Allama Iqbal The Poet

Every person wants to take a part in the progress of his nation and Doc. Allama Iqbal done it well, and provided the idea of different nation from where the people of his religion lives easily, without any hurdle. He served his life for the people of his region. Iqbal had a wider view that if his country get a spread legal entity then nothing will remain between the progress and us.

Sad Love Poems - Cleansing Your Soul Off the Misery

Poems are an art of expressing thoughts, neatly arranged in lines that have a way of describing special feelings. Reading poems are like being able to see the reflection of someone. Sad poems are written to describe the sadness that one feels at that particular time. It's amazing how the emotions are captured in words so transparently for others to read, understand the underlying meaning and to feel the misery.

With Beautiful Message

The nights were proving very difficult Shaking my inner faith soundly built It was stored in heavily guarded box With a fear of being stolen by cunning fox The heavy cool wind storm may bang the window The sleep will be barred and simply not allow The dreams to invade with beautiful message So far I was living with it and able to mange I would come out and watch at the sky There were thousands of the questions to ask for why It was not helping me to control or console I was like prison to have come out on parole I was free to feel but in fat not How desperately I have managed or fought Against this cruel world to have stable foot To just step out without the help from boot Green grass and little wetness reminded me of past How lately we used to walk bar feet very fast We had no fear of passing each others record But taking enough care not to miss the spoken words I am walking on same lane with past memory I have loneliness accompanied with grief and feel sorry He is not there to compete with me in the run The night is silent without witnessing any fun The wind is slowly gaining speed I feel some new energy is freed It is striking at free will and creates fear I am standing alone with lot more to bear I could helplessly withdraw to the home It was merely refuge with no welcome I was living there without any soul in it With no more light but light very dimly lit It is making in restless with little thought How much we had suffered and endlessly fought The treachery and deception of natural odds I think it was never desired by the almighty or God It reminds of lovely saying Disregard everything with sincere praying Have desire for strong foundation laying Do not give nature any chance for playing I have remained defiant with strong will I have discouraged all not to come near still I will survive with strong zeal very steadfast The result may prove nice and stand till the last So many times I have turned my back To hear the insulting tone of people with jokes I have controlled rage with tears about to fall How can I forget those days and resist to recall?

The Bird of Paradise

The King of Saxony bird of paradise is a creature which looks very chic. It has yellow eyes, aqua-green mouth, blue brow-plumes, and grey legs. People studied its feathers and found a feature that is always unique. In the air, all its functions are carried on, even the production of eggs. This wonderful bird is named in the honor of Saxon King Albert Whose education concentrated on military matters to a great extent.

Think Of You

I shall not think of you to miss Till I finally bid you and wish It will not be once, twice or thrice It may remain till its demise How I feel greatly at heart I don't know where from to think or start I have not done it this before I continue to think seriously therefore What appeals me much about you? What do I get message through? Do your lovely eyes openly invite?

Poetry: Let Us Practice With Words

Words are fun to study! Those, which they signify are pictures of all sorts and a hurricane of imaginations, as Archibald Macleish's maple leaf and globed fruit represent. Below are some poems, as comments to other beautiful poems: To: Sir William C. Williams (The Descent) Descent is the moon that wanes beneath darkness Clouds, gray nights of cold Like a love unrequited Like tales untold Like throes hiding under shadows Like dreams unrealized burrow Etched is truth, there lies abyss Lonely lilacs surrender peace.

Rush To Me

Oh, dear children, rush to me You should smile and feel free Come in my open hand Embrace me without fear like friend I have so much love for you You look at me and rush through You will be at complete ease Play, cry with me and tease Play on my motherly ground So much joy is awaited to be found Leave behind all pain and anguish How best for you I dream and wish If you remain silent, mute and sad The whole world may look dark and bad The nights may frighten with different sounds We may be pushed away from the grounds I wish same innocent smile on your face It will sadden me through out in that case I shall give you whatever you desire I am fond of you and always admire You hear my voice in church's bell It will remind you of me and tell I stay there for you to keep well I will catch you in my arms before you fall You are destiny and future I want you all to be very sure Lead you to safety and completely assure You stay and enjoy wherever you are You may remain and continue to be always dear Come to my fold without any fear You should have smile and no tears Stay always in front and not in rear I shall provide courage You face bravely and manage You may fall down but rise again Not to loose ground but to regain The success road may open one by one You have trust your self and else none You will have everything you want No one can stop you or say you can't I shall take you on my wings You will see your self and beautifully sing The world is so large and interesting You may feel it is worth harvesting Here you may get love for love When you forget yourself and think above Nothing is paid in same coin But efforts may never go in vain You may see love for hate When they realize it will too late Yet you have not to reciprocate Not to bear in mind and corroborate There is no greatness in responding same way It may detract you from goal and take away From the reality and compel you to the road of revenge You have to think positive and thrive for course to change .

Nothing Fascinates Me

Nothing fascinates me than sturdy silence I continue to wonder in dreamland since No one picks me for being away from reality Some one pointed out it as real pity I don't know what is joy in false land? I too not very sure who is foe or friend? Yet there is satisfaction of being not cheated No unnecessary wait and shamelessly sweated You are in your world guarded by all fancy You excel and match with all the frequencies Music always lovely to the ears and appealing Not allowing the defeatist views and readily repealing Is this stage always welcome?

The Significance Of Employing The Six Senses In Writing Poetry

Many of us love to write poetry as a way of releasing our emotions that have been hiding in our being. We feel relieve every time we can put our feelings into an array of wonderful words and phrases. But oftentimes we are only employing the five senses in creating a single piece of poetry and we are unaware that we have the sixth sense mostly referred to by others as the creative imagination and its power is waiting to be unleashed.

Black Marketers

We had heard enough of black marketers At least they provided in need so thousand cheers How much careful planning they have to make? It is not simple game of hoarding and like sweet cake At tremendous personal risk some of the things are stored All possibilities in open market is explored All statistical data and short comings taken into consideration Bribery offered at all levels to raise no eye brows or questions There is enough of profit and generation of black money Amassing of wealth is ok but in excess seems very funny Lots of ill will and curse of poor hits their belly Though all acts seem avoidable and can be termed very silly So long the wealth is confined to country it is still not disgraceful They may have full tact to hide and hold it as successful It is directly affecting the national economy So many dangers have to be faced within and out side as enemy The liberation of entire universe from clutches was noble aim How much we have achieved it is now in anybody's power to claim The official patronage and secrecy is provided for such wealth How poorly we are advocating the state of poor nation's health?

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