How to Extract Gold From Seawater

Incredible? No - it actually is possible. The total quantity of gold and other precious metals dissolved in sea water is really incredible. It has been estimated that we have mined over 5 billion troy ounces of gold since mining began about 6, 000 years ago. By comparison, the concentration of gold in seawater is, according to scientific estimates, that the oceans contain somewhere in the region of 25 billion troy ounces, and that this quantity is increasing constantly as more gold comes out from the earth's mantle.

An Introduction to Computer Simulation

A computer simulation also known as a computer model or a computation model is a computer model that principally is meant to imitate an abstract model of a particular given system. Many natural system are conjured up from computer simulation e.g. in computational physics, chemistry and biology. Also in human system such as economical, psychological, sociological models and many other social sciences models.

Gorilla: Closest Relative of Humans

Gorillas are the largest species amongst all primates. They are ground dwelling chiefly herbivorous mammals inhabiting the forests of central Africa. They are placed in two species and four or five subspecies. The DNA of gorillas bears 95-99% similarity with humans and is believed to be very close to humans just after two species of chimpanzees. They are found in the tropical and subtropical forests in Africa.

Random Variables and Probability Distributions

Random Variable: A random variable is also known as a stochastic variable and is a variable whose value is unknown. It can also be defined as a function that associates a special numerical value with each outcome of an experiment e.g. tossing a coin may either give a head or a tail, here denoting X to represent all heads is what a random variable is.

Magnetism In Grapes - A Science Fair Project for Kids

Aim: To prove that water has diamagnetic properties with the help of grapes. Materials Required: 1.Two Grapes- considerably large in size. 2.Straw made of plastic. 3.A metallic container with lid. 4.A drawing pin. 5.A knife or a razor blade or a prick. 6.Magnet made from neodymium Procedure: 1.Take the drawing pin and insert it from underneath the lid such that the pin is projecting out, vertically.

History of Forensic Science

Various questions, particularly of interest to the legal system are now being answered by Forensic Science. Often referred to as forensics, Forensic Science is the application of different aspects of science in accordance to a civil action or a crime. It has been in practice since 212 BC and has become very instrumental in today's times. The word "Forensics" is a synonym for "related to courts" or "legal" and fits perfectly to the use of this Science in recent years.

Conical Flask

History: It is also known as the Emil Erlenmeyer Flask, named after its German inventor, Emil Erlenmeyer, is commonly used in laboratories. It is flat bottomed, with a graduated conical base which tapers towards the neck. The narrow, cylindrical neck and the wide, flat bottom not only make it more stable, but also reduce chances of spilling, particularly when shaking the contents.

How Laminar Flow Hoods Clean Up in the Laboratory

Laminar flow creates an aseptic, non-turbulent work environment for a variety of applications. This technique for airflow particulate cleanliness has been in wide use to protect animal and human beings, processes, and products since the 1970s. In 2000 the International Standards Organization published performance standards. The term originates from the word laminae, the plural of lamina, referencing the layers of air that flow over one another to guarantee clean layers of air.

Want to See a Space Shuttle Launch? Only Five Missions to Go

If you haven't seen the Space Shuttle launch before, then you shouldn't wait any longer. NASA has been ordered to end the Space Shuttle program, thus the next five missions for the Space Shuttle teams will be their last, making it the priority of sub contractors and other third party space exploration companies to find a new way to shuttle people back and forth to and from the International Space Station.

Kabbalah As a Basis For a Synthesis of Sciences

The complexity of research Until recently Kabbalah was a subject for historians, philosophers, and individual researchers. Study of this science is complex due to the specifics of its development and its unique language. Let us examine each aspect of the complexity in more detail. The specifics of development Philosopher and physicist F. Capra has importantly stated that the roots of Western science go back to the mystical philosophy of the ancient Greeks.

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