The Dukan Diet VS The Atkins Diet

Both the Dukan diet and the Atkins diet stick with the same objectives. Above all is to help in shedding weight and second is to reduce the ingestion of carbohydrates from food. One other important similarity is the number of phases which they share equally. Both of them offer 4 phases respectively. However, to satisfy the same objective, they follow two different routes.

Getting Healthier With a Vegan Diet Plan

A vegan diet plan is one that consists only of eating vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts without any animal product including eggs and dairy products. For many people, having this type of diet keeps them healthier and fitter. Although it adopted for healthy living, some people adhere to the diet plan to avoid the participating in the slaughter of animals.

Potato Man Knows About Diet!

Have you ever thought that you might eat nothing but potatoes? Well, if you are trying to lose weight you may as well give it a cautious go because now we have a living proof that it works! This proof is called Chris Voigt who is an executive director of the Washington State Potato Commission. An eager proponent of potatoes that he is, he ate only 20 potatoes a day and nothing else.

Long Article About Weight-Loss Diets - How To Avoid Rip Offs!

So, you have been promised that you can lose weight and fat fast and easy, then you were suspicious but thought you may just give it a go once, what if this one works? Surprise by surprise, you soon found out that you had been ripped off. To be honest with you, the vast majority of the weight-loss industry is a money-making racket. The only good thing about it is that it makes you spend money so you support the economy but that is not much of a consolation to you.

Is the Dukan Diet Healthy?

To decide if the Dukan Diet is healthy or not, it is extremely advisable to check the pros and cons linked to this diet. When opting to take on this diet it is also advisable that one should consult their medical professional in order to avoid any health-related issues that might result from any diet. This practice is even more essential when the diet you are thinking about restricts particular food groups such as carbohydrates and fats as the Dukan Diet does.

Diets That Work Fast - 3 Diets That Work Super Fast!

Hey peeps! Today you'll be reading my article about diets that work fast. I'll give you 3 of the best diets that work fast and tell you a little about each one. The good thing about having multiple diet options to choose from is that if one doesn't work for you, because as you probably know no two bodies are the same, you can switch to another one from the list and get the results you always wanted!

What's On the Dukan Diet Menu?

Let's see what we have on the menu at various phases of the Dukan Diet: Attack Phase: Eat reduced fat protein only. Drink plenty of water, tea and coffee (unsweetened) and zero calorie/diet soda. The protein can be attained in the form of meat (low-fat beef, chicken, turkey, fish), but additionally, there are dairy options (e.g. zero-fat yogurt and cottage cheese, etc) and vegetarian/vegan alternatives (e.

What Is the Vegan Diet Plan?

For many people, a Vegan Diet Plan is their chosen lifestyle. Vegan eating is not a new concept; however, it has become more widely accepted. As celebrities continue either to endorse this eating plan, for long-term use or to "detox", the general population continues to be exposed to the health benefits. This lifestyle that at one time was thought of as "hippy" is now considered "hip.

Do You Keep A Food Journal On Medifast?

I recently had someone ask me if you're required or encouraged to keep a food journal while on the Medifast diet. If so, she wanted to know the best way to go about setting one up and what benefit she might get from one. In the following article, I'll tell you if I use such a tool and why I've chosen the path I'm on. The Value Of A Food Journal. Why Do People Use Them?

Diet for Fatty Liver - What Can I Eat?

All too often people hear the term "diet" and they immediately think they have to eat food that has no flavor, consume mostly vegetables and no longer indulge in holiday festivities. Thankfully, just because you are on a diet for fatty liver you do not have to stop eating good food. You simply have to learn how to eat healthier foods and cook a little healthier.

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