What Can a Hosted Virtual PBX Offer My Small Business?

Traditional PBXes have a limiting quality that is an inherent factor of the device. These can only service one location, and employees must be in that location to use it (make phone calls, check voicemail, etc.). In comparison, hosted virtual PBXes break that limitation and transform the way work can be done. Workers no longer need to be stuck to a specific location when using a hosted PBX;

Power Tools For Your Business That Go Where You Do

You know the importance of using high powered software tools for your business. Your email and appointments must be able to keep up with you and the fast pace of your work. Traditionally, the email/calendar tool of choice for business is Microsoft Outlook. But if you travel for your business or simply are on the go very often, you soon realize that you can't take your whole desktop with you - how can you get your information to follow you wherever you go, even if you leave your laptop and other portable gadgets home?

Document Scanning - 6 Key Ways it Improves Productivity

Studies show that an average clerical worker spends 30 minutes each day looking for lost or misfiled documents. This seemingly small amount of unproductive time accumulates to a staggering 130 hours per year. In addition, management spends nearly an hour each week - 52 hours a year -- searching for the same files. Grand total: 182 wasted costly hours that could be spent adding to, instead of subtracting from, your bottom line.

Do You Have Monkey Mind? 4 Steps That Create Focus

Does something steal your thoughts and take you somewhere that you find yourself wondering, how did I get here? Don't worry, This is a common theory that even the most successful Internet business owners had to overcome. What does the Monkey Mind do? Causes you to jump from one topic to the next like a monkey in a tree. What needs to happen is the following.

Are You Leveraging Your Time and Talents?

I received a call from a prospective client out of the blue. I always love it when that happens. This gentleman called (as many people do) not knowing what the true issue was, except that he felt like his time was out of control. He was convinced that he needed a crash course in time management and conveyed that he had a full-time job, four wonderful kids, a part-time business that was supplementing paying for the kid's college AND he traveled extensively.

Digital Imaging - The Way to For A Green, Lean and Cost Efficient Business

With today's focus on environmental responsibility, conserving energy, and reducing a company's carbon footprint, the paperless office has truly come of age. A document management system that includes document scanning and storage of the digital images and electronic files not only saves paper, and therefore trees, but also all the considerable costs associated with paper-intensive processes.

5S Work Place Organization - What is It?

Do you find yourself always having to search for items? 5S is a lean technique that you can use to overcome this difficulty, and help boost your productivity. So what is 5S and what is all about? 5S is a methodology for creating a high performance workplace that is free of clutter and has "a place for everything and everything in it's place. " It is fundamental to creating a Continuous Improvement Culture.

Trainings, Seminars and Performance Evaluation

The success of any business enterprise depends on the quality of the products and the services you deliver. By providing high quality products and services you are able to keep your customers satisfied and happy. This could help build a solid reputation for your business which is essential for your business to grow and succeed. Aside from that you are also assured of repeat customers because they trust the quality of products and services that you deliver.

Business - Win-Win Attitude

The Win-Win philosophy entails doing business where both sides are winners. It become a universal business tool in the concluding part of the 20 th century. Win-Win attitude is popularized by business coach Stephen Covey in his book Seven Characters Of Highly Effective People. Concluding businesses where every participant is a winner is new and unattainable to many who were groomed to think that in the business world, the winner takes it all.

Make Space For Success

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that you're not going to connect with your brand brilliance consistently if you're working 24/7. In order to keep your energy level high, work productively and get great intuitive hits, you've got to step away from the keyboard. Hey, I never said it was easy. I'm the first one to admit that this has been a problem for me.

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