An Introduction to GBC Pouch Laminators

Have you ever wanted to laminate your documents and photographs so that they'd be immune to damage from spills, rips, and other catastrophes? If so, what you need is a pouch laminator, and some of the best ones available are made by General Binding Corporation (GBC). GBC makes devices that are great for a lot of different needs, whether you're laminating a letter-sized document or needing to produce a bunch of ID badges. Here's an introduction to GBC laminators and what they can be used for.

For Smaller Items. One of the most compact machines GBC makes is the HeatSeal H110. This device has a 4.5-inch feed opening that's absolutely perfect for the lamination of small items such as business cards and luggage tags. This device has both hot and cold settings, so you can even use it to laminate photographs.

For Everyday Lamination. GBC manufactures a lot of terrific laminators that are good for everyday use in a variety of environments including professional offices and schools. You could even get one of these machines for your home. A good basic laminator is the HeatSeal 210. It can laminate items that are up to 9.5 inches wide, such as certificates, signs, menus, and more. It uses 3 and 5 mil pouches, and it will operate on a cold setting so you can work with heat-sensitive documents. It's also priced low enough so everyone can afford one.

There are other GBC products that are great for regular use. If you'd rather not deal with a jammed pouch, you should consider either the HeatSeal H435 or H212. These laminators were designed to run without incident and they can handle a variety of pouch thicknesses such as 3 and 5 mil. If you need a device that can work with 10 mil pouches, a good choice would be the HeatSeal H535. This machine can handle pouch thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 10 mil. It also has adjustable speed and temperature settings so you can really be in control of the experience.

Finally, GBC recently put out two new devices: the HeatSeal H320 and H420 QuickStart models. Both of these products warm up in just one minute and produce high-quality lamination all the time. They also look fantastic. These are the machines to use when you're in a hurry but still need great results.

For Commercial and Large-Format Uses. Finally, there are a couple of laminators that can be a big help when your project is, well, big. The HeatSeal H300 can laminate documents that are up to 13 inches wide while the H600 can work with items that are 18 inches across. These units lend themselves to the lamination of banners, posters, and other large objects. Both of these machines produce extremely high-quality lamination so they can be used in situations that call for commercial-quality results. Schools, print shops, and art studios can definitely benefit from owning one of these devices.

As you can see, GBC makes a pouch laminator for a wide variety of settings and uses. Each one has a generous warranty, many of the machines are highly affordable, and they all perform beautifully. If you need a high-quality laminator for the protection of your documents, make it one from GBC.

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