How to Immediately Interpret the Meaning of Your Dreams and Understand the Unconscious' Messages

The scientific method of dream interpretation has its origin in the method discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung. I was able continue his research into the unknown region of the human psyche and discover the wild side of the human conscience that provokes all mental illnesses to the human side.

Jung didn't know that there was a powerful wild side in the human conscience. He believed that this part of the human brain belonged to the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. There was a contradiction existent in his conclusion, since the unconscious mind works like a natural doctor for the human conscience. How could the doctor himself also provoke all mental illnesses to the human conscience?

He could not see the wild anti-conscience, because he was afraid to continue his research and find the craziness he knew that was already inherited in the human brain.

The unconscious mind is only wise and saintly, while the anti-conscience is a wild animal, totally immoral and violent. It is our primitive conscience, which didn't evolve like our human side.

Since I could clearly see that all absurdity comes from the anti-conscience, and that the unconscious mind is only wise and saintly, I trusted absolutely the unconscious mind and I fought against the anti-conscience.

I clearly deciphered the meaning of all my dreams, overcoming this way a serious neurosis that could have easily turned into schizophrenia, and then I helped many other people overcome their mental illnesses by translating their dreams for them, and giving them advice.

Today you can easily learn how to immediately interpret your dreams with the clear vision that I give you, instead of having the doubts and the ignorance of Carl Jung.

According to my simplification, you simply translate images into words and sentences, being able to immediately understand the meaning of all your dreams, instead of taking notes, comparing the dream images of a series of dreams, and waiting for your next dreams in order to understand the first ones, like Jung's students do, and I used to do myself too in the beginning, before clearly seeing the anti-conscience, and before discovering the meaning of many more dream symbols, thanks to the translation of the symbolism contained in a literary work that I started to write at the age of 16, after suffering a tragic car accident when I was 15 years old, and losing the friend who was next to me in the car.

There were so many archetypes in the book I wrote after this tragic accident that I could say that it was not really created by me, but by the unconscious mind that was sending me my magical inspiration, and dictating to me the words I should write.

(Archetypes are dream symbols found also in artistic and religious manifestations of all civilizations of our world, in all historical times)

I give you a very clear road map, showing you exactly where the treasure is, besides showing you all the dangers of the way, and how you can safely attain your purpose, so that you may certainly find wisdom, peace, mental health and happiness by immediately interpreting the meaning of your own dreams.

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