Profiling and Its Types

Profiling is a science of observation, study and exploitation of traces of a crime scene, a person, or an animal to determine the relevance of such traces to an investigated crime, event or personality and behavior in general. Anthropological and Psychological profiling Profiling consists of several major types: Cultural profiling Racial profiling Predictive profiling Forensic information technology Drug profiling Offender profiling Digital image forensic DNA profiling Performance profiling The information obtained from profiling is known as forensic, such information is widely relied upon by judiciary systems, such as courts, and police enforcement agencies to determine what happens in a crime scene and help in assumption of criminal behavior.

Training for Counselors

There are many types of training for counselors. Not only there are basic training programs that cover the most basic of counseling concepts, there are more in-depth programs for specific training in a variety of different counseling types. Whether you are already a counselor or preparing to become a counselor, there are a variety of extra training programs so you can find your niche in the counseling field.

Projection and Projective Identification: Interpersonal Influence

Projection is an interpersonal psychological act that happens unconsciously. That means that is not, and cannot be, done on purpose. Effectively it means that a person will imagine that they see in someone else something that they do not acknowledge in themselves... for example, one can project one's sorrow, rage or shame. Then the projector behaves subtly towards the other as if their partner really were exhibiting those feelings.

Psychology Vs Psychiatry - What's the Difference?

Although psychology and psychiatry are often used interchangeably in conversation, the two are distinct fields and should not be considered synonymous. While both psychiatry and psychology provide therapy services, the main distinctions between the two fields fall within the education, training, and practice. Educational Requirements Educational requirements vary greatly between the two fields.

How to Become a Psychologist: 5 Steps to Your Dream

Have you ever wondered how human mind works? Why every person has different character, temperament, behavior? Well, psychologists have stepped closer than anybody to the mystery of human's mind! If you're interested in all these questions, then maybe psychology would be appealing for you? It's a really fascinating career path! But how to become a psychologist?

What Your Dreams May Be Trying to Tell You

Most dreams are serious warnings. They may be trying to tell you that you are making many mistakes. Later you'll face bitter consequences. However, if you don't know the dream language, you cannot understand the dream warnings and protect yourself. Other times your dreams are trying to tell you that you have found your perfect match. However, you are afraid of rejection.

Careers With Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Thinking to choose psychology as your future career? Well, it's a great idea! This career path opens so many doors to you! You may apply your knowledge in so many professions! Careers in psychology are versatile. But the number of job opportunities depends on the degree you have. If you possess a Bachelor's degree in psychology, you'll have more limited range of choices as opposed to Master's degree holders.

Remorse Regret and Sorry - A Triad of Social Psychology

Remorse, Regret, and Sorry are three words vital to adaptive living. These three words when practiced increase the probability of all social interactions being successful. Ignorance and/or refusal of this psychological triad lead to criminal and/or deviant behaviors with victimization as the modus operandi. Two diminutive words, "I'm Sorry", is one of the most powerful and complex phrases expressed in communication.

How to Easily Connect to Your Subconscious Mind

Carl Jung discovered that the subconscious mind was not merely a depository of our past memories like Freud believed, and he named it unconscious mind. The unconscious mind produces our dreams, sending us precious messages that work like psychotherapy. Therefore, if you want to easily connect to your subconscious mind, you only have to learn the dream language.

Be a Psychologist - 10 Qualities To Be a Psychologist

What it takes to be a psychologist? Many people believe that being a psychologist is about memorizing a few tests and hearing the patients talk all they want for several hours. However, there are many more requirements behind the profile to be a psychologist that people may think. So if you're reading this article then chances are you're looking to find out if psychology is for you, or maybe you're just curious about it.

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