Culture and Climate at School

Bullying Prevention, Climate and Culture The purpose of this article is to show how bullying and other antisocial behaviors at school are preventable by looking at school culture and climate. There are quite a variety of classroom and school-wide "stop bullying" programs and materials. These programs are useful for raising awareness and providing new skills for students, yet many ignore deeper, necessary improvements to actually prevent antisocial behaviors at school.

Epidemics - Fear Taking Precedence Over Facts

I'm in the midst of reading a fascinating book by Philip Alcabes. The very title, "Dread: How Fear and Fantasy Have Fueled Epidemics from the Black Death to Avian Flu" gives me fodder for at least one article without even reading the book. There is so much fuel for thought in this book, that you will have the opportunity to read several articles as my mental juices are stimulated.

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is not the same as psychiatry. Psychotherapy is the study of human behavior, and treatment takes the form of getting you to understand your psychological problems by talking them through with a trained listener. Psychiatry is a medical discipline focusing on mental disorder, and treatment usually involves drug therapy. Psychiatrists are trained doctors.

Psychotherapy and Counseling - What You Should Know

The benefits to overall health of psychotherapy and counseling may not seem as obvious as those derived from other therapies. However, there is little doubt that your emotional life affects how you feel physically as well as mentally. Many studies have shown that a positive outlook can help patients recover from illness, while those people who suppress their emotions, or who have no outlet for their feelings, make a poor recovery.

Subconscious Thoughts

The human brain is a complex and fascinating cluster of nerves fibers. Medically defined as the center of the human nervous system, the brain is responsible for controlling, or in some cases regulating, every aspect of human behavior. One of the most amazing aspects of the mind is that of Subconscious Thoughts. These thoughts, be they positive or negative, can greatly influence a person"s perception of the world around them.

The Continuation of Carl Jung's Research Concerning the Meaning of Dreams

I will be grateful my whole life for all the lessons I've had from Carl Jung, by reading almost all of his books. I have read them many times, until I learned them by heart, and later I summarized his work, when I started writing my own book, in order to prove that only he discovered the correct method of dream interpretation, comparing his statements to discoveries that happened after his death in many different scientific fields, which proved that he was correct.

The Life and Time of Erik H Erikson - The Man and His Theory

Any discussion on psychological development and three great minds will come to the surface Piaget, Freud, and Erikson. However, Erik Erikson stands out for several reasons, unlike Piaget and Freud Erikson had no advanced degree of any kind. In fact, at the age of 25 he had not established any form of professional goal and had no idea what he wanted to do.

Curing Phobias With an Irish Company

If you saw the Paul McKenna TV Show on Sky (I Can Change Your Life, 2005), you'll already know how quickly and painlessly phobias, addictions, compulsions, etc. can be cured using techniques from the Art & Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. If you have a phobia or any of the problems listed below - or know someone who has - read on, this information could prove useful.

Expanding Metaphors in Therapy

Metaphors are part of every day language and are typically used as a figure of speech to illustrate a connection between to seemingly unrelated things. They usually offer a parallel description to bring clearer meaning to a situation. Clients often use metaphors during therapy to describe a problem they are trying to work through. Therapists may miss the deeper meaning of these metaphors for a number of reasons, so rather than exploring those metaphors to gain insider knowledge of their client's experience, a therapist may instead impose their own silent interpretations on what these metaphors actually represent.

Stages of Culture Shock

Culture shock is the emotional and sometimes even physical discomfort people feel when they have to leave everything familiar behind and have to find their way in a new culture that has a different way of life and a different mindset. Overcoming culture shock takes time and can't happen over night. It is helpful to know, that adjusting to a new culture occurs in stages and everybody, even the most seasoned traveler, has to go through them to varying degrees.

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