Keeping Your Fastback 15xs Binding Machine Clean

Usually no maintenance is necessary for your binder, but if a strip jams, or adhesive gets on the Fastback, you might have to do a little cleaning. This article will discuss the correct procedures for cleaning both the inside and outside of your Fastback 15xs binding machine. You shouldn't need to clean your machine very often but when you do it is important that you clean it properly to prevent damage from occurring to your machine.

Speak Like a Leader - Present With a Purpose

There are many lessons business executives can follow as they grow as leaders. But developing the art of presenting your ideas clearly is probably one of the most important skills anyone in business can cultivate. This is the first lesson of a five-part series to help leaders speak with clarity and conviction. The following tips can act as a guide as you prepare to present or to large or small groups or even in one-on-one conversations.

Speak Like a Leader - Narrow Your Presentation Focus

When some business leaders speak or give a presentation, they move us with their inspiration; some motivate us to greater things. And some, well... we scratch our heads and wonder what they were talking about. Their ideas are all over the place and we can't follow them. They have no focus. Sound familiar? Narrowing your range of ideas can make the difference between people scratching their heads in confusion or nodding their heads in agreement.

Setting the Strip End Position and Wrap on Your Fastback 15xs Binding Machine

For most users, using the Fastback 15xs is as simple as inserting your book and pressing the Bind button. However, occasionally you may want or need to adjust some of the more advanced features on your machine. This article will provide instructions for changing two such features. It will tell you how to adjust the end position of your strip so that it lines up with the edge of your book.

Options For Perfect Binding With the Fastback Model 9 Binding Machine

With the Fastback model 9 binding machine and Perfectback binding strips, you can bind professional looking paperback books right at your desktop. There are two types of Perfectback Lx-Strips. Which type of strip you should use will depend on what type of document you are binding. This article will talk about the two different types of Fastback LX Perfectback strips that are available and will talk about how you use each type of strip.

Making a HalfBack Book With Your Fastback 15xs Binding Machine

The Fastback Model 15xs also lets you bind documents using our Halfback covers. These covers are unique, because they're a one-piece cover and spine, with an adhesive strip already built-in. One of the great Halfback cover features is that you can design it on a computer and print it on an ink jet printer-which means you can customize your book's cover and spine with text, design, and photographs.

Installing the Powis Parker Fastback P21x FoilFast Printer on Mac OS X

If you have a Macintosh and want to use the Powis Parker Foilfast printer, you are in luck. The P21x is the latest version of this printer and comes with a USB port that is Mac compatible. This article will give you step by step instructions for installing the P21x FoilFast printer on your Mac computer running OSX or above. Installing the Foilfast P21x on the Mac is a two part process.

Using the Powis Parker Fastback 9 - Choosing a Binding Mode

When you go to bind a document using the Fastback 9 binding machine you will need to make sure that you choose the correct binding mode. If your binding mode doesn't match the type of strip that you are trying to bind, it can cause all sorts of issues with the quality of the bind. Each mode adjusts the amount of heat and the length of time that is needed to bind a document.

Hints For Getting the Best Results From Your Fastback Model 25 Photobook Binder

The Fastback Model 25 photobook binder is specifically designed for use as part of the Powis Parker Photobook Workcell. It is a simple machine that does an excellent job of creating a StichFree ultra strong bind with hard-to-bind papers. This article is designed to provide you with some advice for getting the best results with your Fastback 25. This is advice comes direct from the manufacturer and will definitely help you to achieve better results when binding photobooks with your machine.

Hints For Getting the Best Results With the Powis Parker Fastback Splitter

Unlike previous technology, the Splitter does not rough or notch the bind edge of the paper. The microknives hit each page in parallel, splitting open the edge of the paper and allowing the adhesive to penetrate into the raw fibers inside each sheet of paper. This creates a firm anchor for each page to flex around, much like the roots of a tree.

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