Pack-A-Day or Holiday?

Anyone who smokes a packet of cigarettes a day can tell you that it's a very expensive habit. The average packet of cigarettes costs about A$15, so a pack-a-day habit will set you back around A$105 per week. Over a year, that costs out to A$5460, the price of two round-the-world air tickets, a week of four-star luxury in Vanuatu, or the fishing trip of a lifetime.

But it's the hidden costs of smoking that are the real concern, the long-term health implications for smokers, their partners and families, including bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease and cancer. The very real cost of treating smoking-related health problems is reflected in the hefty taxes imposed on cigarettes by governments around the world.

When you add it all up, smoking costs more than anyone can afford.

So why would anyone pay so much to make themselves and their loved ones so sick? Addiction: what starts as an indulgence quickly forms a habit, underpinned by powerful chemical addictions.

So why is that that some people can just quit, while others struggle?

There's no doubt that nicotine addiction is tough to overcome, inducing cravings that gradually increase the level of smoking and make it harder and harder to quit.

In addition to nicotine addiction, the habit of smoking tends to become compulsive. The mind becomes habituated to lighting up first thing in the morning, when you start the car, on the way to the bus stop, before you start work, at your coffee break, after lunch, over a drink after work, after dinner, while you watch TV, last thing before you go to bed. Smoking insinuates itself into every aspect of your daily routine.

For many people, smoking also has a powerful social aspect. Perhaps your partner smokes? You catch up on office gossip sharing a smoke with your colleagues? Your mates all light up over a beer? Many people find it easier to strike up a conversation within the camaraderie of smoking, using this common ground as a way to break the ice. When your social life revolves around smoking, quitting can be really tough.

On a deeper level, smoking, like other addictions, is often driven by powerful inner conflicts. Until these are acknowledged and resolved, no amount of nicotine patches will make a difference.

No wonder so many people find quitting an up-hill battle.

Natural therapies offer a range of holistic approaches to help people quit smoking. In particular, many people are turning to hypnotherapy to overcome the habit and maintain motivation in the face of powerful nicotine cravings, everyday stress and social pressure.

Applied in a clinical setting, hypnotherapy offers powerful support for people who are determined to quit smoking. Hypnotherapists use a range of effective methods to guide the exploration and resolution of inner conflict. They work with each individual to identify habitual triggers and social drivers, and to find alternative solutions.

Above and beyond helping to quit smoking, the resolution of inner conflict delivers major benefits in health and wellbeing. The process itself is empowering, with lasting benefits in confidence and self-esteem.

Quit your pack-a-day habit and save a packet. With what you save in a year, you can treat yourself to the holiday of a lifetime! Tap into the power of hypnotherapy today: find out more at

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