an inflated balloon behaves when left loose without tying the mouth. This dynamic action has some principles behind it and Isaac Newton, an English scientist, explained why this happens centuries ago. He said that for every action there is a reaction with equal force in the opposite direction. This law of Newton came to be known as his Third Law of Motion and may or may not be found in homeschool programs such as the Apologia science curriculum.

Catapults, Gears and Pulleys For Your Homeschool Science Curriculum

Simple machines always fascinate me and I'm sure they will fascinate you enough to tell your parents or homeschool teacher to add them to your homeschool curriculum. In the following experiments, I am going to show you how to build some simple machines with household articles. The following homemade simple machine is a kind of a lever that helps lift a ping pong ball and various heavy objects.

A Super Cool Homeschool Science Curriculum - Telescopes and Kaleidescope Experiments

Reflection and refraction of light is a very important phenomenon when it comes to your kids' homeschool science curriculum. What we see around us is nothing but a pattern of light rays that come together to form an image at the back of our eye. Today I am going to teach you how to manipulate light rays by using lenses and mirrors in order to see far-off and tiny objects.

Edible Home School Science Experiment - Homemade Ice Cream

It's a warm day, and you would like to take your kids out on a picnic. How about converting a homeschool science experiment into an ice cream making session? Amaze your kids by showing them that with their help, you can make ice cream for them, and that too at their favorite picnic spot. You will need to do some preparations the previous night or an hour before you set off for the picnic.

Ten Reasons to Build a Wind Power Generator For Your School Science Fair Project

Before you begin planning your project, check with your science teacher to see if it is a good match for you, your class and your school. Are you motivated to learn about electricity, energy and power generation? Does it fit well with your science curriculum? Does your school have sufficient open land and wind to allow the construction and demonstration of a wind power generator?

Standards of Measurement

As the title says, in this article i am going to discuss about the measurement standards that have been used even in the present date. A standard of measurement is a physical representation of the unit of the measurement. These terms are applied to a piece of equipment having a known measure of physical quantity. Each standard is an invention of the human being to facilitate or make possible of the measurement process.

Do Scientists Really Know How Life Began?

It is the question that everyone wants answered, Who created us? Where are we? And Why are we here? It's a question that baffles the human mind and something that cannot be answered. There has been a lot of speculation on how life began ranging from different religious views and scientific views, until now. Scientists have stated that they now know how life first began on Earth.

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