How Human Physiology Processes and Responds to Motion

External receptors (exteroceptors) respond to stimuli that arise outside the body, such as the light that stimulates the eyes, sound pressure that stimulates the ear, pressure and temperature that stimulates the skin and chemical substances that stimulate the nose and mouth. Internal receptors (enteroceptors) respond to stimuli that arise from within blood vessels.

How Do Glow Bracelets Work?

If you've ever been to a rave, party, nightclub, fireworks event or any other similar bash, you'll no doubt have seen the growing phenomenon of glow bracelets before your very eyes. These unique, novelty fashion accessories quite literally glow in the dark by providing their own light energy independent of any external source. The technology behind them has fascinated people for the past thirty years, with most people quite unaware of just how these fantastic little items work.

The Rise of Environmentally Friendly Flowers

Despite the economic woes that continue to affect the UK, interest in environmentally friendly and socially kind flowers continues to grow, with florists reporting strong demand for flowers with a 'friendly' history. The good news for consumers is that there's no shortage of flowers labelled with badges such as Fairtrade, Florverde or FFP, but what does it all mean for you next time you're placing your order for a flower delivery?

Burettes, Laboratory Glassware

Definition: A burette is a uniform-bore glass tube with fine graduations and a stopcock at the bottom. It is used in volumetric analysis to measure the volume of a liquid, especially of one of the reagents in a titration. Burettes are used when it is necessary to dispense a small measured volume of a liquid, as for titration. Burettes may be used to calibrate the volumes of other pieces of glassware, such as graduated cylinders.

Teaching the Laws of Thermodynamics

In this article I demonstrate how I approach thermodynamic problem solutions. I present three problems, all of which are solved by using the first and second laws of thermodynamics. As always, I emphasize the importance of starting the solution of a problem with the statement of the applicable fundamental principle or principles. The text editor does not support the use of certain notation used in technical literature.

How Does Solar Thermal Technology Work?

Energy from the sun has long been used as an alternative and renewable power source for both domestic and industrial applications. From solar cooking to the operation of massive technologies, both PV and solar thermal have been part of the process. While PV deals with solar panels and cells to produce electric current, solar thermal energy involves the collection of the sun's radiation to create both high and low temperature steams for power applications.

Solar Panels, People and Environmental Destruction

Observing Hollywood, we could sense that many films were made with regards to environment. Some of it may not tackle about nature in the whole film but there are themes and scenes that we could relate to environmental issues. I do not know when this trend started but I am sure that a lot has been produced already. And I am also sure that a lot more will be produced in the future.

Guidance On The Stop Of World Prophecies On 2012

many people have been talking about the way in which the world will come to a close in 2012. Everyone wants to discover if December 21 2012 is the final day of the earth. The rumor has already been spreading since a very long time ago. The Mayan's prediction is accountable for the rumor. According to the rumour, the earth will experience dramatic changes in 2012.

Electric Current in the Human Body - A Science Fair Project

Aim: To prove that the human body is able to produce electric current with the help of a simple experiment. Materials Required: 1.A plate made of copper and another made of aluminum. 2.DC micro ammeter to measure current's intensity. 3.A couple of crocodile clips. 4.Wire made of lead. 5.Two pieces of wood. Procedure: 1.Take the copper and aluminum metal plates and mount them on the two pieces of wood, kept apart.

Discrete-Event Simulation: An Overview

The operation of a system in discrete event simulation is based on sequence of events that are in order. An event occurring at a given time marks a change of state in the system. An instance like this can be depicted by an elevator scenario. If an elevator is modeled the prime event maybe pressing level 6 button which results in a change of the state i.

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