Work Smarter - Email Tips to Keep You Productive and Efficient

Don't Delete... Unsubscribe - If your inbox looks anything like mine, you likely have an ever-growing pile of e-newsletters and marketing messages from companies you've done business with in the past - you may not even remember opting into half of them. The emails technically aren't spam but that does not make them any less annoying or time-consuming.

Keep Your Systems Up To Date With Computer Leasing

Your assistant complains: the systems on his computer are too slow. The system is more than three years old. It is therefore time to purchase a new computer. An expenditure that was not foreseen in your budget. You most certainly will run into problems if you do not plan accordingly. Computer leasing should be an integral part of your planned upgrade of your computer systems.

Managing Email

Whether you are in an office everyday, a stay at home mom or dad, or a student, you are inundated with e-mail on a daily basis. Some executives get over 300 e-mails a day. I believe for the average individual, about 75-100 e-mails come across our lives daily. How can you manage all of them? You could be stuck at your computer all day and just look at e-mail.

How an Excel Expert Can Help Your Business?

I have spent a number of years learning Excel - its Formulas, Pivot Tables, Macros, and a variety of time saving and insight generating tools and have become an Excel Expert. I have painstakingly gone through and learnt all the tools in Microsoft Excel. So I bring with me high productivity so you excel and get your stuff done fast and save cost.

Operational Consistency - Three Ways to Get There?

Nearly everyone in the restaurant business has heard a version of this inconsistency nightmare story. You discover a great new restaurant. You boast to friends about how good the food and service is. Finally you return with friends and family, only to have a horribly disappointing experience. No the management didn't change! This is simply a classic example of why guests place such a high value on consistency.

Employee Motivation and Training Go Hand in Hand

Many managers and business owners wonder how they can get their staff motivated to go above and beyond their minimum job description and put their heart and soul into their time at work. As a rule, employees just don't walk through the door with this kind of level of engagement in a company. They don't yet know their jobs or they lack the skills to take things to a higher level.

Streamlining Your Printing Processes Through CTP

In the printing world there is a technology called CTP, which stands for computer to plate. It is part of the prepress process and involves the prepress equipment called an imagesetter. The older technology was called CTF, or computer to film. In the computer to film process, the image goes from the file in the computer onto photographic film. The image then goes from the film to the photographic plate so that the images can be printed.

Flexibility in the Workplace - Five Success Strategies

Workplace flexibility pertains to the strategies on how to get the work done and how a business organizes workers and work flow. Flexibility is essential to the effectiveness of any workplace and companies utilize it to maintain or improve their employee engagement and retention as well as to manage workloads. Research shows that flexible work options boost productivity, enhance efficiency, and drive business results.

Looking For a Motivational Speaker?

If you're looking for a motivational speaker, then you'll already know the benefits that an inspirational speech or session can bring to your workforce. Before you book a speaker to talk to your staff, what do you need to know? 1. Are they a celebrity or a motivational speaker? There is a difference between a celebrity speaker and a motivational speaker.

How to Choose a Great Motivational Speaker

A Motivational Speaker can be a great way to improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace, and help to improve relationships and make sure that staff are working together for the good of the company. If staff morale is low, and there is a general lack of enthusiasm in the workplace, then perhaps you have considered using a 1. Why do you need a motivational speaker?

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