Criminal Profiling for PR China

Abstract: All over the World serial and mass killings occur almost daily somewhere. This criminal activity is best known in the USA and the UK where the freedoms of society allow murderers to act out their psychotic murders with the protection of rules that ensure freedom of movement, rights to silence and privacy. In the past in China society was so regulated that crime in all areas was extremely difficult to conceal.

Dream Interpretation - What Does an Empty Swimming Pool Mean?

Many people see an empty swimming pool in their dreams. This dream scene represents maturity. It indicates that the dreamer finally understood something very important and stopped being superficial. How could I come to such conclusion? I continued Carl Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation. I learned how to translate the meaning of dreams better than him.

Psychology Term Papers

One of the frequently asked questions by a new psychology student is "What is Psychology?" Throughout the history, starting from Aristotle and Socrates to the modern world psychologists, there have been different schools of thoughts defining what psychology is. If we say, literally, psychology is the study of human mind and behavior. As the psychology field kept expanding, the number of students taking interest also got upward trends.

The Meaning Behind Dreams About Murder

Other people in dreams represent parts of the dreamer's personality. These people share the same characteristics as the dreamer. Dreams about dangerous situations indicate the invasion of the wild conscience (anti-conscience) of each dreamer into their human conscience. Thus, the meaning behind dreams about murder is related to the domination of the anti-conscience into the dreamer's conscience.

How to Stay Cool During Exams - Beat the Exam Stress

School going kids are overburdened with studies all throughout their academic year. The exam time makes the situation even worse for our dear babies. They have to write exam well in order to get good results and appreciation for teachers, friends and parents. The exam stress is not just a mere word created by someone to scare us. Whether your kids are good in studies or average, all kids get stress during the exam times.

Counseling Psychology Graduate Programs Online

Counseling psychology graduate programs online are widely popular and provide students with a way to earn their graduate courses on their own time after undergraduate studies. If you are pursuing a Master's in Counseling Psychology studies, you will take a generally interventional approach to psychology. Here you will learn how to observe and cultivate your future clients' strengths.

Accredited Online Psychology Degree Programs

Many online psychology degree programs are offered all over the web. However, not all of them are accredited. What is so important about accredited online psychology degree programs, though? Schools with accreditation will have a backing from the American Psychological Association (APA). This means that the program meets the APA guidelines for quality, essential training to do well and provide the best possible counseling help once students have graduated.

Chatterbox: The Mind's Constant Mischief!

Do you give much thought to your thoughts? Have you ever said something that elicited the response, "Just listen to yourself! " Most of us don't pay much attention to what goes on in our head. And yet, there is a direct relationship between what we think and what we say. You have to process information through your brain before it can come out of your mouth!

Begin Your College Career With Introduction To Psychology!

College is a time for exploring the academic facts that interest you the most. Many times, what seems the most intriguing may be something you've never encountered before in your life. Other times, it may seem like a familiar subject until you actually attend class and find that there's actually so much more to learn. Since college is ultimately about education, taking the time to expand your knowledge is the most important part of earning your degree.

Is Psychology a Science Or an Art?

Psychology is a science because it analyzes human behavior and the human mind. Art is free of rules and totally based on subjective conceptions. Science is based on the objective analysis of facts that belong to our reality, studies, and comparisons. Art is based on talent and intuition. As a psychologist and literature writer, I clearly recognize that there is great difference between science and art.

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