Intuitive Advisor Or Psychic Reader - What's the Difference?

What is the difference between an intuitive advisor and a psychic? Largely the difference is in the name. An intuitive advisor is someone who markets their psychic ability to the professional world. Presidents, the heads of the world's largest companies and other upper echelon personalities have all utilized the services of intuitive advisors. While psychic readers usually charge their clients a fee per reading, intuitive advisors are often on call to their clients in exchange for a monthly fee.

Inside the Mind of a Psychic - Intuitive Burnout

There was a time several years ago when I was conducting ten to fifteen intuitive readings a day. At first I was delighted to be in such high demand but within a matter of a few weeks I began to experience what I call Intuitive burnout. My ability to tune into my intuitive senses was still there but it had greatly diminished. I found that it took much longer to provide a reading and I felt physically drained when one was finished.

Develop Psychic Powers - 1 Super Simple Shortcut to Unleashing Your Psychic Energies

Who else wants to learn how to develop psychic powers? If you are anything like the majority of people reading this right now, the simple truth is that you probably have your hand held high, right? It's true... for those of us on the "paranormal path", one of the most exciting experiences is the cultivation of psychic energies or powers. The gift of enhanced intuition, amazing insights and more are reserved for those especially gifted.

Meanings For Tarot Cards - The Fool

The Fool is one of the Major Arcana cards. The tarot deck is based on the journey of the Fool, and the Major Arcana starts with the Fool and ends with the World. The Major Arcana represents the circle of life in all its complicated stages such as spirituality, mortality, love, and change. When a Major Arcana card shows up in a spread it often indicates that there are major changes and lessons to be learned.

Inside the Mind of a Psychic - What Happens When You Are Wrong?

Every year I publish a list of psychic predictions and post them online. I believe that the success rate of these predictions is around 80%. To me this is a rather successful percentage of correct predictions. Skeptics however tend to focus on the predictions that miss the mark and downplay the successes. I'm not surprised by this behavior; such skeptics have chosen to narrow their perspectives and seem to find fulfillment in criticizing anything they don't personally believe in.

Telepathy - Mind Power Through History

Who hasn't, at one point or another, wished that they could read the thoughts of another person? Who hasn't wanted to discover the innermost secrets and desires kept carefully hidden and locked away in someone's mind? Who hasn't wished to be able to tell if they were being lied to? Who hasn't wanted to be able to discern the future? For an accomplished telepath, all that and more is possible.

Psychic Hot-Line Secrets

I've worked psychic hot-lines, and I've called psychic hot-lines. It was a great experience for me to work with a variety of clients but it could be very difficult as well. As a client calling psychic hot-lines for pressing questions I've gotten some great readings and some not so good readings. I've outlined some things below to consider if you are interested in working on a psychic hot-line, and some things to consider if you want to call one for a reading.

Online Tarot Card Reading

Here are some tips to finding a good online tarot card reading. Let me start by telling you that I've tried all kinds of tarot readers that I found from searching the internet. It took me a long time to finally find my current online tarot card reader, whom I like very much. But let me tell you about my journey to finding her because I think it could help you avoid some of the problems associated with many of the online tarot card readings.

Psychic Phone Readings - How to Avoid Paying Too Much

Psychic phone readings can range from cheap to really expensive, so you want to choose your psychic carefully. So before you decide on a psychic and dial his or her number, it's always best to know a thing or two about how to get good psychic readings. Take note that there are a lot of psychics out there who can accurately tell you about your future, though you should be aware that especially through phone, fake psychics abound.

Online Psychic Reading - What to Expect

The first issue that is solved is that customers can guarantee anonymity. Many individuals, especially first timers, find physically going to see a psychic difficult. Second, is the issue of time. A lot of people would like to go to a psychic but do not have the time to go to the psychic's place of work, especially if they have to explain where they are going to those who are more skeptical.

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