Guilt, Violence Money

Guilt is the glue that holds society together. It's how we hold each other accountable, by prohibitions, laws, inhibitions, judgments, and punishments. It's all very familiar and historical. Yet there isn't one positive emotional vector in all of that. Love is what we wish would hold us together, but it doesn't work very well yet. We're still amateurs at it because we handle the intrinsic conflict in intimacy so badly, primitively.

The Meaning of Flying in the Air in Dreams - Flying in an Airplane Or Helicopter

The scientific method of dream interpretation is in fact a translation from images into words. When you translate the meaning of the dream images and understand their messages, you'll learn what is really happening with you and with your life. The information you receive is objective and you must respect its wisdom, even when you don't agree with the unconscious' statements, because you are too ignorant.

Oedipal Fantasies

Children between age 3 and 6 years commonly imagine "marrying " one of their parents, having children with them, and generally taking the place of the other parent. Such fantasies are often accompanied by ideas of the displaced parents relation. Fantasies may involve parents of either sex. Their specific content may vary from the vaguely romantic to the explicitly sensual.

The End of Terrorism - How to Be Wise

I'm a victim of terrorism online, as well as offline, since I have many enemies that try to prevent me from showing you the entire truth that I discovered... I continued the dangerous research abandoned by the psychiatrist Carl Jung in the unknown region of the psyche, and I'm sure that I'm going to prove to you that my discoveries are real and that you must follow the directions you receive in your dreams from the unconscious mind that produces them.

Career Options For Psychology Students

If you think that the only career option for a psychologist is to have a faculty position in a college or university, think again. These days, an individual who earned a psychology degree from one of the many schools in the nation does have a good number of career options to choose from. To have an idea about the career paths that someone who earned a psychology degree can take, here is a list of some of the top majors that you can focus on: Clinical Psychology Forensic Psychology School Psychology Industrial-Organizational Psychology Cognitive Psychology Sports Psychology As you can see, once you finish a psychology degree one of the top schools, you do have a variety of career paths to pursue - aside from being a staff at a counseling school or a university faculty member.

Always it is Dominance

Dominance is a reoccurring theme in nature and the reason is quite simple. To make optimum use of reproductive potential all females of a given species need to participate in the process. This ensures the maximum number of progeny per breeding season. Male participation is another matter. Under ideal conditions a single male of a given species would be best suited to fulfill all the duties of a progenitor.

Secrets of the Human Conscience - How to Identify Messages From the Unconscious Mind

Your brain's functionalism is a mystery for you, but you can learn what exists inside it and how you can use all its potential. You may have heard before that the human being uses only a very small percentage of his brain, which is true. This means that he is quite an idiot, who is very far from wisdom and happiness. If you want to become really intelligent, developing all your capacities and discovering many things that today you cannot imagine, you must learn how to translate the symbolic meaning of your dreams.

First Do No Harm - A Proposal For Crisis Intervention in Schools

The last two decades of neuroscientific research have led to new understandings of how the brain and body are affected by crises. In response to this new research, I propose an alternative approach to crisis intervention in schools. The approach engages the oldest, wisest part of our brain, the brain stem, through the language of sensations for two reasons: first, because the core of the crisis experience is processed by the brain stem, and second, because the language of this more primitive brain is sensations.

Psycho Cybernetics

What psycho-cybernetic is, how it works, how it functions in human personality, how it helps us to achieve the goals that we want, and how it takes us towards the goals and the things we do not want. So in a nutshell, psycho-cybernetic simply means... "psycho" means "mind", "cybernetic" means "steersman". Which means there is someone in the unconscious recesses of your mind who steers your life in a certain direction.

Why Do You Dream If You Cannot Understand the Meaning of Your Dreams?

Even without understanding the meaning of your dreams you are helped by their images, which show you aspects of your daily reality that you tend to despise and which reflect your internal, psychical world. You dreams are basically warnings, because they have a protective character. The best thing you can do is to care about learning their hidden meaning, besides being helped only because they alarm you, instead of letting you continue making the same mistakes without being bothered at all.

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