Thirteen, Is It an Unlucky Number?

We often hear that the number thirteen is unlucky. It is even said that there should never be thirteen people seated at the table together. In order to understand why thirteen has always been considered an unlucky number, we must begin by talking about the number twelve. A day is divided into two halves of twelve hours each. A year is divided into twelve months and there are twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Becoming a Basic Mentalist

Being able to do card tricks and illusions is pretty cool. But I believe the strongest branch of magic is mentalism. This is the concept of being able to 'read someone's mind'. The concept is mind-blowing to the spectators. But, what most people do not know is that it is easily done. You do not need to 'sell you soul to the devil' or relate with 'spirits' or anything.

You Can Still Find A Good Psychic Online

You can still find a good quality psychic online that offers you accurate clairvoyant service. There are many good fortune tellers on the internet and it can be a challenge to find the best one for your needs. It helps to have some kind of a blueprint for our selection. You can have the best quality reading online by following these suggestions and here is how: 1.

What Is a Psychic Detective?

Many people will have seen the countless amounts of film and television productions that feature the solving of crimes by the use of psychics. Have you ever wondered just how much of this is fiction and just how much is fact? Then carry on reading to find out just how the world of the paranormal has been enlisted to help solve real life crimes and how their processes work.

2012 Mayan Calendar: A Modern Psychic Tells Where They Got It Wrong

Modern psychics offer us insight into the 2012 Mayan Long Count Calendar. The Mayans were an ancient culture famous for their psychic prediction accuracy and foresight into time. This is true but they only told us half the story of the future of humanity. Modern psychics have done a reading on the accuracy of the 2012 Long Count Calendar. If you want to see how true it is in reality then read on.

Hummingbirds and the Art of Psychic Development

Developing psychic abilities is not especially difficult and is extremely fulfilling, so why are so few people doing it? Accessing your psychic powers is nothing more or less than getting out of your own way. If you would like to have a psychic episode, the secret is not to chase them. Instead, create the correct psychological environment where they can grow.

Do Virtual Tarot Services Work?

I have seen a number of virtual tarot services this week and it made me think of the many times I have been asked - does virtual tarot work? The answer to this is not so simple however and mostly lies in how you approach them and maybe even what your level of knowledge is in the first place. So I though I would put together a few pros and cons to using virtual tarot so that you can feel able to make fully informed choices.

Hampton Court Palace - Communing With the Ancient Spirits - An Overwhelming Haunted Visit

Hampton Court Palace This is the most haunted place I have ever visited! And it started as soon as I entered the old Tudor Palace, no waiting for the sun to go down this time. There were four places in the palaces (Hampton Court Palace is a double palace, the Tudor palace of Henry VIII and then the later addition for William and Mary) where I became aware of spirits in presence.

Clairvoyant Reading for Understanding Life Better

Clairvoyants are gifted people who have the ability to read that mind and the future of others with the use of perception. These people are mind readers because they can see images from the past that you may or may not know that it occurred or exist. If there are situations in life that you cannot understand then the best way is for you to find someone that can help you.

25 Fun Psychic Activities to Help You Grow Your Skills

Have you ever wondered how being psychic could be fun? Take a tip from your children. They have a powerful resource at their disposal which helps them learn and grow. And it isn't just for children. Adults can access it to make their lives more pleasant and enjoyable. I'm talking about play! Perhaps you didn't know that you could use your psychic abilities in fun ways.

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