Online Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree

An online industrial organizational psychology degree is a quickly growing and expanding field, due to the current demand by businesses throughout the United States.

The specialization of industrial organization psychology studies allows students to pursue a job working to improve businesses' success. They help increase employee engagement, worker productivity and team building. It is a field which applies behavioral principles and research findings to achieve optimal work settings.

An online degree will help students learn leading-edge assessment techniques, leadership and group development theories, conflict management strategies, and other ways to promote motivation and improve workplace performance. Usually, this specialization in psychology opens the doors to community college instructor positions or managerial or consulting positions in training, human resources, or executive coaching.

As a graduate from an industrial organizational psychology online course, you will be able to work either on your own or through companies or research firms. You can work in areas such as human resources, employee relations, and organizational and management development. Your specific jobs in these areas could include job analysis and recruitment, work-life balance initiatives, performance reviews, and conflict resolutions.

In online industrial organization psychology degrees, you receive a background both in psychology and sociology, as well as practical human resource skills, government compliance, and business.

A Master's degree can take one to two years, depending on your own schedule. When you enter Master's school for an industrial organization psychology degree, you should have an idea of what direction you want to take with your online degree. If you plan to stop at a Master's, you will focus more on experience through internships and assessments. However, if you plan to pursue your Doctorate, you will focus more on research.

A Doctorate, while obviously taking more time to complete than a Master's, will provide you with a higher paying job in the end, as well as more expertise and consequently better success in the workforce.
The average pay working as an industrial organization psychologist is about $86,000, while it can go up into six digits, as in New York, where the higher average was about $180,000.

The obvious pay advantages demonstrate the necessity of this position in businesses. When companies struggle, industrial-organizational psychologists can help to assess the situation and recommend critical changes that impact employee satisfaction and company success.

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