Bringing the Dragon's Voice to Life

Ancient Druid tradition speaks of bringing the dragon's voice to life. This ritual is based on many other ancient tales of entering a cave (darkness) to fight the dragon, setting his voice to life. Other tales of this nature include Persephone, Amduat and Odysseus. Many cultures developed rituals whereby citizens entered into caves, pyramids, and other structures like The Grange for initiations, spiritual growth, healing and divination.

10 Classic Compositions to Uplift and Empower Your Ritual Work

Centuries ago, composers were more aware of sacred geometry and its relationship to music. Their classical studies included studying Pythagoras and his theorems and basing their composition on these spiritual ideas. They weren't the only artists to create inspiring and uplifting music, however. By utilizing musical pieces by great composers, you can add power and energy to your ritual.

Horoscope for March 2011

Aries (March 21 to April 20) Be wary around people who try to use their charms to take advantage of your kindness. You may find yourself vulnerable to their skill with words and facial expressions, causing you to give in to their simple requests, even if it is something that will be troublesome for you. It's okay to offer help, but make sure that you weigh your options first and assess your availability in a realistic scenario.

New Moon Psychic Energy Reading For March 2011

There is much talk about the truth coming to the forefront and so much of what is happening is not necessarily being shared. All well and good if you choose to look deeper than what you are being told via the main sources of information-still is important to make sure that you buy into only what you would like your life to be. Which wolf are you feeding?

Are Psychic Readings Therapeutic? My Personal Feelings on Love, Loss and Psychic Information

Are psychic readings good therapy? Can seeing a psychic, or intuitive, or emotional empath actually make you FEEL better about things going wrong in your life? Can a reading actually help you solve problems, overcome obstacles or even be a good substitute for OTHER traditional means of therapy? In this article I'm going to share with you MY personal feeling, after 20 years of research and experience with psychics of all types and stripes, and the unusual way I used psychic information to heal my own grief in times of need.

How to Get the Most From a Psychic Reading

If you scheduled a psychic reading, you probably have a sense of excitement, curiosity, doubt and sometimes dread. Drop the dread, most psychic readers only tell you what they see in the future as it stands at this moment. However, the future can change if you change the path you walk. The psychic reading can actually stop a future disaster by alerting you to the problem ahead of time.

How to Understand a Clairvoyant Reading

A clairvoyant doesn't read your mind but receives pictures of situations in both your past and present. He or she may have information unknown to you. While the term clairvoyant simply means one who sees clear visions, many psychics use other senses to gain information. Some are clairaudient and others simply use feelings to guide them, so the term clairsensing might be the best term to use.

Psychic Powers: Your Key To Success

Everyone has psychic powers they can tap into to make their lives run smoother and to be more successful. Yet few people recognize how their body responds to the insight that is being given to them. Sadly even fewer people actually act upon it when they do recognize the insight. This article looks at some easy to follow steps to allowing your psychic powers to manifest in your life.

Esoteric Black Magic Techniques

Esoteric black magic is a common form of psychic attack. Any kind of energy drain brings you down and these psychic methods are used in secret. They are designed to give you a hard time. Your first positive act in responding to magic attack is to identify the source of the dark energy. When someone believes they have a curse there can be several reasons as follows depending on your individual situation: 1.

Psychics: Romance, Career, Destiny - Getting It Right

Psychics say romance, career, and taking care of your destiny are important parts of life. Here are common questions that are asked about these essential areas of life during a psychic reading. 1. How do I keep a balance between my personal life and my career? The way to maintain a healthy balance is to put equal energy into both. You only act upon what is important to you.

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