CubeSats - Tiny Satellites of the Future

The next generation of satellites can fit in the palm of your hand. These tiny spacecraft, called CubeSats, are 10 cm cubes weighing less than 1.33 kg, and despite their incredibly small size, are gaining interest in both academia as well as in industry and the military. The key to their appeal is their standardization. Every CubeSat is the same size and has the same restrictions on weight.

Procreative Liberty - Are There Limits?

Procreative liberty - the freedom to make your own choices regarding procreation - encompasses a wide range of putative rights. Over the course of the last several decades, many landmark cases decided by the Supreme Court have defined and expanded the rights pertaining to procreative liberty. Procreative liberty has been defined as "freedom in activities and choices related to procreation".

What You Should Know About Adult Stem Cells

Adult stem cell research has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past decade. What was once viewed as inflexible, unable to proliferate and set in its ways has now been found to revert back to its earlier state. New evidence suggests that taking an adult stem cell from bone marrow or the spinal cord can become a blank slate like fetal stem cells, rather than possessing the sole ability to produce more bone marrow or more spinal cord tissue only.

Residential Solar Power - A Brief History

Residential solar power usage is nothing new. It was being used for centuries in one form or another, but has been relegated to the background for the last few hundred years. With advancements in technology it is again making a comeback. Ancient builders may not have had catch phrases for solar energy production, but they did build in such a way as to take full advantage of it.

Fun Activity For Homeschool Curriculum Including a G-Force and Homemade Accelerometer

Did you ever experience a shove when the car you were travelling in suddenly took a turn? Or have you ever wondered why water does not spill out of a bucket that is being swung around? The reason for both these occurrences is the same. Here's a very simple activity that I include in the homeschool curriculum that I teach. The Swirling Can Experiment: Tie a string to an empty soup can in such a way that you can hold some water in the soup can while suspending the can from the string.

The Baghdad Battery - Ancient Technology?

The Parthian Battery is the title given to a supposed voltaic chamber discovered within an ancient tomb close to Khujut Rabu in 1936 southeast of Baghdad. The Baghdad battery as it is also termed, is a excellent illustration of how science questions findings of operational ancient lost technology. The entity, estimated to have existed in Baghdad/Egypt around 250BC, was discovered by workers excavating earth for a modern train track in the region of Khujut Rabu.

Review of Physics by Inquiry

Most of us have heard of the Socratic method of teaching at one time or another- it's the technique Socrates famously used to educate Athenian youth back in ancient Greece. This method entails the teacher asking the student a series of leading questions sequenced in such a way that the student is able to discover knowledge for him or her self. The Socratic Method is hardly new, but it can feel revolutionary when it is used well because it is difficult to do right and therefore not often used fully effectively.

Y Chromosome Testing For Genealogical Research

The Y Chromosome DNA Test is used to indicate the male's cell codes that are carried down from father to son whereas the MT DNA test called the maternal lineage ancestry test is the female equivalent. The Mitochondrial cells are carried down from the mother. Genetic codes of these cells help to verify genealogical data. These codes and their characteristics are in humans as well as every living creature.

Science of Collision Theory Made Simple

Collision theory science is a hypothesis, suggested by Max Trautz and William Lewis in 1916 that clearly illustrates how chemical responses take place and why reaction rates vary for various reactions. The collision theory is founded on the presumption that for a reaction to happen it is required for the reacting type (molecules or atoms) to draw near or to collide with each other.

Antikythera Mechanism - The Ultimate in Ancient Lost Technology

The Antikythera mechanism is an antique Greek clockwork device discovered in a shipwreck, that has taken longer than a hundred years to understand. The mechanism itself is at present housed in the Greek National Archaeological Museum in the Greek capital and is regarded to be the single most complex antiquities in existence. The Antikythera Mechanism was initially understood to function as a elaborate automatic "computer" that is intended to path the phases of the Solar System and work out calendars or astrological occurrences.

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