Why A Solid Self-Esteem is Needed in Today's World

A strong sense of self and good self-esteem is needed for a mentally healthy individual, no doubt about that. Of course how you develop a solid self-esteem or an earned ego is equally important. If people have a low self-esteem, often they will put down others in order to lift it up, but in doing so they are hurting the other person self-esteem as well. You can understand how this can lead to unintended consequences and spread almost like the flu.

There was an interesting article in "Terra Daily - News About Planet Earth" online, which was featured in the "About Us" section titled "Study: Low Self-Esteem Increases Bias" written by some staff writers at UC Davis California on February 23, 2011. The article showed that low self-esteem individuals have a greater tendency to be bias against folks they perceive as ethnically, and/or religiously different. The article goes on to state:

"This is one of the oldest accounts of why people stereotype and have prejudice: It makes us feel better about ourselves," Jeffrey Sherman of the University of California, Davis, says. "When we feel bad about ourselves, we can denigrate other people, and that makes us feel better about ourselves."

Now then, I don't suppose that this study was a surprise to anyone, but it is something we do need to consider because it does matter. It matters in any organization whether it is a government agency, a nonprofit group, or even a business. It matters in school and it matters at home, and it does affect our entire society. The more people we have with a solid self-esteem the better off we are as a nation or at the community level.

People who are self-reliant generally have a strong self-esteem, however those who rely on others for everything, whether it be their parents, or even the government in a socialist society will be amongst those we need to help to maintain their self-esteem and ego. If not it drags down the family or the society. Yes, this study did prove what most of us already know. And it also shows us that we have a problem with those who have low self-esteem putting down other groups of people, individuals, or entire cultures and races.

Perhaps this is something we all need to be considering and thinking about. So, I ask that you please consider all this and think on it. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions to add I'd sure like to hear from you, so shoot me an e-mail.

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