For Being Foolish

I am smiling at you for being foolish Life has just started and not yet finished You have been showered with all the blessings Nothing is taken off or left with missing I am creator of universe and still helpless You have picked nothing good and have made mess I wanted to see you all with smiling faces But you all have forgotten it in mad race I love you as kind human being I have not clipped your wings You are free to act as noble and honest Who stops you from performing best?

Final Bound

As a young man on the high school football team, winning time and again to the delight of the crowd, cheerleaders praise us, of us all are proud, the year long and arduous, each game closer to the coveted championship crown, playing in the regional, favored to win, more than enough adrenalin to go around, but, it is the other team final bound.

The Mall Game

Listen and watch, study and learn, the smallest to the largest, average to the brightest of human brains, turn them loose to play The Mall Game It starts simply with a stroll down a mall street, delectable treats known as stores line the way, their best ware displayed in all its grandeur, hoping to lure the unwary player People of every size and shape, education and income, are equal when they start down the mall street, will soon become definable by the amount of their spending Entertainment is cheap, drop off the kids, let them congregate and meet, with security walking the mall street beat, its much safer, than the city streets, they are always welcome, usually the biggest spenders, Everywhere you look signs say buy from me, an accommodating player takes the bait, demolishes their budget in one mall sweep, a more frugal player, hesitates, waits, will soon suffer, the same fate This is a game of stop and go, you enter a store one of two ways, look and wonder, or, select and pay, whatever the choice, the next stop is just down the way In The Mall Game a penny earned is a penny spent, if funds run short, it becomes a plastic day, and, if all else fails, there's always a company in a lending way In The Mall Game the object is spend, to continue to shop, until, you reach the malls end This is the game we play again and again, the only winners, those who play the game a penny earned is a penny saved, they will be back and win again, the rest will continue to fall prey, in The Mall Game .

It Is A Lovely Day

It is lovely and bright day with shine Where are people to whom I can call mine? Of course feminine but will she be divine or Caroline? I miss her everyday when I on move or about to dine It is really a love, infatuation or attachment Is it poetical inspiration or pride moment? What can be attributed to such statement? But there is inner feeling with some movement It is the relationship to live Honor the feelings and believe Thrust more on pain to relieve Think more of past and try to relive It is moment to laugh and enjoy Such things can never happy for joy It is difficult to ease with mild smile Yet you can laugh and enjoy for a while Heart may have its own palpitation It may try to open up with some indication Message to be found on leaves and flowers In monsoon when it slowly showers I have to offer my best It is crucial and desired test It must be given fair look considerably insight Whether it is fully dark or exposed to light Sky is open and very wide I can look at and easily confide I have in past already tried But could not confess that I have lied I had kept you in my deep reserve It was there not for simply to observe It had strength to guide and serve I was gaining a lot to control the nerve There is little twinkling with stars I can see them all from being very far My fancy may be let loose as very good flyer Else I may be called as cheat and liar I have nothing to disclose as very special I have not to hide it or offer any denial It is matter of not to hide or seek It may alter entire scene and render you weak Dreams are not to be taken as dreams They are provider of powerful beams It may travel in only one direction Rest all may be reflected in your action Neither leave it merely to the fate or to destiny Nor offer prayers only to the almighty That may give some sort of internal peace And very good boost to live at ease Make it point in life to live happily Show the willingness and that too readily No false show off just to impress Welcome with smile always on face .

Where Are Promises

Where are all those promises? Why so many lapses and misses? What are we thriving for world? Are we not going to Dark Age fold? Is freedom really farced? Are we joking and distanced? We want it to export to all At home we miss it as untimely call Do not robbers come at will? Fire at passers by and kill What is price for single man? Where are we all human?

In Form Of Human

We are all kind creatures in form of human You are all so especially as woman You are not only a way ahead of man But you are capable of doing more and can You are undisputed and tremendous force You bear all the pain without any remorse How much sacrifice you do for all? It is not needed for any reference to recall You were there and remain so Let whole world move forward and go Your role may remain dominating There is no need to weigh for equating Women as whole need uprising In them we see future as rising We are free under her shed She is all set to guide and lead She is like tree and generous Very kind mother and humorous She needs care and respect continuous She has dominant role to make all very famous She is doyen of all goodness I shall bow my head first then look to her face She has all the strength to take me out From all possible hardships and worst rout I did say it once and may repeat It is honorable and marvelous feat She has divinely position in her heart Let us give her adorable position fast We may not feel comfortable As she is fully aware and capable We owe it to her dominant role With her support we can achiever our goal We don't look at her color We don't see ever whether she minor or major She is for us a respectable figure Solid refuge and permanent future Who can deny her existence?

Dream Palace

Let there be dream palace to live in no restriction and to feel free in not as isolated ward or sultry palace all my angels come in with open face I wish it to open for general public There is some reason and logic How many secrets and stories behind? People have remained unknown or simply blind Only kings and queens spent happy days Had their own luxurious time and different ways I too wish it for all my fairies of the tales Come with open wings and very good smiles I will wish it to happen in child stage Where no one may mind my little age I shall make laugh free and very loud The clouds may go away with big sound Rain may drop few light showers Garden may witness new flowers Nature may sprang good surprise I will enjoy it as very good prize Toys of all kinds may stand scattered I shall watch them without words being uttered I shall prefer silence and do not disturb Their arrangement and offer no curb How much excitement in small eyes?

On Life Boat

I am on calm river water with life boat It is on surface and can be called simply afloat It may cross many turns along with dashing the bank No fear of running aground or to be called sank So long it runs smooth life seems to be beautiful Lots of joy and happiness with enjoyment plentiful One may not come to know the quick passing of days Yet it will be almost there to be enjoyed in number of ways The critical days may not allow you to feel at home You will be hunter from pillar to post and unwelcome Not even luck would favor you at the nick of the time People may think it otherwise to be with you as curse and crime As saying goes little further "No one prefers setting of the sun" They will hide the face and will make you unnecessary run You will be shown the door and hurled with derogatory words You may think of falling back with no intention of going forward Many a times it is said the tide also favor speeding wind You may clearly observe rhythms and nice tunes to find This all finds favor with rising sun and outer shining In absence of all this you may find all stars declining It is advisable also to travel in favorable condition You should enough of preparation and ammunition The simple battle is lost only for the want of good preparation The opportunity is not availed and the initiative is lost in question Life is not certain and can be evaluated as such You can not extract any meaningful out of it as much You will have to shape it as per your need and requirement Even though there is no limit to your aspirations and movement All avenues and scopes are open and can be had with little effort You can expect all the ships to land at your destination or port So long it favors you;

Listening to the Roma Cry

When the future looks dubious, your fate is in question and you have no place left to go Set up your ouija board Pull out your tarot cards And look directly into your crystal ball Do not worry that the clouds may appear sanguine Or that there may be blood dripping from her dainty little mouth Do your best to stay on course, boy Hunker down and brace yourself for what may eventually turn out to be the best In a gypsy wind it will come to you, As it always does It certainly matters that you think The time is right and the feeling is bright for an Olive branch and a whole new host of people for you to meet So wear a pink veil, place it upon your ugly face and be careful who you kiss The joint will be rockin' so it don't matter who's knockin Place the string upward above the cream, somewhere below your little toe Because they say that grapes are a fine way to make your younger sister dance Whenever the daisies are yellow and there is a bullfrog coughing upon your corn Let it be said that Jean Paul Sarte was a clown But he's certainly much better than Albert Camus But the gist of the situation requires that you shake it very quickly above your silly head So that those capricious Xaverian monks will only begin to scream and squirm Pick the bad apples and put them in a bowl, today's a bad day for washing So it is much better for you to stew steadfast and true, alone in your opulent grime .

As Per His Wishes

Think of millions who are left with no food Just little thought of those uncared for and not good Sleeping under open sky for want of shelter No proper amenities and no drinking water Think of those who are made destitute and poor No sympathy, no blessings and shutting of door No God for them in divine places and no care No direction and little idea about going somewhere World is sitting of volcano with unequal distribution Some where plenty and some where total starvation Some where total upliftment with all facilities Some where nothing in name with no possibilities No account for how many may be dying everyday Under nourished and not finding any suitable way Unrest and uprising with wanton killings and rapes Humanity on shame with ugly scene and slaps Where are proper education and job opportunities?

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