Haiku - An Intimate, Unmolested Portrait of Reality

People are different, and they perceive things in different ways. In the age of spin, where so much information we get seems to have an agenda, these short vignettes are like refreshing breaths of fresh air. A good haiku does not lecture the reader. It merely opens a window into which one can see a glimpse of reality--in one's own way. Living Sketches Great haikus have much in common.

Poems for Jesus

WILL I DANCE FOR YOU JESUS? And Jesus taught us to suffer For fulfilling all righteousness. And when He was baptized, The heavens were opened And the Spirit of God descended Like a dove. And He was tempted by the devil Into the wilderness But He said ''Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.'' And Jesus touched the leprous And his leprosy was cleansed.

Love Poems

YOUR WORDS OF LOVE I am seemingly missing your words of love, Those words were written on the sand And erased by the first wave. Do you remember, my love? I have enclosed them hermetically With that last kiss. And, after that, Another kiss And another exotic beach And another feeling, autumnal feeling, Of another ostensible love Fulfilled my nothingness.

Sad Love Poems and Its Inspiration

Love is the most ordinary feelings of human life. It is the vast combination of understanding and misunderstanding, happiness and sorrows. While it's lost, we feel shattered and abandoned. A deep frustration makes us intensively messed up as though the whole world has crashed down around us. Probably there is none in the world who did not go through the sadness, melancholy and unhappiness for the cause of love.

Beloved Brother!

The first born of the family Brought happiness and prosperity Even his name represents that "Aklil" means "crown" in Tigrinya He paid his life with no doubt Stood for his people for his home land Such a good brother and son So young and a sweet one Too unfair to be gone How can I forget his smiley face So cute and decent our family's grace Life has been too mean to you Beloved brother I miss you While I'm obsess through sadness Realize if it weren't you and the others Paid life and brought this peace We wouldn't live and blithe Not even be able to breath Beloved brother, we all are proud of you Even though we crazily missing you none of us ever forgotten every little thing about you Eritrea is blessing you, & the rest martyrs like you The short good times we shared Is what I deeply engraved And I always miss that "Aklilu" your memory is in my heart Never thought life could be that short You deserve to live and it really hurt My beloved "Aklil" this poem is for you I wanted the whole world to know you I really love you and I deeply miss you then I say thank you for all those who made this peace true!

Two Suns

Earth has long had its faithful sun emitting rays But what if we were to look out in the clear sky And see two suns instead of one on a bright day? What if this new sun will glamorize the human eye? What if this sun will make night a thing of the past 'Cause the Betelgeuse star system will change very soon? This star has lost its fuel and it can't outlast Exploding in a conflagration like a balloon.

Protests Across Yemen

Protests spread across Yemen on Wednesday Demanding an end to the president Policemen fired in the air then forced their way To disperse the crowd of the people present. A foreign plot led the Arab world in chaos, One thousand people marched on the Sanaa street Some consecutive days protesting with pathos Ali Abdullah Saleh trying to defeat. President Ali Abdullah Saleh Against al Qaeda had been allied with US But he has began to smoke his nargileh When he heard "down with the president's thugs.

Essential Ingredient

No one has fallen especially from sky This question is pertinently asked and why Why some of the skinned people are targeted They are in all walks of life and eminently spotted To struggle for life is essential ingredient No one can remain lethargic or silent To some one it may come easily But opportunities are available equally Let us pray almighty for bringing us on earth The stark reality of life is imminent death It spares no one and protects none Let us live the life like everyone No one can be specially attributed to It is not proper and equally true Dedication and hardship has no parallel Only people excel and come off well Thank always to the proud origin There is no scope for any margin They did all sacrifices for us to bring up They are our milestones and live hope All races are of mixed origin and intact This has been proved right in fact If one feels proud of what they are Any illusion may stay always far White color reflects the rays Black color absorbs and shows the ways This is how black people are tolerant Whites intolerant with weakness inherent The land to which they belong is most sacred The powerful mission is to fall in line and lead No one can claim the belonging to the land No one foe here and all are one and friends When nature does not discriminate How can we show indignation and indicate?

Latino Poetry

Latino poetry has been gaining momentum in the last fifty years. There have been several authors who have shared commercial success because the is a space in literature that needs to be filled by Latinos. One poem in particular caught my ear when it was read aloud sounded like a song called "El Louie" by Jose Montoya. Despite the poem being mainly English, it flows so easily that the reader does not need to consciously differentiate between the two languages.

Egyptian Revolution

A very furious wave of protest finally swept the Egypt's President After eighteen days of relentless rallies against poverty and corruption. To autocrats across the Arab world it was sent a real advertisement And Vice President said a military council would run the affairs of the nation. A free and fair presidential electionfor September it has been promise After Mubarak had flown with his family from Cairo to the Red Sea.

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