Is It Possible to Breed Humans and Chimpanzees Together?

If we used human sperm, and chimpanzee eggs could we merge the two together and get an offspring which would actually live? After all, the DNA is 98.7% similar, so theoretically it should be totally possible. Perhaps, the offspring would not be able to have a viable offspring, or maybe it would. We don't know that, but I ask, should we find out - could we do this experiment without causing religious fanatics to become one with a state of rage?

And even if you can only get a mule, by breeding a donkey and a horse, you are still pretty close to being the same species. Perhaps, this is why I've come to the conclusion that as interesting as humans are, I am just not all that impressed with their sound and fury, or contrived chaos and controversy. And really their behavior online is very similar to that of a chimpanzee in the wild.

And the reality is that humans are nothing more than upright walking primates anyway, they are animals in the end. So, I say let them have their toys, social networks, and go around chasing their bananas for hoots and hollers. Personally, I'd like to go to the next step, but I wouldn't mind finding out the answer to this particular question.

If you'd like to think more on this topic I recommend a video online at FORA.TV with Robert Sapolsky (Professor at Berkeley) giving a lecture. It turns out there's hardly anything different between humans and chimpanzees, and if chimpanzees had a larger cranial capacity, and a little bit more time for their brains to develop, they'd be exactly the same as ours, as far as we can tell.

Did you know that the biggest difference in DNA between chimpanzees and humans, about.5% happens to be with regards to the sense of smell and the nose? As you know chimpanzees are quite superior with their ability to smell. If we factor that in, there is only a.8% difference, and of course we know that has to do with physical attributes, such as the jaw bone, length of the limbs, etc.

Mostly, humans and chimpanzees are quite similar in every regard. To consider them a totally different species is somewhat questionable from a scientific standpoint, using our current definition of what a species is. Of course if we find out we are of the same species, humans will obviously modify their definition, rather than be mortified that there is no difference, or that it is so small it's irrelevant. Indeed I hope you please consider all this. Oh one last thing, if you disagree with me you are racist!

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