Taking A Stand

Have you ever wondered who you are and what you stand for? Have you ever taken a risk and be doubt free of the consequences of your actions, since you know it actually worth it Have you ever take responsibility for your actions and blame nobody for the outcome of those decisions you have made. I tell you what, it your life and it okay if you take a stand.

Way Back To Past

Way back to past Oh! Not pleasant to last I hate them and refuse to invite They burn me from inside and ignite I want to bury them all They are witness to my dawn fall I have suffered a lot Relentlessly on chase and fought How they had made me insane? I non existed as noble and humane What else can be felt as proud? I have nothing to claim it loud You go away from me once for all You were stumbling block and wall I tried all the way my best to scale You forced me all the times to fail Not all might have faced the same Why I should consider them same and blame?

Life Not Together

Life is not what it meant to be It is difficult to get from it free Meanwhile you have already become big tree You can't escape from the responsibility and flee As a child you have remained together Your absence at any time makes family to bother You feel it as yoke on your neck All will heave a sigh of relief when you are back In school you are together with friends Study may continue with progress and day may end Game in ground with securing a clear goal No one has liked it with ending in foul Youth has knocked the door as if arrival of spring High ambitions and colorful dreams with songs to sing Very much liked by all in family with high hopes for future You are making everybody joyous and making it sure You have loved and remained together through out You were carefree and had nothing to think or bother about One delicate face of innocent was already over You wanted somebody else to provide you the cover You have something in heart to take care You want your dream girl to come from somewhere Take the legitimate place and rule the kingdom It is going to be an end of your freedom So far you have lived and spent together You had brother, sister father and mother You never looked beyond four walls Now you are out to receive sweet calls Your priority is fully changed You are out to create place of your own and manage It is lovely life that is in your mind You search for beautiful mate and wish to find The search ends in success You have it with pride and smiling face The reality is before you to realize You may have to act responsibly and be very wise Only few years have been very lucky for you You were proving talent and everything was going through You have whatever you had desired in life Now you had the companion in the form wife Life is another name of tragedy and comedy No one has got any clue or some kind of remedy It spoils your carrier and spent with lots of worry Time is approaching soon to feel bed with sorry Life ways have become wide open and separate You have no good relation to feel proud and relate Days seem longer than night and nights too shorter Your are considered fool and serious talk is leading to laughter .

Dancing With the Cranes

Exciting, jumping, bowing, and, moreover, stretching In sequence, with exaltation, exhilaration, Wild in a wet meadow, mutually rejoicing Reflecting a high sense of limited aggression. Engendering hope for a free and opened future, With very elegant aspects and dramatic leaps Enthusiastic and sometimes even immature The cranes are high into the air with outstretched wings.

In Uncontrolled World

I am born free and live in uncontrolled world I have all the rights to expose corruption and put irregularities on hold If I consider it fit to be auctioned then I am prepared for my soul to be sold I can be adventurous at others expenses and would love to called bold Why do you think democracy has got all the ills? Do you not have easy access free way to feel?

Two Poems

IN THE CHAIN OF BEING Me and you Breathing In the chain of being Being recharged under the rainbow Burying its blue In the blue liquid of the sea Which is in fact a big mirror Reflecting our images backwards Left to right (They never reverse left and right ) When our thoughts nervously break down (They are still alive) Especially when they become so blue In the salty liquid of tears They slowly start to become blue-green algae In the salty liquid of sea Our feelings Are scissored by words Until they become evidences And our dreams Are shackled by old chains Of the same hate Our wounds still bleed In the shell of soul You choose an angle of light Created by the moon To slowly step From past to present And back again.

May Not Prove Right

Sometimes what you think may not prove right Instead of left you may chose wrong and go out of sight You are adamant and sticking with wrong judgment It lands you in maximum trouble with embarrassment How can sea turn from blue to white? How can you get any thing without putting up fight? It has its own deep depth to make you wonder The nature has its own secrets for all the time to ponder The mango tree may not ripen its fruit of its own You have your own tendency and are well-known You want it to drop in your mouth with no efforts No one may provide you such blessings with comforts Merely hoping may do no wonder Rain may shower with heavy thunder This all may take place in its own way You can not hope it in leisure time and run away Life is same as it was before Your thinking is erroneous and is flawed therefore It is ridiculous to think about reaching safely at shore You are lost on the way and may reach no where Any person is worth penniless unless tries very hard He may fear before it begins with good starts He may think of leaving it in between And loose the hope of getting clear win Life may seem dull and useless You may be lost simply in race There will be nothing more left to trace It will be really delicate and bad phase He may within himself generate dejection Life may look worth for simple rejection There is nerd for powerful thrust with injection It may them improve altogether with some indication Thank God, in day time the stars are not seen Otherwise time will be spent sky and its scene The moon will not surface and cool the mind The wishes and desires may never be on hand to find Well some hopes can be revived It is only means to remain survived Life hinges on the thin ray of hope The show can never go flop We are gifted with untiring energy and strength It may loose some thing on way and not match wave length Yet it has powerful beacon to trace the location There is lot more to wait for happiness and elation So loose no sight or blame the fate We are to be blamed for if anything comes late Either we have failed to realize the situation Or failed to match with it and had no continuation .

Think Of Lovely Music

I think of lovely music May be same divine magic Deep love and pain mixed with joy In silent corner to watch and enjoy May be love has only one language To take care of feelings and assuage Little fingers moving in curly hair Whole world at feet to find it here Whole of my time is spent in search You can't find it in dark even with torch Heart must be delighted with burning pain There is place somewhere to cry and n wait for rain As air thickens with lovely melody It becomes concern of no body It silences the sadness in corner The fire is extinguished from the burner It is possible words may not be understood It is equally true not to have supplemented for food But it has given some relief to know it better Music can keep you love alive and nicely cater Pain may vary with high and low tones The doors slowly open and path is shown Love may be meant to be embrace Stand up in faith and make it truly to face What it does with ailing mind?

When I Am Alone

You were not there when needed You had promised me when we wedded That you will stand by me when I am alone Even let that be heavy wind, cruel rain or cyclone Before we decided to go ahead with married life You had carefully chosen the role of wife You had also whispered in my ears That you shall be true companion for years How greatly I felt about those sweet words?

Good Bye My Daughter

Good bye my lovely and dear daughter You will be leaving behind grief and no laughter You were so beautiful and very much sought after You were engaged in lavish style with grand dinner It was great to be part of your wedding ceremony My eyes were getting wet intermittently but not seen by many I was overjoyed and much excited with the grand occasion It was going to be opening of new bond and relation The idea itself hurt me from within as if cut by knife She will be flown many miles away to be called somebody's wife The though itself reminded me of the traditional custom Where daughter has to be given farewell like stardom The day was awaited since long and discussed Full preparation was on for not a single thing to be missed It was as if do or die battle for no let up in preparation It was bringing tears in my eyes at slight reminder of separation She had come up as very much loved child We were very much considerate and kind We were getting nervous if she was not found We will run all over for search and see all around She was naughty but very much wise She will take enough care not to make any surprise We were not accustomed to her absence We would love her to be before us in al the sense Baby child is always given top importance It is because she has to live company at once She won't stay with us for any longer She will leave us behind as stranger We did not notice the passing of time so quickly She had attained womanhood and was to be married immediately Even though she had picked life partner from her own circle We had no other choice but give approval for being very practical Nothing seemed to be unusual or strange We were to go for it and arrange She was to be given descent reception We all waited for it with open options It was giving joy and at the same times some grief She was to live with very good family and much to our relief It was not the concern at all but only her absence We were to miss her face in everybody's presence I could not cry in open but felt at heart I was grieving deeply and was likely to start I feared some tears may drop on the ground It will hurt daughter deeply if she ever found I did not cry till the last I broke down when her plane disappeared very fast The isolator days were to be the only friends Though it was with mixed feelings at the end .

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