Ten Ways to Stay Motivated While Building a Business

Any independent business owner who works alone knows that there are times when it is very difficult to be motivated to do one's best. Motivational speakers can help by charging up an audience and creating a gung-ho attitude. Motivation, however, goes up and down and tends to return to original levels. This is a problem because motivation must be there consistently in order to get things done and move forward.

How Can Job Benchmarks Improve Performance?

Job benchmarking is a tool that has been put in place by human resources departments of many major corporations across the globe. These are basically detailed job descriptions that list the skills, traits, and even persona's that will best fit a specific position. Companies evaluate both their job descriptions and company initiatives to come up with a particular skill set that they are looking for in an employee.

Process Innovation

Process innovation is one of the most actively implemented methods of innovation currently used by businesses and organizations. An introduction of this important method of innovation is presented in this article. Formerly known as process redesign, process innovation is defined by the OECD in the OSLO Manual as: A process innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method.

Time Management Strategies For Project Managers - And Anyone Else

Of the resources available to a project manager to get a job done, the most precious resource is time. Not using your time wisely is almost a guarantee for project failure. Fortunately, you can learn to manage your time effectively by systematically applying a few basic time management strategies. Time Management Strategy 1: Know how you spend your time Just like someone getting ready to diet keeps a record of what they eat now, so they know where to begin cutting calories, you must know how your time is spent in a typical day to understand where time is being wasted.

Non Productive Meetings in a Lean Six Sigma World - The Overlooked Silent Money Killer

In these times of Lean Six Sigma, we are constantly looking at product and process improvements ways to cut down on non-value added waste and eliminate productivity killers. Improving the product and increasing customer satisfaction is the goal. We focus on the production line and how we can improve by incorporating quality and eliminating potential non-value added pit falls in the process;

Motivation - Are You Rewarding Poor Performance?

When we think about motivation, things like gift cards and trips come to mind. We reward team members for positive behavior by giving them things that they value. I would challenge this idea by asking leaders who they spend most of their time with, and how they delegate much of the daily work. Let's say you are a front-line leader for a team of 10 people.

Work Life Balance Tips For Tough Economic Times

With stories of economic distress commanding the airways, balance can seem more elusive than ever. But in tough times, it becomes more important that ever to take care of ourselves. It also gives us a great opportunity to reconsider what is most important. Consider these tips for achieving a better balance between your work and the rest of your life.

Color is Good For You - And Your Meetings

As a creator of meeting experiences, a planner is in a unique position. It is the planner's responsibility to create a meeting environment which helps the attendees to access the very best mindset to get the most out of an event. The psychological effects of color (chromology) are powerful. Just like music, color can be nourishing and soothing, uplifting and invigorating.

Online Collaboration Made Easy

I was recently asked for advice on how to collaborate with people living in different cities. Specifically, "How can we best have a kind of behind-the-scenes for our eyes only website where we can post?" Being the cost-conscious fellow I am, I immediately thought of some free tools available. 1. Google Sites From the Google home page, go to the "more" tab and scroll down to "sites.

Reducing Employees Midafternoon Fatigue

Many employees go through a valley of fatigue, which occurs for a couple of hours between 1 pm and 4 pm (after lunch) each workday during prime working time. Here's a way to avoid it. Start by getting a physical check-up for any stress-related diseases, blood pressure, ulcers, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Get an eye examination, too. Eyestrain is a prime cause of fatigue especially for customer service representatives, tele-marketing agents, billing analysts, secretaries, etc.

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