Zero Point Field Energy

What is the zero point field? It is theorized that the zero-point field exists in a vacuum or empty space at a temperature of absolute zero. At absolute zero Kelvin, all the heat or thermal radiation is absent. Under this condition, the background vacuum energy is zero point or reference for all processes. Theoretically, Zero Point Field against the sea of electromagnetic radiation that is homogeneous and isotropic, or the same in all directions.

Nutraceutical Sciences - Are Vitamin Supplements Good For You?

There are many reasons why one would wish to take the output of the nutraceutical sciences industry and be grateful for it. Not only does their industry include anything from skin moisturises to bodybuilding powders; it is also responsible for one of the most lucrative industries in Western civilisation - vitamin supplements. These have increasingly become an important part of Western diets.

Kilograms Convert to Pounds

There are a lot of different units of measurement. One is a kilogram which is abbreviated to "kg." and it is used to measure weight. This can be used for measuring our own weight or other objects. This is the higher measurement for grams (g) which also has the lower measurement in milligrams (mg.) We need to be able to convert a kilogram to a pound for certain circumstances.

Nutraceutical Sciences - What Are They?

Understanding the technical jargon that is used by some industries can often be quite difficult for a lay person however this doesn't mean that intrinsically they are hard to understand. The food supplement industry alongside other forms of similar products are collectively known in industry as the nutraceutical sciences, the etymology of which stems from two base words in the English language;

Busting the Magnesium Fire Myth

There is concern over the use of an ingredient in fireworks (magnesium) to create lightweight parts for a car, sporting equipment, medicine, etc. True, magnesium reacts to fire with very bright and extremely high heat flame. It can also have an explosive reaction with water. The explosive nature of the metal has naturally given the magnesium alloy a misguided reputation of exploding while in use in a car or piece of aerospace equipment.

Meters to Feet Conversion Information

Both meters and feet are common units of length used in many mathematical statistics. An understanding of each unit of measurement will help one appreciate the application of converting one unit to the other. The System Internationale or the Metric System The metric system, as the name implies, uses the unit "meter" as its standard for length measurement.

Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius: On Measurements

Getting Directly to the Formulae Fahrenheit and Celsius are considered to be unit of measurements that is used to gauge temperatures' hotness (or heat) and coldness. These units of measurements do have different variables or values as they translate or access heat or coldness in an object. Measuring or accessing temperature is very practical in a lot of aspects or fields in life, especially in the turf of science.

Applications of the Ideal Gas Law II

This article is devoted to three more problems requiring the use of the ideal gas law. In all three, the law is applied with the same initial statement. This consistency is the heart of the problem-solving approach I emphasize when I teach introductory physics. I do use some unusual notation. Powers are designated with a ^. For example, a pressure of "1.

All About Universal Solvent

A solvent can be solid, liquid, or gas, which can be dissolved with other gaseous, solid or liquid solutes, thereby resulting in a solution, which is further soluble in some specific volume of solvent at a given temperature. Although not all the substances are soluble in water, still it is considered as 'universal solvent'. Many substances are soluble in water, because it is polar in nature.

The Role of Solvent in Chemical Reactions

A chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. While going under chemical reaction a substance is changed into one or more substances. It introduces the concept of electron exchange. A reaction can be an exothermic reaction or endothermic reaction. The substances involved in chemical reaction are called reactants and reagents.

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