The Importance of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

In life we have to face quite a few different kinds of situations and also circumstances. Some of these may be good, others not so pleasant. But how we live life and whether we enjoy it or loathe it is a function of the kind of perspective that we have as well as the mental makeup that we are able to muster up. There are some people who are always pragmatic and also confident which helps them meet all situations with fortitude and equanimity. On the other end of the scale, there are others who are very timid and also negatively predisposed which makes them quite scared, afraid and also quite intimidated by each and every thing.

While some people are by nature pessimistic in some other cases, people also go through traumatic experiences that change their lives forever. For instance, kids who witness a murder or perhaps a terrorist attack could get marred for live emotionally and be given to panic and anxiety attacks. Some others also get harried and hassled to the extent that they are perennially unhappy or maybe grouchy and grumpy and angry all the time. In any case, these are all examples of behaviorally dysfunctional actions and lifestyles that need to be treated by means of cognitive behavior therapy which is also known as CBT.

CBT is a treatment whereby trained therapists and counselors sit with patients and try to help them find for themselves the reason for which they behave in a particular way. Thoughts give ride to feelings and spawn actions due to which it is essential to tackle thoughts and also analyze them properly so that the root cause of the problem may be isolated and addressed. The main technique is to replace negative thoughts with positive and cheery ones till such time as positivity becomes a second nature for the patient. This is the only way one can become healthy and happy once again.

One should not assume that CBT is a very simple technique. For one it needs a lot of painstaking and long drawn out process of psychoanalysis as well as mental treatment so that the age old thoughts and debilitating or hurting feelings may be made to fade into the background. This will help happiness come to the foreground and help a person make choices that are rational and healthy too. After all, it is important to ensure that life is lived to the fullest with no regrets.

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